11th hour - project me day 161

12 June 2010

Ok so I'm officially distracted enough by the world cup to have to stick to my promise of blogging daily by squeezing this in before midnight and promising a full update 2moro ... I promise 😉

PS ... I do have news though ... Cute news 😉

3 comments on “11th hour - project me day 161”

  1. Now I'm waiting in anticipation for the next installment.
    I can see you are very distracted by all the soccer, I didn't know you could be this quiet! LOL!

    I hope you are having such fun and can't wait to hear all the news!

    1. Hey Jess
      I hope I'm back and the distractions are over ... lol! It felt so strange not blogging with such time on my hands ... but I've just done the full catchup ... I hope you enjoy all the juicy news!

      Good luck with all the soccer action and I hope your team does well 😉

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