Project me welcomes RegimA as a sponsor - project me day 270

This sponsorship could not have come at a better time and with more gratitude than when I am feeling the way I am right now. I can't believe what all the medication has done to my skin and it was frustrating to begin with. There are not enough words of gratitude to this incredible product for jumping on-board and taking care of all my skin care and body care needs. (more…)

More dragons, less meds - project me day 269

Courtesy of Eragon and Saphira the mighty Dragon

I've gotto be quick because I actually can go to sleep without pain medication so don't want to mess it up by being on the computer too long.

Yay ... I only took pain meds once today. I do feel so?nauseous?though ...eeeeww! (more…)

The long road - project me day 268

Thank you to my precious friend Irvin Sammons AKA The Joker for taking the most beautiful pics of my party ... I love this one!

It's so fake it till you make it though because it was so sore .... I'm so sore!

Anyway .... I spoke to the doctor today and he told me that it should take about a month to get back on my feet. (more…)

My Tomorrow - Project me day 267

I don't know what tomorrow holds for me but I've decided to remember that no matter what, it's what I do with it.

Pain is inevitable but suffering is optional.

I think I'm going to end my day with a bowl of ice cream, 2 pain killers and optimism!

PS ... Don't stop believing in your impossible because you keep me going more than you will ever know!

Birthday wishes - project me day 266

Hustler Girl and Greggie taking care of the birthday Goddess

It's my party and of course I cried ... and this is why!
For tonight's 'project me' my friends convinced me to not cancel my party because they reminded me that there is so much to celebrate. I will post some amazing pics soon but for tonight this blog is one that I will climb into bed and read at the same time as you!

I am blessed to be so loved and thank my family and friends for the love that I know is helping me heal far more than any tablet or doctor!!! (more…)

Happy birthday to me - project me day 265

Greggie here again. Jo has asked me to write this post - her birthday post. Okay, I was meant to write it when I got home yesterday but, to be honest, my bed was calling my name so loudly that I couldn't think of anything else.

Jo always celebrates her birthday as her own personal new year, which if you follow numerology, it is. For this reason it is a very significant day. She dug out some of her very special ceremonial items from storage and saw her new year in as she always does - with a cleansing ritual to welcome the new beginning. Every year is a new beginning - in fact, every day and every moment in every day can be a new beginning. But a birthday is special.

So, a very special happy birthday to you, Jo. You are loved more than you realise. Your light shines brighter than you know and as your flame changes colour allow the old moths to fly away and welcome the new. Love you lots.

Now I'm off to look for something to wear for the party. 😉

The get better table - project me day 264

I've managed to find a way to type for a maximum of 10 minutes but I have some of my personality back and just want to have some fun with you guys so I've decided to do the content of my crazy life once again and here's my bedside table ... I kid you not: (more…)

Humbled, blessed, healing - project me day 263

I have to blog so quick because Greggie went to get supper and mom is in the office and I'm not allowed to be here .... ssshhhhhh!!!

Just wanted to let you know that the op went well and I'm feeling so much better. It's a slow healing process and I can't move about until I talk to the doc on Monday! But that's ok ... I'm smiling and not in agony so yippee!

Another Shhhhh .... I'm gonna find a comfie way to do a nice blog about my hospital and healing experience because it's vital to share it with you ... I mean how can my people not know!

One blessing I have to share is that the Universe always makes sure you don't feel alone in the world and I had a great person (chick like me in other words) who had the same procedure. We swapped numbers and I'm so grateful to not feel alone ... I know I said that but repetition is part of the gratitude (or the?pethidine). I get the feeling we are gonna keep in touch ... not just coz we both have broken backs 😉

Shit ... Greg's back!

Miss you ?... thank you ... love you!

M.R.I survived - project me day 262

Never before have I experienced what I did today.

Had the MRI ... OMG! Thank God for my mother! Thank God for Greg!!!

Picture this ... lie still for who knows how long on a back that is spasming beyond my human comprehention of pain and then it happens ... (more…)

I'm a brave girl I am - project me day 261

I'm thinking Greggie did such a sterling job of blogging for me this morning that he'll be doing a few more over the next few days.

Here's the update ... tomorrow I go for my first MRI ever and thank heaven's for the number of House MD episodes I've watched, I'm as prepared as I'll ever be. Then on the next day (I'm so groggy that I don't even know what day it) I go in to theatre and have a needle shoved into my spine under?anesthetic. (more…)