1485AM Radio Today and my first podcast - project me day 705

7 December 2011
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With my dear friend Chris Avant Smith on his first show, rant and rave, on Radio Today! What an honour to be your first guest ... thank you!

With every interview I have, I realise that more and more milestones get created along the way. My first big achievement was that good old Day 500 and so the moments continue.

Today was one of those super exciting ones and there are times when I think I should start a journal of the most memorable days, but then I realise that it would take away from the specialness of just remembering.

I know I will just remember today for a very long time.

Radio stations, in my perception, happen to be located in big office blocks with tons of security. How refreshing to arrive at the tranquil garden shop on Jan Smuts and find 1485AM Radio ?Today tucked away in a gorgeous stone house.

Adverts manage to find there way in to the 30 minute plays, but the odd advert slips in. Not on Radio Today ... wow, I had a whale of a time driving to the studio and listening to oldies like Phil Collins, Barry Manilow, a Christmas carol or two and ... was that Cinema?

To be humbled and proud of someone else at the same time is a rare joy, and my point of Joy for my day today.
I'm so proud of my friend, Chris Avant Smith, for hosting his first radio show in years. He called it 'rant and rave' and his first guest was ... wait for it ... ME!

There's the humble honour right there. The first guest on a brand new show! Even more exciting was that Chris has shared the 'project me' journey with me almost from day one. He has shared the struggles and the determination. He has shared the tears of joy and the tears of?frustration and there we both sat, having our own milestone experiences.

Yes, yes, I've done radio before, but I can't tell you how refreshing it was to know that the show was being recorded and I would walk away with my very first podcast. So many people tell me that they would love to hear one of my shows and I finally get the chance to share my radio experience with all my special peeps around the world.

So here it is: THE PODCAST

And in other news ... damn, I want to do more podcasts ... now what do my peeps want me to talk about?




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