Tell me I'm not the only one who ... Day 60

Tell me I'm not the only one who woke up before sunrise for no apparent reason! Alright there was a reason ... um ... which leads me to another question. Please tell me I'm not the only one who can't get through an entire night without a 'pee' break?

Tell me I wasn't the only person who had work to do first thing on a Sunday morning? (more…)

It's all about me - Day 49

Arriving home at 2am after a Jolly night out on the town and I'm wondering to myself, "do I blog or do I sleep" (more…)

This is my Valentine's Eve - Day 44

When I had my own place, I would never end my day without a chat with Fence Guy ... who's thousand of miles away. Sometimes it would be a good few hours and other times it was just enough to time to check how our day was and say good night. Between not having my own space and the blogging, so many nights have passed where we don't get to have our special time together. Tonight is different though ... (more…)

The 'how to' of change, including step-ball-change - Day 43

While reading this entry please be aware that you should only heed my advice if you suffer similar life simptoms. If not ... please either take with a pinch of salt, laugh profusely or *sigh* and count your lucky stars that you're exempt from mayhem of 'some people's lives'.

My mind does it's 5:45am wake up call by slapping a remind that it's Friday and an entire two weeks have passed without flexing a gym muscle or refraining from eating the quantity of additional calories that I should have been burning off! I feel pathetic ... (more…)

Can't fake it any longer - Day 35

Ouch ... You know that sore throat when even your jaw aches? Well ... welcome to my world! I'm also not a big 'rush to the doc' kinda girl! It gets even more interesting ... because I believe that everything that manifests into the physical all began from something emotional! Hmmm ... so, if my tonsils are swollen to such a point that i looks like the dentist left those stupid cotton things in my mouth, except I swallowed them! Well ... if it's the throat then it's all about the voice ... the place that the communication with the world around us happens.

Oh, you know what ... I'm actually feeling so yucky that I don't have the energy to self analyse! (more…)