For those in the know, it's New Years - project me day 485

I don't know where the morning has gone and there is so much to prepare for tonight's festivities with my very special and open minded friends.
A part of 'project me' is proving to myself and the world that goals might not be as important as purpose and so there were no resolutions set at the beginning of the year. Instead, I took what I would have made as resolutions and understood why I wanted to do them. Some have fallen away ... like going to gym! Others have blossomed ... like sharing the pagan festivities with my friends and my readers.

It's one thing to tell the story of the origin of times like Yule (Christmas) and Samhain (Halloween) when the whole world is celebrating it, but it's another thing to explain it from where I'm standing.

That would be the Southern Hemisphere! Most of the traditions of Celtic paganism (my great love) made their influence across the world because of the Northern Hemisphere season changes and all pagan festivities are based on honouring mother earth and her season.

Now that that's out the way ... Tonight is officially the start of winter down here in the South. Winter was celebrated by a festival called Samhain where they honoured everything of the earth that was dying. The leaves are brown, the earth falls cold and still ... you get the pictures. And so it became the honouring of 'the dead'. Because death is the end, it has to be followed by a new beginning and so it would be fitting to be the Pagan New Year.

A very long story short ... but when formalised religion came along they took the dead a little too far and introduced spooky things like ghosts and made pagans into witches instead of wise crones (women) and it all went south from there ... excuse the pun.

There are many things in this world that fascinate me, but knowing the oldest beliefs and traditions of time is one of my greatest loves. I am, what you would call, a modern day witch. I didn't do that ... the world did that! I just follow the oldest beliefs of time and believe in the power of my womanly ways ... do some research and you will see that I'm witchy by nature just because of what I do, think and say.

How far I have come in living my truth and being proud of my beliefs has come shining through. Tonight I have two new friends join us for the celebrations. It's people who haven't known me for very long and all of a sudden I feel as though I have nothing to hide.
My brother is carving the pumpkin ... because he's a wizz at that and there will be pics tomorrow.
I'm blogging about it without a care in the world and before I would have gone back to check just how many Twitter followers I might have lost along the way.

I think that's a fine way to start a new year! So if you are in the know or not, from my and my witchy ways I wish you a happy Southern hemisphere new year and a warmth in your heart that guides you through the winter 😉

Well wasn't that a royal kiss? - project me day 484

I have to admit that I did miss the actual moment of kissing because I was in a meeting. I did try to catch glimpses over the shoulders of a few peeps in the coffee shop, but sadly the meeting won the toss up of where I most wanted to be today.

I did catch a glimpse of Kate and Will on the balcony and between the hopeless romantic libran in me and the modern day chick who teaches about sex ... I was hoping for something a little more racy. They should be a young, spunky couple. Couldn't there have been a little snog or an inappropriate dip of dearest Kate?

I love princesses. I honestly believe that I was a princess (or a queen) in a charming past life and I therefore I love princess things. When I was a little girl and I watched Princess Diana getting married, I think I thought it was the prettiest day of my life.

Princess just is ... I don't believe they can be groomed or?molded. Princesses are born. When I was a little girl, my favourite story was that of The Princess and the pea. It's a story about a queen who searches for a princess for her son and she puts a pea underneath dozens and dozens of?mattresses?and then she invites fair maidens to sleep on the bed. Very long and beautiful story short is that one maiden (they are always servants of some kind in fairytales) slept on the bed and wasn't part of the queens plan at all, but she woke up after a terrible night's sleep because there was something very uncomfortable in the bed. Yes ... she was the princess because she felt the pea through all those?mattresses. I haven't read that story for far too many years and I remember every detail. Sadly, I don't see that princess in Kate, but that doesn't take away from the fairytale wedding, the beautiful tea party surrounded by crazy wedding watchers and a fine display of English eats. I hope the fairytale girl in me hasn't been tarnished by all the frogs I've kissed.
Thank you to Christoper for a loverly affair 😉

This time around it will be memories made by me and when people mention the day Kate and William got married and the very?disappointing?kiss, I will remember these things:

Today was the first day that I officially launched my involvement with Ucit social buying. What a way to get involved ... giving away an Apple ipad 2!
Social networking is my passion and all started because ?of this precious blog that I share with the world every day of my conscious, fun and fulfilled life. 'Project Me' started as a journey of sharing how I lived every day absolutely goallessly, yet totally purposefully. Had I set goals, I would say that I was heading in the wrong direction because 484 days ago social networking wasn't in my plan at all. Doing what I love best was though ... and here it is!

