I'm in love - Day 72

Most people's new year's resolutions are long forgotten and packed away with the Christmas decorations and mismatched gifts. I, on the other hand, very consciously made a resolution that I could neither shove into the distant memory or shy away from.
I committed to blogging ... and that's only a smidgen of the tough part. I also committed to consciousness, happiness, fun and me ... every single day! (more…)

Besides that ... I'm loving being single - Day 69

Firstly ... let's hear it for my Knight who made some awesome changes to the the blog ... lighter and brighter!

My day started so well. It actually began so incredibly refreshingly that when I reflect back on the simple exercise of reawakening the editing of my novel last night, I can't believe how simple it can be.

Sometime between laughing at how poor my spelling and grammar is (considering I'm a writer) and marveling at how the novel unfolded, I fell asleep feeling (more…)