The hangover - project me day 179

Never combine a broken heart with the finale of FlashFoward and the?penultimate Grays Anatomy. It's going to lead to uncontrollable crying and drinking sherry from a wine glass. (more…)

The power of what people think - project me day 178

Today I told two of my friends about Mr Wow. ?I told my mother when she returned from her overseas trip about how Mr Wow and I had made sure that external obstacles weren't an issue and that he had said I could call him my boyfriend. I spoke to Mr Big and told him about the thing that the world might think is an obstacle but how we had such an amazing bond that no obstacle could stand between. I waited ... I waited until we had both decided this what we wanted. I waited ... I waited until we both decided to tell the world. I waited ... and we had made plans to do couple things. Some he organised and others I organised, but before I did anything ... I waited until I knew he was sure. Then I waited until I was sure that he was sure. (more…)

Beautiful friends - project me day 177

Waking up to a blog filled with comments about happiness and excitement about my 'wow' moment made me think ... wow (a different kind of wow!) I'm one lucky girl because I really have the most beautiful friends. (more…)

Wow - project me day 176

For the first time in my life I'm completely speechless ... (more…)

I can't do this - project me day 175

It's my blog and it's my project and I should be allowed to blog when I like. Um ... you think?
No ... I have to blog in the moment! Who thought of this blogging daily and telling the world my truth stuff?? I wish I had some irresponsible marketing dude to blame ... but I don't! It's me ... it was my brainy idea!

So I'm blogging ... but it took me the entire day to do it. Every time I started and had to spill my truth I would hear my ego say "I can't do it!'. I even dragged myself off to my favourite restaurant, Hodges, and tried to blog off my Blackberry ... but miracle of miracles, (more…)

Touching base with my reality - project me day 174

Today's the first day I can say I think I hate blogging.
I've only just become aware of my unconscious strategy and not that I know it I'm faced with the very lessons that I teach the world ... Tell myself the truth and make a change, no matter how small it might be. Just do something different ... do anything as long as it's not what I've done before.

'Project me' is about putting me first and learning how to do that. It's about being conscious of my thoughts and actions so that I live in my truth and find the fun in every situation that is my life. I'm doing that ... but honestly, I'm only blogging after the storm. (more…)

Just the parrot and me - project me day 173

I've had responsibilities in my life, but none are more frightening than my mother's parrot for the next four days. Yep, there is a love that a parent has for her children and then a greater love for her grandchildren ... but then there's the love for the parrot. It works both ways actually, because if my mom has been gone too long Albie (that's the parrot) get a little twitchy and makes her way out of her cage and off to look for her companion. (more…)

Yesterday's a blur - project me day 172

It's nearly 7pm and I've sat down for the first time today. Munching on a heat and eat lasagne and waiting to have my first cup of tea for the day. I'm thinking that I meant to bath at some point between getting my nephews off to the doctor and my mother to the British Embassy.
Here I thought that I would managed to sit down and do a little work in between helping my mother pack for the airport and handing her over to my brother to actually get her there. Well, that never happened either. I'm supposed to be blogging about yesterday, but that is such a blur after whirlwind day I've spent with my mother. (more…)

How long do I wait? - project me day 171

When I was in Italy I learned the concept 'slow food' and totally fell in love with it. Respect for the Italians and their passion for good food and the patience it takes to have the best. I never ate fast food again and I never made mushy napolitana again. No instant sauce ... only the freshest of ingredients and I've never heard anyone that I cook for complain about the wait. I've also never heard anything less that sighs of pleasure and mouthfuls of happy moans of delicious pleasure. (more…)

Do something different - project me day 170

Being labeled as a 'self help person' always gives everyone the perception that I have all of the answers and have done all my healing. ?I wish I had a penny for every time someone had a light bulb moment and then instantly began to panic because they did not know what to do next. I have been asked so many times what they need to do 'fix' what they have just realised.

I love my answer ... "Do something different!"
Yep ... anything ... as long as it's not what you would always do! (more…)