I will also never forget this day as one where friendship proved to fall into my beliefs of their endless?possibility. I can't thank Twinkletoes enough for seeing that, sometimes, when you are told you are loved, it is true. It's a lasting friendship that can bear the scars of a massive explosion, potential sabotage and then a blatant conversation that speaks truth. We learned the power of communication today. We also learned that sorry really is the most valuable word when it's true.
Somehow my kiss and make up will always outshine the balcony scene.

PS ... Everyone in the photo is part of my Twitter family, so here's a shout out to @ohgodknows, @mattcounihan, @helcopromotions, @samcowen and @trainerplat ... it was a blast despite our hasty exit to go and do grown-up things like run a business on a day such as this 😉

So you noticed, I've been keeping secrets - project me day 483

When I first watched Julie and Julia, one of the scenes that struck me most was when Julie and her hubby had a fight and he warned her not to blog about it. "That's pretty impossible for a personal blogger," was my initial reaction. Then why am I finding myself not blogging in absolute and open truth at the moment?

Okay, so the past few days have been wafty and distracting excuses for a blog, but when I was outed by my dearest friend Nikki who happens to be a personal blogger herself (The Lunatic Cafe), I had some truth to tell.

I have some truth to tell ...

I don't quite know where to start because I don't quite know what is going on with anything and I think that's why I've been so vague.

Obviously the biggest concern is that I've been hinting at falling apart friendships and to settle everyone's minds, it's not Greggie. It has a lot to do with him too though because everyone seems to throw us in the communal pot and it highly pisses me off. Do you know how many times Greg has been invited to events and I have been shocked that I wasnt and then when he gets there the persons asks where I am because they assumed that he knew the invite was for both of us. Um ... no ... we are not a couple! We are best friend! Huge difference people!

So ... when the fight happens between Greg and Twinkletoes, my books got returned and I got kicked off the friendship list too.

I can't explain what happens when I'm pissed off. It's this silent processing and in that moment I am evaluating how I have been treated and what I did to be treated so unfairly. It's pretty impossible to evaluate anything when I didn't actually do anything. So I'm upset! I'm pissed off and I'm confused. I'm mostly confused because now he's carrying on as if nothing happened.

Of course I didn't want to talk about this on the blog ... but then I would have to admit that I don't have the ability or balls to be a personal blogger ... and I do! And I am!

Men ... she got me on that one too! I honestly don't know what to say here either. A part of 'project me' is acknowledging that there is a natural part of myself that has flirt written all over it. I do know, however, that I have a different kind of flirt if I like someone and it's pretty hard not to miss.
First it was Inked guy who was chatting to me nearly every day (for hours) ... with sms's of "have a beautiful day" and "sweet dream" and when dinner had been put off for the 5 or 6th time and I called to say "that's it ... let's set a dinner date!", I never heard from him again.
Wait there's more ... There's the Prince who was so sweet and charming and making it very clear to everyone in the room that there was a 'spark' with "hello's" here, there and everywhere on Skype and then all of a sudden ... nothing! Well sort of nothing. Now I hear nothing more than his single life and his very vague hints at shagging other people.
No, you won't believe it ... there's more! Mr Tweet (I have never, ever found a flirt on Twitter before) starts getting very chatty and finally says that Twitter isn't the place. We hook up on Blackberry chat and Skype and messages are back and forth like a tennis final. He suggests on the Thursday that we meet on Saturday and when I ask for a time ... ?I only hear from him again on Sunday! Like nothing happened! Then it goes back to "I hope to get to know you better" and ... of crap ... did you really have to ask about men?

