Where's day 21?

I decided to get inspirational and do a video blog ... which I can't wait to share with you! It's gonna have to be tomorrow though, because loading videos to youtube is no joke in Sunny South Africa!

Thanks for asking everyone, today was so much better than yesterday ...

I'll let you know when the vid is posted ... but at least you know I'm tucked in bed, where I belong ... lol!

So this is writer's block - Day 14

Tonight I?m going to treat you to a tour of the mind and life of a writer ... with writer?s block!

So yesterday Greggie sent me his portion of the monthly newsletter and my ego is still adjusting to the realisation that it?s not a competition and when I?m good and ready, the newsletter will be published. Well, my ego?s still learning that because today was mission ?finish newsletter?.

So I get my super early morning message from Text Guy (more…)

It's all going pear shaped - Day 11

It?s late! Actually, it?s beyond late ... it?s tomorrow already and blogging is just as much a part of the commitment to ?project me? as dragging myself to the gym later this morning. Although that would essentially be a goal and if I wake up feeling totally uninspired, I shall be postponing it for another fine morning.
Hmmm .... something?s changing!

Wait, what can it be? Is Jodene actually relaxing a little and dropping the irritatingly goal driven, A-type personality?
Well, considering the fact that I am thrilled to announce that I MISSED a deadline (more…)

Who's cooking in your kitchen? - Morning of day 8

I have a meeting in an hour and a half and I'm halfway through doing make-up, but boy am I compelled to do a quick little 'wake up call' blog to all of our egos out there!

I love cooking and browse for recipes that I then adapt and make my own. Years ago I kept coming across recipes that had a vegetable called "shallots" (more…)