Meta tags for life - project me day 119

I'm so close to launching the my totally revamped website. The new blog is bubbling under with a few glitches that need to be ironed out. My baby company, Lifeology, is slowly becoming the hub of it all and I can almost taste the launch of our well kept secret for all the children of the world. (more…)

Boobs go first - project me day 118

Yes ... this blog is about my boobs! But first I'm taking one last moment to vent over the chaos that I've had with technology for the past few days.

When I was growing up and one of my siblings irritated me, I would run crying to my mother. She always had the same answer ... if you ignore them they will get bored and stop. (more…)

Without power in the midst of Johannesburg - Project me day 117

More than 20 hours later and I'm still without power. No electricity for so many hours is sure to have a person spending a good amount of time either with themselves or with the people they share their home with. (more…)

The woes of a South African blogger - project me day 116

I know, it's nearly half way through the day and still ni blog. Well that's because I'm a South African blogger who has days when I wake up to no electricity or no internet connection.

Today is a particularly bad day though, considering it went off at 4am and hasn't come back on yet ... Being 2 on this freezing public holiday ... Brrrrr

Laptop battery is flat ... No internet connection ... Welcome to my beautiful country

Keep this, toss that - project me day 115

I?m used to waking up in the morning to messages flashing on my cellphone. Since December last year, Text Guy and I hv been sending each other ?mmmwa?s? daily ? randomly and frequently! It?s part of my day now and I my fingers naturally prepare themselves to send the reply ?mmmwa? back. (more…)

Low GI, high emotion - project me day 114

When I started ?project me? one of the things that I knew I wanted to start having fun with, become goalless about and change without becoming obsessive, was my weight. In the first post I wrote, over four months ago, I shared a story with you about a very (maybe a little too) honest friend who told me that I looked like a hippopotamus. (more…)

Blame Mercury retrograde - project me day 113

Beautiful by chaotic is Mercury in retrograde

Yesterday was so?diabolical from an enthusiasm level that the most I managed to do was play eye spy on my blog and lose my water bottle for gym so I had a brilliant excuse not to go.

For those who humoured me and partook in my little game ... well, the "L" was for none other than LAZY ASS ... (more…)

How to avoid blogging - project me day 112

I spy with my little eye, something beginning with 'L'

So I need a little help - project me day 111

Walking up on a freezing morning for the second time in a row and I decided that gym wasn't on the cards. It takes ?a lot to make good excuses now that I'm so focused on being conscious every day and living in my truth. The excuse was easy enough to be convincing without it being too much of a lie. Greggie and I had the last day in the recording studio from about 2pm onwards and I couldn't also go to gym and cut the day any shorter. (more…)

How a rainbow answered everything - project me day 110

It's a rainbow reminder

Of all the reasons why I'm so grateful that I have my own business and the freedom to work when I want to and where I want to, the greatest reason of all struck home at 5am when the screeching alarm wen off, signaling the start of Mr Big's day ... not my day ... mine starts at around 6:30, with a push. (more…)