I can't really say much about work until I have settled a few things with the offers on the table, but that's an acceptable secret I hope. It does seem that my career path is on it's own mission and I'm slowly being guided to do what I love the most ... blogging and social networking! Hold thumbs .... I really want this one.

Oh ... and I haven't posted pics of the new house because every person who offers to help hand up pictures and light fittings just doesn't bother to materialise and I don't want to show you until it's all sorted ... but I am frustrated with it all, that's the truth.

I hope there are no secrets left un-spilled!

This hasn't been easy, of course ... but it has been true!

The extent of my activity today - project me day 482

Happy Freedom Day to all my SA followers!

All the good old fashioned things - project me day 481

I really was whacked with the flu. The good old fashioned kind that attacks the sinuses and kills the taste buds. Do you know how sucky it is to have no sense of smell or taste when chocolate is around??

It's even suckier when it's that chilled out weekend that calls for good old fashioned toasted sandwiches, real buttered popcorn (and not the horrid microwave stuff) and a roast piggy dinner.

The little things in life really excite me ... like old fashioned snackwich machines and real popped popcorn, but nothing excites me more than a good old fashioned letter that arrives in the post.
There are a few giggles and blushes at the fact that the letter was sent from my very dear all the way in the Netherlands and it was jam packed with condoms. Hehehehe ... yes, I keep on about natella condoms (which I know exist but sadly he couldn't find). Instead I got lemon, apple and oooohhh cola ;-). Not that I have had any use for them in ages but then my good friend did put in the letter that the expiry date was years away and I should be sorted by then. Ah ... the joy of friends who know you so well.

As for 'project me' ... well, I have proctrastinated over blogging for hours today just to avoid saying that on the friendship front and the boy front there seems to be a bit of chaos. It's not often that I just don't have the energy to share, but that's the space I'm in right now and project me is about being true to me first and foremost.

On a great note though ... it seems as though I am finally being recognised as the social networking mind that I want to be and it looks as though I will have some exciting news on that front soon. On that note ... even though my brain is still in weekend mode, I certainly do have work to do.

Gotto dash!

PS ... just for Robbie ... I'm still feeling the awesomeness even though I can't smell the roses 😉


20 more get to know Jo questions - project me day 480

No, I planned questions for the whole weekend, it's not blogging avoidance! For a change I decided to do as little as possible and I'm getting it right. After posting this it's off to Greggie's house for toasted sarmies and some friend time ... I need it. Then tonight it's a traditional German meal thanks to Hustler Girl's Ponkie (that's her boyfriends nickname and so all the friends seem to have stolen it.)

So here are another 20 and hoping they spark something in you to ask yourself a question or two. PS ... I'm always open to being asked anything 😉

When do you want to get married?
I?m not quite sure if I do but I know that I have the ability to love for an eternity. It?s a pagan thing.

Who has the sexiest accents?
Anyone Irish ? It?s a problem with catholic priests at times

Next concert you're attending?
Nothing planned but Kylie Minoque is coming and I?m a little torn between the reality of finances and the fact that it?s Kylie and nothing should stand in the way.

Are you a beach, country or city person?
Beach!! I even attempted building a beach house in the city once ? long story!

Have you ever had a "secret affair?"
Any affair is secret and I don?t do secrets well.

If you could own a non-traditional pet which would it be?

Favorite show as a child?
Ooooh, it is a toss up between the gummy bears and he-man

Where do you spend most of your money?
Food and usually to cook for the ones I love

Have you ever been so heart broken that you called in sick to work?
Um yes, and it really made me sick. I think I was in bed for about 2 weeks with my mom begging me to go check if I had pneumonia

Can you change a car tire?
I can indeed. Well, let?s hope the gammy back doesn?t stand in the way of my womanly powers

Favorite cologne / perfume?
It?s called D & G from Dolce of course ? but it?s finished and discontinued so I?m forcing my favourite to be First Love by Van Kleef and Arpels

Favorite candle scent?

