Where’s day 21?

I decided to get inspirational and do a video blog ... which I can't wait to share with you! It's gonna have to be tomorrow though, because loading videos to…

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So this is writer’s block – Day 14

Tonight I?m going to treat you to a tour of the mind and life of a writer … with writer?s block!

So yesterday Greggie sent me his portion of the monthly newsletter and my ego is still adjusting to the realisation that it?s not a competition and when I?m good and ready, the newsletter will be published. Well, my ego?s still learning that because today was mission ?finish newsletter?.

So I get my super early morning message from Text Guy (more…)

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It’s all going pear shaped – Day 11

It?s late! Actually, it?s beyond late … it?s tomorrow already and blogging is just as much a part of the commitment to ?project me? as dragging myself to the gym later this morning. Although that would essentially be a goal and if I wake up feeling totally uninspired, I shall be postponing it for another fine morning.
Hmmm …. something?s changing!

Wait, what can it be? Is Jodene actually relaxing a little and dropping the irritatingly goal driven, A-type personality?
Well, considering the fact that I am thrilled to announce that I MISSED a deadline (more…)

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