All in good time - project me day 330

It's been an interesting 'project me' day.
After ending yesterday in such pain and crisis, I was pleasantly surprised to feel so positive and unafraid of a backward spiral with my back injury. I think I needed to have a mini relapse and wake up knowing that some rest, a positive attitude and a bit of confidence in my body helps to begin a new day.

I'm not popping anti inflammatories like I did and something about today just felt different. (more…)

Tears - project me day 329

I can't believe I'm blogging this, but I'm so sore that I can hardly sit. Damn!!!

I knew it was going to be a two steps forward, one step back process, but some days are beyond frustrating. I lie, the whole day hasn't been frustrating, only the last hour or so has, but now I can't even sit to blog about how great it was.

It was though ... (more…)

Nutty choices - project me day 328

For the first time ever I wrote an entire blog entry and deleted it. Why? Because it sounded like an agony aunt column and I didn't have an agony aunt day.
Okay, some people might call it a little loopy, but I'm sure I'm not the only person who spends their day talking to themselves. (more…)

Indian Shabbos at Thava - project me day 327

You never quite know what's going to happen when you throw a totally different kinds of friends together. Some started as Greg's and others began as mine. Yes, that bit of info does have a very important point to 'project me'.

I come from a background of 'clicky' crowds and don't like to ever find myself in that situation, let alone come across as a member of that kind of group, so throwing a bunch of strangers together was a touch apprehensive for me. (more…)

SlimLab sponsors project me - project me day 326

Injuring my back to the extend I did and watching myself surrender to things like medication, bed rest and still not having driven my car since the middle of August, I've really been faced with two choices: Fall to pieces or fight on. I think we've gathered by now that I'm the fight on kinda girl.
I did have a moment with Greggie the other day where I told him that I wished I could splash a Facebook status out there telling everyone that I'm not as strong as they think I am and that I don't have it in me to carry on like this. I also had a moment where I told my mom that I just wanted the back op ... the easy way out. (more…)

All the antis - project me day 325

I know, it's totally gross!

I'm sharing the grossness of my skin because it's very?indicative of how I'm feeling today. I think the frustration, drained energy and?fatigue?has finally started to surface and I need to do a few things different.

It's an interesting time for 'project me' and my me-ness! Over the past few days I have more and more signs that the tides are changing and I'm on the road to a very interesting journey. (more…)

Don't panic! - project me day 323

It was about this time last year that I found myself in the exact position I feel I am in again today. As it draws near the end of the year I reflect back on the vision I had for myself and my year ahead ... and I begin to panic.

Another year has passed and some things never change! (more…)

It all started with a retweet - project me day 322

I'm back home and it's the Monday morning after a very needed holiday. Yesterday I was totally exhausted and hardly had the energy to tell my family how great my holiday was, let alone blog about it. I have meeting in an hour and a half, but my week couldn't begin without sharing one of my most precious 'project me' moments to date.

I have been blogging for nearly a year and have committed to the second year on daily blogging because of many reasons. One reason shines a little brighter than the others (more…)

The only things you ever need - project me day 321



Souls to share the journey

Photoshop to hide the blemishes

Bedtime no stories - project me day 320

We fly home tomorrow after such a special holiday at the coast. Besides the constant wind that didn't stop blowing for a week, we managed to fit so many precious moments into a week.

That's all for tomorrow's blog though because it's early to rise tomorrow and we have to pack up and be at the airport early that Irvie can get the dogs packed in the car and make his way home too. (more…)