19 days until Christmas - project me day 336

6 December 2010

Today I say on the bed and programmed the PVR to record about 5 cheesy Christmas movies ... that's my plan! I'm not one who gets depressed on the day or wishes it wasn't Christmas, even though I have had enough losses to want to hide away from the day.

However ... there are always people we miss on that day and today I thought about them! Thought about not making the "Merry Christmas" call or not arguing with my dad when he wanted to flip the channel way from the cheesy Christmas movie!

Here's to my 'blue Christmas' before I put on that happy face and celebrate all that I have to be so grateful for!

9 comments on “19 days until Christmas - project me day 336”

  1. Hmmm... no such thing as a cheesy Christmas movie. They are all exactly as cheesy as they need to be. 😉

    Guess that's why my faves remain, "Nightmare before Christmas" and "It's a Wondeful Life". Because it is and, we are all able to save Christmas.

    It's been a very long year but... if we can somehow make this Christmas thing last, well anything remains possible. You need only believe... 😉

    1. You are so right Robbie, it has been a long year and as long as we can enjoy the good feeling of Christmas the better for us. I'm loving the Christmas plans I have and the knowing that it's my present to myself!

  2. There's a lot of people who are experiencing the same thing at this time. So having times alone to reflect is always good and then - the smiley face comes on when you realise that you still have so many people that are with you....

    19 Days.... damn.... this year has gone exceptionally fast...

    1. This year has flown and remembering who is around and who has been around the whole time has been an amazing realisation. I think it's impossible to not miss people at this time of year though!

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