Everything has a consequence - project body week 7

Giselle from Burn the Floor and Graeme Watkins at the Joburg Theatre

I can't believe how quickly the time is flying and it's only perpetuated by a weekly update that feels like only yesterday.

It's officially 6 weeks since I started the combination of gyming and eating right and I'm sure by now a whole lot of people would have lost a whole lot more weight. A part of me could kick myself for not making this a much easier ride and another part of me is being patient with a part of my life that I know will always have stumbling blocks.

Clothes are feeling looser but I must admit that I've had a week of being a little oblivious to counting calories. It's been a combination of the freaking freezing weather, eating out on a whole lot of work occasions ... and yes ... comfort eating.

I'm still trying to adjust to so much that is going on in my life and with any form of excitement comes anxiety and a little crutch. I'm still eating far less than the?quantities?that I used to, but this girl knows better.

I can't say that this week hasn't been without consequence. Firstly, I messed my trainer, Patrick, around so much with shuffling days and times that I could go train and when I finally arrived for a group class it had been cancelled. He felt bad for not thinking to call me but it was the thing that finally set me straight and made me committed to gym a little more. People have invested their time, support and care into this journey and I'm the only one not fully playing the game. So it's set ... Monday, Wednesday and Friday classes! Plain and simple. No messing me or anyone else around.

I already enjoyed the Friday morning class so much more and felt a little stronger, so I can imagine that it gets to the point of not wanting to miss a gym session.

The other consequence was the face staring back at me in the photos from the Burn the Floor dance-off at the Joburg Theatre. Every picture taken of me ... I hated!!! All I saw was double chin and it took everything I had to pull myself together. I mean really, there are some pics that will always hold the memory of one of the most exciting events of my career. The pic above is with my fave Burn the Floor dancer and an SA artist that I know is going to take the world by storm with each passing day ... and I see a double chin.

A little off the weight issue and about the rest of my body ... it's time for a bit of a change of hair. Nothing too drastic but a style is in order and maybe a little less length and a little more body. It wouldn't hurt to add a touch of colour and liven it all up either. The time has come for a change and hair always seems to be the first thing on the cards.

Exciting week ahead and so much to tell you as the days go by, but all I want to do is get through it with the commitment that I owe myself and my body ...

Joburg Theatre Burns the Floor SA style - project me day 571

The cast of Burn the Floor and SA Celebs at the Joburg Theatre

What does spending a day with an international dance company and a group of fab SA celebs have to do with 'project me'?

Let's see! When I started blogging the mission was to show the world that it is possible to live each day taking full responsibility for everything that happens to us. I know, it sucks to thing that's true, but it is. I'm also not the greatest fan of the word 'goals', but throw 'purpose' at me and I will tell you that you can achieve anything.

Was it ever my goal to be invited, as a blogger, to exclusive and thrilling events like the dance experience hosted at the Joburg Theatre? Um ... no! It wasn't my goal to blog much past day 365, but here I am heading my way to the next milestone of 600 days.

Purpose is a totally different ballgame and then yes, I was so meant to spend one of the most?fun-filled days of my life, and the most thrilling day of my blogging career, in the midst of dancing.

Project me goes to the Joburg Theatre

In the beginning I thought I was doing something so rare. I thought that I was offering something to the world that not many people knew how. After a while I realised that world is full of bloggers who have a message to put out there. I also realised that many people got the concept of living their own 'project me' even if they call it another name. I came to see that so many people put purpose before goals. I also knew that, no matter how many people were getting it 'right', there will never be enough people sharing those stories.

I didn't choose my purpose because I was trying to be different or wanted to prove that I could do the impossible. I didn't even choose my purpose ... well, we choose everything but most times we are just choosing to remember what our soul knows we will be fabulous at. Living with purpose and showing the world that with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour, you can do anything ... that's my purpose!

I'm allowed to have favourites ... right?

There have been so many days when I've thought there's no way on earth I'm ever going to manage to live my purpose. I've contemplated going back to a career that never fulfilled me and I've thought of searching for work when I know that my spirit would slowly die in a job. I've cried buckets and I've had sleepless nights that I don't always mention. In those times I always do two things:

I look back at what I have managed to manifest in my life and sometimes it's the smallest thing. I also look at who believes in me and usually end up sitting in a heap with my mom who keeps reminding me that I'm exactly where I should be.

