Deloitte Pretoria Marathon – 10km run
25 February 2012

The Deloitte Pretoria Marathon marks the first in a series of events to expand the #FollowSA Twitter community into the realm of sports and health events. Spurred on by an idea of Craig’s (@cchjnb), Greg (@ohgodknows) took to the streets of Lynnwood, Pretoria, early on a warm and humid Saturday morning with his running partner, Jacques (@jaakOrilla). At the starting line two honorary runners were recruited to Team #FollowSA, @maiq88 and @myello. Darren (@DarrenNapier), another friend of #FollowSA also participated and tweeted along the way.

Jodene (@jodenecoza) was the leader of the ‘bed support group’, loudly tweeting from the comfort of their beds. Without these virtual cheerleaders the race would have seemed so much longer. Thanks guys!

Total mentions of #deloittemarathon:                            158 from 43 people
#FollowSA mentions of the event:                                    84 (53% of total) from 13 people

Thanks to Kevin (@ebarble) of Matthews Drew for providing the #FollowSA stickers for the race and to Mike of Fuseware (@fuseware) for monitoring the social media stats for us.

To the runners: thanks and let’s do it again! Great race Deloitte; we aim to be back next year.

Here’s to the next tweet-on-the-run! Keep an eye on the #FollowSA timeline to see what’s up next.



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