Would you consider yourself adventurous?
Not in the outdoorsy kinda way 😉

Favorite concert attended?
Favourite? That?s not fair! By the split end of a hair it would be Bon Jovi

Would you date an already attached man / woman?
Nah, I kinda know I?m worth more than that

Can you shoot pool?
In a time machine to about 1991 ? yes!

When you marry will you wear white?
Nope! I will wear a traditional medieval dress of bright fiery colours

Have you ever sat and hoped for a phone call?
I?m a girl ? that?s a dumb question

What do you think about gay marriage?
Well I have an issue with marriage as it is but I?m all for love of any kind ? stop with all the rules!

What are you waiting for at the movies?
Hysteria ? The invention of the vibrator with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Hugh Dancy. No need to say why I?m so excited but sadly (in this day and age) I couldn?t find a trailer to share with you.

Even more getting to know Jo questions - project me day 479

So it's one of those chilled out weekends ... it should be, it's Easter. It's so nice to not have any need to work and I don't seem to be able to want to do much writing either, but the daily commitment calls for something. In these moments I always turn to a few fun questions where we both get to know me a little better.

What's worse - Physical or Mental cheating?
If it's not something you can share with your partner then cheating is cheating not matter what it is.

Is it easier to forgive or forget?
I think it's impossible to forget and sometimes it's impossible to forgive the actions of a person but with empathy, forgiveness is possible.

Can men and women be " Just Friends?"
Absolutely! Until one person finds a significant other who usually can't cope with the friendship.

Dating co-workers?
Yes, when the gods created chemistry they made sure to leave it out of the office environment. I mean really, some rules are so very dumb.

All expenses paid vacation to anywhere?
Straight to Vegas or Texas or ... anywhere where Rascall Flatts is doing a concert and I will be surrounded by cowboys

When you are "In Love" do you notice other people?
It's a bit hard not to. The world is full of beautiful people, but my attention will always return to the one I love feeling like the luckiest girl in the world.

Is flirting cheating?
If it is then I'm in some serious trouble down the line considering flirting is in my genetic make up.

Would you rather have 1 great friend or 5 pals?
One great friend ... but I'm not complaining because I have a handful of amazingly precious friends.

If someone called you a bitch would you be offended?
Of course not ... I can be a fantastic bitch when need be.

Are you ok with your significant other being friends with an ex?
Wouldn't that be refreshing and a great indication that my partner had the maturity to remain friends after being lovers.

Would you live with someone without marrying them?
For sure ... it's not wise for anyone to marry me without a trial run 😉

How do you feel about tanning booths?
Well you can't get any closer to the sun if you try and one wonders why it was create with such distance between it and the delicate skin that singes, burns and then shrivels ... should I go on?

Friends with benefits?
Been there, done that and got the sweaty T-shirt ... now I want a man that can commit

Do you believe in angels?
and their fairy friends and goblins, gnomes, trolls ...

Would you rather take pictures or be in pictures?
Getting used to being in pictures but I do have an obsession with taking far too many pictures of random things.

Have you ever flirted with someone you had no interest in?
Um ... I'm not very good at faking it!

Ever kissed a random person and then walked away?
Was kissed by a random person and told a friend (this big thug of a guy) who beat the kisser up ... oh to be young again!

Ever break up with someone and regret it?
Me? No regrets ...

Are you a jealous person?
If I have a jealous moment then I know I have some questions to ask of myself. It's a trigger, not an accepted part of a personality.

Would you ever have plastic surgery?
Only if my eye fell down to my chin or my boom fell down to my knee

The next 20 tomorrow ...

Is it me or is my blog pink? - project me day 478

I know I have flu and it's clouding my brain but I'm sure I'm seeing doggies with buckets on their head and weird pink borders around my blog. I have moments of complete fuzziness and at those times when I look at the screen I see a pink border and other times I stare at the screen and I see nothing. Granted, I did the blog changes when I was already feeling sick but I did see my web designer and sponsor, Bruce Young make the changes that did not include pink borders ... ?I think.

So, is it there ... is there pink?