After a while I realised that I also needed inspirational stories to drive me forward and from that 'your project me story' interview was born. I wanted to know that I wasn't alone and telling the world that anyone can achieve anything they wanted. I wanted to know that there might be millions of bloggers out there, but that my blog was still filled with my life purpose.

One of the questions I ask is: "Who believes in you when you can't believe in yourself?"
I think we are programmed by the positivity movement to say that we have to believe in ourselves, but that's the same as setting those goals. If you don't have purpose you won't bother getting on the field. If you don't believe that you can then you won't get out there either ... until someone tells you you can.


Stefan Ludik is doing it

Sitting in the audience with tears running down my face ... some from laughter and some from awe ... I realised that ever person on that stage was living their 'project me' story and the way their leapt into the unknown was the way it should be done ... that's what living is all about.

The irony is that I was counting every blessing that I was a spectator and not one of invited guests who were taken on a journey of learning a routine from the Burn the Floor show. Straight up ... being thrown in the air by a stranger and twirled across a stage by anyone (no matter how talented) doesn't seem to fall into my purpose at all. I say that now, but judging from the looks on the faces of the very brave celebs, I bet they never thought they would be there either.

Only after the dance routine to "turn the beat around" was complete did I think ... holy cow ... this is going to be an interesting morning. One hour for a group of newbies to that dance routine to make it happen and be taught by some of the best in the world. There's only one way to get that right ... let go and have fun.

They actually did it and they did it freakin' fabulously. After an hour of giggles, tripping over each other, huffing and puffing ... they did it and it was spectacular.

Rose-Leigh-Anne Mosenohi flying high

It's 'project me' so there's a life lesson here ... for me and for you:
Sometimes you've just gotto say 'yes'.
I have a best friend and business partner that I love with all my heart and soul, but he has this habit of trying to understand why I have made some of the choices I've made along my career and in my life. When he asks me for explanations I get that feeling like I'm going to explode with?frustration?... it's aimed at me ... because I don't have the explanation, I just have the knowing. So I have learned to say 'yes' a lot.

I'm sure not everyone asked to take part in a day that was purely about fun, would have said 'yes'. What's fun for one person surely isn't fun for another and if I were asked to attend as a dancer over that of a blogger ... ?I am sad to say I might have said 'no'. My head would have told me I wasn't fit or strong enough and my ego would have reminded me of the clumsy dancer I was as a child ... but I watched people who did say 'yes' and I know they will never be the same again.

So many people ask me how I am managing to achieve what I am and I sit and think of clever ways to explain it all ... but sitting in an audience that was no bigger than a crowd at a dinner party, I realised that I have been saying 'yes' for a very long time ... and this was yet another invite from the universe to take me to where my dreams are a live and ... burning the floor!

A very special thank you to the team from Joburg Theatre, the cast of Burn the Floor, the judges and super brave SA celebs for a very special day in the life of me.

After sifting through 1500 pictures and needing Greggie to keep the Libran "I love everything" in check ... here are a few pics but a good few hundred can be found on the Lifeology Facebook Page.

SA Celebs for Burn the Floor Dance-off:

Adriaan Bergh (Mr SA 2011)
Graeme Richards (Popular TV Presenter)
Graeme Watkins (2nd place in Idols previous season, front-line singer in GWP)
Stefan Ludik (Actor, now singer, just released debut album)
Dalen Lance (TV presenter on Step Up or Step Out, also hosted High School Musical Reality show)
Stevel Marc (Top International model)
Ruan Burger (Popular actor, currently on Erfsondes, previously on Getroud Met Rugby)
Bongi Mthombeni (Idols finalist, soon to be seen as Prince Charming in Janice Honeyman?s Cinderella)
Merlin Bailie (popular face of the Vodacom Player 23 campaign, actor in Colour TV and Rhythm City)

Ashley Hayden (Survivor Finalist)
Chantal Rutter (Carte Blanche presenter)
Rose Masenohi (DJ on UJ FM)
Jolene Martin-Morgan (TV presenter, actress in various KykNet comedy shows
Tanya van Graan (FHM sexiest woman 2007, actress and model)
Lesego Motsepe (Lettie in Isidingo)
Carmen Pretorius (winner of High School Musical reality show, Mamma Mia, soon to be seen as Cinderella in Janice Honeyman?s Cinderella)
Carolyn Steyn (socialite)


Carol Ralefeta and myself hanging out on the props while she waits to judge the dance-off


Watching the dancers practice with one of the judges Michael de Pinna


Thanks for Adriaan Bergh for being such a great sport and watch this space for his 'project me story' soon


Girls will be girls ... right Jolene?


