Blogger award nomination - project me 211

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Nominate project me for the cosmo blog awards

Cosmopolitan mag is holding its first blog awards and the nominations for ?project me? have begun. (more…)

My first rejection letter - project me day 210

You're invited to my rejection pity party

I got my first rejection letter from a publisher today!

I'm trying to figure out if I should be a lot more disappointed or distressed? It feels like it should start off this way and it's the perfect way to test whether I really do see everything in life as fun and exactly as it should be.
Greggie got the email and stalled for a while before telling me. The look on his face did indicate that he thought I would take it a lot worse. Okay it's not like I high-five'd him but it felt expected for the first response. (more…)

A typical female - project me day 209

I'm sitting in bed blogging with an hour to spare before this day is done and all I'm concerned about is that when my hair falls over my shoulder there is about 5?centimeters?missing. I don't have time to be obsessed and distracted, yet I am. I know it's hard for men to understand, but women's worlds can fall apart when their hair is cut that inch too short.
Who says length isn't everything?

My day started with helping my mom out and being a model to test a hairdresser for an interview. I do it often and a lot of the time the work is mediocre. I've had a lot of experiences, but I've never had such a perfectionist. (more…)

The price of my dreams - project me day 208

Today literally feels like 3 days in one, but then again this year feels like it should have been spread over at least 3 years and it?s just over half way.
My morning began with needing to get my totally non punctual mother to my permanent make-up appointment on time. She was having a facial while I was having ink seeped into my eyelids by a fine needle and a buzzing machine. Does that sound painful enough? I hate being late. It does something to my blood and it is only perpetuated at the thought of having my eyes tattooed. I could feel my blood boiling inside, only for my precious mother to tell me that I?m driving like Michael Schumacher. Parents!! (more…)

Boy friends and eyeliner - project me day 207

Pretty but impractical vs Dud gay best friend

If you ask Greggie his first impression of me when we met he'll say he thought I was a drama queen, which is so cheap coming from a queen. Granted, it's difficult to tell that Greggie is gay unless you have brilliant gaydar or are in close proximity of a Shirley Bassey song. I know I've said it before, but my image of the perfect gay guy/straight girl friendship was Will and Grace. Just remove the totally?codependent, inability to tell each other the truth and very much?dysfunctional and totally?unhealthy friendship, Greggie and I are pretty much Will and Grace.

Greggie calls me pretty but impractical and I refer to him as my dud gay best friend. (more…)

Two sides of the same coin - project me day 206

It's common knowledge that along with all the fabulous assets I was blessed with, I was also given an additional daily allowance a few extra thousand words a day. I have to do something with them, so I blog.
That aside, I believe that I have the confidence and passion enough to share my life with the world in the hope that people realise there is either someone as afraid, brave or crazy as them. I'm also crazy enough to have attempted to live each day consciously and make sure that at the end of it I've found the fun in every situation and ... oh, blah blah ... I've said this for as long as I've been blogging. I started this project eyes wide open and knew the rules of the game and I want to?highlight?one particular rule now. (more…)

How many potatoes can one girl eat? - project me day 205

There's a first for everything and Swiss cheese raclette was one mighty fine intro


Boys help me out here? - project me day 204

So there's thing guy who has been chatting to me for a few days.

I've decided that it's time I find out the collective way that men think even though 'project me' is about doing it my way anyway.

Anyway, back to the guy. (more…)

Not so psycho after all - project me day 203

All a girl really needs to do is vent a little.
There is something very healing in throwing all the toys out the cot and then kicking them around a little before throwing them against walls and maybe aiming at a head or two that seems to calm the insanity.
So much for thinking that I wasn't as conscious and 'fixed' as I really am. I mean really ... what part of me still works all hours of the night and has to prove something to myself or my best friend and most amazing business partner? (more…)

Psycho workaholic mode - project me day 202

I started off with a hot cup of comfort tea to write my manic blog, but the tea's gone cold and the mania hasn't subsided. It's not clinically diagnosed mania. It's just an old pattern that seems to have raised it's ugly head for soon to be revealed and very obvious reason. But first ... I do need to remember that 'project me' was designed for moments exactly like this, so I am going to go and remake a hot cup of comfort tea.

The kitchen is a treturous place for an emotional eater like me and I would pick a night to have an emotional crisis when the nephews decide not to finish their pizza that is now sitting on their little Toy Story plates in the fridge. (more…)