PS ... tomorrow's Easter so I hope the bright pink fuzzy easter bunny visits you and hides loads of chocolates for you to find.

PPS ... how freaking cute is the doggie with his bucket on his head. Tale still wagging and not bothered about a thing ... now that's the way to be, even with a very obvious bucket on your head 😉

Saved by a note from The Universe - project me day 477

I don't have 'project me' moments like this often. The moments where I wish I didn't blog because I can't leave such personal moments out of my story but I just can't speak about them yet. It's funny how it falls over the time of easter where I remember playing games of bashing coloured hard boiled eggs together and seeing who was the last one standing with the unbroken egg. Today I learned that friendships are as fragile as those eggs and I just need a moment to step away from the world and think before I speak.

Just as I thought there was nothing under the sun for me to blog about, my email arrived from The Universe. It always amazes me that thousands of people subscribe to Mike Dooley's notes from the Universe and how often I see Tweets and Facebook status's that speak of how perfectly timed the daily note is. It seems there must be a collective who all need to hear the same message at the same time.

Thank you Mike ... I needed this one today:

There is always something to be happy about. Truly happy.

And if you have the audacity to find it and the courage to make it your focus, in spite of the countless temptations to do otherwise, you will have learned well, your life will be transformed, and all things will be added unto you.

"End" game,
The Universe

If you are not subscribed to The notes from the universe then do yourself a favour and follow it. You won't believe how appropriate the messages are just when you need them.


The Project Me new look - project me day 476

So, how do you like the look?

Yes, there are a lot of looks in that one loaded sentence.
There's the new design and layout that has been implemented because advertising is officially a reality.
There's the 'um' of red hair that is still out with the jury and then there's the look of the gorgeous handbags that I'm hanging onto with the fresh new owners of 6 on Thirteenth.

That's a lot of 'new' and I get the feeling that it's only the beginning. I can feel something within me that is slowly growing into more of the 'in your face' individual that I was born to be.

That's why there has been such a burst of fiery red that has changed the look of the blog. As I said, I'm not so sure that the 'Bree' red suits without reverting back to some quirky 'Desperate Housewives' drama that I worked so hard at dropping. This new look me has more to do with putting myself out into the world and being noticed. Yes, yes ... if you have been following this blog for long I fully entitle you to roll your eyes at the fact that I was crying not so long ago and wondering how the hell I was going to do what is now coming so naturally to me.

Take last night's function at 6 on Thirteenth for instance. The dynamic duo of mother and son, Matt and Bev Counihan launched their Kathy van Zeeland handbag business and there I was, invited as a blogger and introduced to people as a speaker. No mess, no fuss ... just a girl doing her thing and making her way in the world.

I say it again, as I do so often on this special space that I have created: Tell yourself the truth, make it all about you and if it's still your dream ... fight on and never give up. It might be a slightly premature statement when my ego takes a peak at it, but from where I'm standing (in my project me shoes) it's freaking awesome.

All of a sudden I am realising that hanging onto the believe in myself has sparked the most unbelievable belief in me by others. In a meeting today we were discussing how there is nothing new under the sun. That is true, but in the same breath there is no one as unique as me either.

The new look goes beyond Project Me and I am humbled to call Greg Arthur my business partner (I've boasted more than enough about the incredible friendship). Just this week I have watched our business speak for itself through the sheer magnificence of his presence, confidence in each other and our brands and ability to spark up new ideas in the midst of chaos.

It's the long easter weekend and there are moments of works and scatterings or rest, which never seems to come at a good time for a business owner. I'm not taking away from the religious aspect or the fact that people in business sectors might truly revel in this time off, but it really has come when things are tapering on the edge of booming and business meetings are lining up by the dozen. So while everyone lays low and takes in the holiday time, I'm working on my new look ... a look as carefully crafted and?uniquely?manufactured as the very handbags on the shoulders of the friends I welcome into the world of?entrepreneurship?... hold onto your handbags, it's one hell of a ride.

A very special thank you goes out to my sponsor, Bruce Young for all the changes and the awesome design of my blog.