Bongi and I bumped into each other in the elevator and trust me, I had no idea he could burn the floor like that ... wow!


Stevel Marc stole hearts with one funky personality and um ... some very smooth moves


Um ... not quite sure who was taking the leap of faith between Graeme Watkins and Giselle


Harold van Buuren, Carol Ralefeta, Michael de Pinna and Erica Elle


A proudly SA a truly moving moment when the Burn the Floor dancers performed a routine to Phata Phata


Ashley Hayden ... breathe hunny, breathe!


They made a great team and I have to admit ... they are both my favourites in their own right! SA's talented singer, Graeme Watkins and the true dancing queen from Burn the Floor, Giselle


Bongi Mthombeni and me

Look out for Bongi in this year's Pantomime at the Joburg Theatre ... he's Prince Charming in Cinderella! *giggles*


Dancer, DJ and dynamic dudette, Erica Elle


Thank you to Pat Sloane Photography



It's a good excuse, butt! - project me day 570

Thanks Adriaan Bergh for being such an amazing sport ... face pic tomorrrow, I promise

I know you know that I had one of the most fun and thrilling days of my life, never mind blogging career, yesterday. I truly need an entire blog to thank the Joburg Theatre, the cast of Burn the Floor and an amazing group of SA celebs for one freaking awesome day. I know my Tweets and comments promised a blog filled with pics and the whole inside story today ... but boy, do I have a confession to make.

Firstly, I would like a bow for actually dragging my ass off to water aerobics on this freezing cold morning. It would have been easy to look at the 1500 photos I had to sort through, remember that I had a thrilling meeting at 12pm and skip gym, but I'm actually beginning to enjoy it. No, I didn't go at 5am. Nope, not 7am either. I did the ... um ... old ladies class at 9am. Home, change, sort through a few hundred pics ... and off to a meeting.

After the great success of Social Media Day hosted at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg, Derek Martin and myself have been keen to utilise the?collaboration?of this top socialised hotel and the great things that we have planned. One of those things is the official launch of #FollowSA that we've decided to turning into an event of note.
My friend Pixel Slave is in the midst of designing the logo and my other friend, Little Miss is making a bigger noise about #FollowSA than I ever thought possible. These dreams could all be a reality.

But ... that's only one distraction that put the brakes on while sorting through 1500 pictures. Did I say one thousand five hundred?
The other distraction was the mere fact that the pics are so wow, I don't know how to narrow them down to a decent enough number.

Sevel Marc and Aljaz Skorjanec flashing their abs ... just for fun!

I mean seriously, between the butts, abs and beautiful smiles ... well, add an indecisive libran and a gay best friend and it's no wonder we are still sitting with about 800 pictures to still narrow down to a decent enough amount for a blog and an album that tells the story of a truly spectacular day as a blogger and South African.

Tomorrow I will tell you more about yet another proudly South African moment that has made me realise that a lot of my purpose, with all I have achieved on this social platform, is to be fundamental in driving SA to be a very powerful force that is on par with the rest of the world.

As for 'project me' ... well, it looks as though I'm about to be sharing my own project me story and encouraging others to live their stories too. The requests to be on radio and give talks all fall into place around the SA public holiday, Women's Day and this blogging girl couldn't find a better time to share my story of living with courage, consciousness and that very vital sense of humour!

The shadowy side of 'project me' is that a part of me is getting a little nervous about my ability to keep this daily blogging up with how full the days are getting. Another part of me doesn't think any part of me would be able to end my day without this very vital and awakening part of my life ... anyway, the fears might be a little premature but that's only because I couldn't keep a promise I made. As Greggie says ... the only person who is expecting so much of me ... is me! 'Project me' lesson 3 245 😉



With this lipstick I can do anything - project me day 569


Thanks to The Venus Network and Bobbi Brown Makeup for an amazing opportunity: One of SA's ambassadors for my dream product range!

Huddled into one of the bead encrusted private circles at the Circle Bar in the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg, there sat 10 hand picked ladies with lipstick.

Let me backtrack a touch so that you understand why this moment is not about makeup of the success of my blog or an exciting career moment.

Years ago I used to teach things like affirmations, visualisations and the very practical parts of manifestation and laws of attraction. My angle was and will always be very different and half the time I was saving the reputation of the Universe because as people said their first affirmation, something usually fell apart in their lives. Well, if you were moving in the right direction before the vision board was stuck up in your office then nothing would need to change, now would it?

