A-dress the issues - project me day 302

I have had one of those days where I've done as little as possible in?preparation?for a big day ahead for the business tomorrow. I have totally lost the sparkle in my personality and was hoping that a day of chilling out would make it better but today is one of those days. I can't remember when last I felt so out of sorts, out of my league, out of character and out of touch. So I'm blogging in the hope that I watch myself speak my mind it chips away at some of the issues I have managed to accumulate that are overshadowing the sparkling me. (more…)

A little too much - project me day 301

I feel as though my back is going to snap in half. If I turn too quickly there is a sharp pain either in the middle of my back on right at the base of my spine ... so I'm not exactly smiling.

I had to take an anti-inflammatory today and that messed with my emotions a bit because I don't like to feel as though I'm going back. Thanks to my mom and Greggie I get to hear a little reason explain to me that it's not going backwards. (more…)

The best things in life - project me day 300

Hustler Girl, my special friend and sponsor and I indulge - because we can!

Firstly, I can't believe that there are only 65 days to go until the end of the year. I remember thinking I was nuts to try and attempt blogging every day for a year and I can't believe how time has flown. Now I'm beginning a countdown to year two. Interestingly, I could run away from the commitment on days like these but as we know those are the moments that I cling to 'project me' most of all and that I find security in my blogging. (more…)

One step closer to me - project me day 299

Now that's what I call an interesting day!

A full 2 days without any medication but the anxiety of getting myself out there and back into action still lingers. My day started with one of those surreal dreams that included Hustler Girl riding around on my 5 year old nephew's bike while I battled to get up and start my day. (more…)

Less meds just in time for a headache - project me day 298

Although I am very conscious of not planning my healing too much, I have to confess that today was a much anticipated and calculated turning point in my healing. I have been taking anti-inflammatories for just over a month now and have popped a pill at 9am with a little too much blind faith.

I don't really understand what it's doing and certainly don't know how my body feels without the medication but today was my third body stress release treatment and I wanted to see Dan without having taken a tablet for 24 hours. (more…)

My Mugg & Bean - project me day 297

I woke up this morning with pins and needles down my legs and made yet another leap in my recovery process. I just know that I can't lie around any longer even though I have been more active since the?vertebral?disk first ruptured. My body is begging for normality and I know it's not things like getting back to gym or spending hours writing. It's other things like seeing friends, hugging my nephews and going to my favourite hangouts.

One of those hangouts is Greggie and my?traditional?Monday afternoon lunch at the Mugg & Bean in the Norwood Mall. (more…)

From where I'm sitting - project me day 296

It's been interesting for me to watch the relationship I have developed with myself and my surroundings while my body has been going through the healing process. The strangest of all relationships has?definitely been with the good old fashioned seat.

Sitting is no joke when an ouch back in involved and after Friday night's push through a super evening on horrible couches, I was even more afraid for today's outing. Greggie's family celebrate birthdays next week and the festivities took place at La Rustic in Houghton. (more…)

Just letting it go - project me day 295

Quick blog because even though I have spent the whole day resting my body is sore. I think it's sore from the resting and it's craving movement, activity and sunlight ... but I'm going out with Greggie's family tomorrow and seeing the orthopedic doc on Monday, so I'm just letting it go! Not gonna get all uptight when I have things to look forward to ... right? (more…)

Running out of bandwidth - project me day 293

There is always the one thing that pushes for the final?decision?and the big announcement even though everyone around seems to know what the outcome is going to be. I have been mortified at the responses of my friends when I tell them that I am continuing to blog 'project me' on a daily basis for yet another year.

Clearly I was the last one to figure it out, but I'm still making the big decision as though it were up for serious contemplation. I have had enough time to think about it and contemplated many scenarios of the future of 'project me the blog' because the journey is never ending. (more…)

An intro to Organic Orgasm - Project me day 292

It's officially out there and splashed across YouTube.

I am totally proud of what I do but I can't fake the fears and issues I have about the first content of Organic Orgasm going live. (more…)