I got affirmations and vision boards wrong myself when I first set out and when I look at the pictures I plastered all over it, it is a reminder of how far I have come and that's what drives me forward. I have no intention of redoing my vision board for that very reason.

So the other day a friend of mine asked me how I am managing to manifest so many things that I have visualised and I found it almost impossible to explain. The more I thought about it the more it became so very clear how I have manifested certain things down to how I imagined it in my daydreams.

Dreams are wild and they are many, but I think we have a habit of focusing on the bigger ones and not taking the littlest things as a confirmation of the power of our ability to manifest. Because 'project me' has made me focus on every day and look for the positive, conscious and fearlessness that lies within me, I have been lucky enough to see those little things as my own power to manifest.

In steps Bobbi Brown makeup and most probably one of the greatest gifts I have managed to manifest for myself. After this, I swear I know I can do anything that is within my purpose and integrity (yep, very strategically worded ... hint, hint for those trying to figure out how to manifest!).

After manifesting sponsorship on my blog, I had glimmers of realising I could do anything I wanted to. I think because money hasn't flowed like water, it would have been so easy for me to say I am failing, when in truth, if I manifest the tiniest thing i dream of, I am living and succeeding.

Greggie isn't the average gay best friend (okay I stuffed that manifestation up after an overdose of Will and Grace) because he doesn't want to go bra or makeup shopping with me, but he does know Bobbi Brown! Why? Because I've been saying it for nearly 2 years to him! My mom knows, some of my friends know, my dreams certainly know just how much I love Bobbi Brown makeup and how I have been saying, for months, that I would give anything to have Bobbie Brown on board with 'project me'.

The longest story made short ... I $#%^ did it!! I manifested Bobbi Brown!!!

It has been an amazing journey to be a part of The Venus Networks and I have loved every moment of working with an amazing company. It is a huge thank you to The Venus Networks and Bobbi Brown for believing in me enough to make me one of 15 SA woman to be?ambassadors for my dream product.

Somewhere along the line I manifested something tiny, that I was so?ecstatically?grateful for and that made me realise I could manifest the next thing. When I reached that next thing I must have been so ecstatically grateful and I realised that I could then manifest something greater, bigger and better. Then I manifested the partnership I have dreamed of with 'project me' and I am so ecstatically happy that I have realised there is more, bigger, better and greater just waiting out there for me ... the only difference is my lipstick officially matches my powerful dream!!

{In support of: Reach For A Dream} Sasha Martinengo tells his Project Me Story

Photograph by Aleksiei Lima

5FM?s Sasha Martinengo is the station?s longest-standing DJs with a fan following that spans many different age and ethnic groups. Right now, Sasha is living his greatest dream in the industry that he has devoted his life to: ?5FM is unique. There is no other radio station in South Africa like it. It allows its DJs complete freedom of expression as well as the ability to develop themselves as individuals. I love it here and have done so since I started. I am very passionate about this station and about radio specifically.?

Sasha?s show has grown from strength to strength since its inception, with the added bonus of some extraordinary talent in the shape of Sasha?s on-air contributor and news reader Kim Schulze. ?From a professional point of view I have found a young star in Kim. She really has terrific potential and I am very happy to have her on the team.?

It all began for ?The Italian Stallion? in 1994 when he started on the graveyard shift (01:00 to 04:00), which he did for two and a half years, finally filling in on late night radio? in October 1997.

"I?ve coached tennis, worked in a bank and in Virgin Records. ??I even tried my hand at being an estate agent!" says Sasha of his days before radio. "A lot is said about DJs and how they get into radio. I was one of the lucky ones; my desire and passion to do this job outweighed anything else I was doing. I knocked on doors and eventually the door at 5FM opened for me. It has a lot to do with luck, and perhaps I am lucky sometimes."

Sasha was the first ever DJ in South Africa to have his own website and the first to have an email account for listeners to interact with him while he was on-air. A major force in the world of F1 in South Africa, Sasha also had his own F1 website back in the late 1990?s but the work load got too much so he now issues a daily F1 blog. They weren?t called ?blog?s? then, just ?newsletters??

In the ?00?s? (naughties), Sasha?s profile grew with that of the station, which saw him play gigs all over the world as a 5FM ambassador. Having travelled to many F1 GP?s, Sasha is a household name in South Africa on the subject of Formula 1 and has been the anchor for F1 on Supersport since 2002. His love of radio and music has seen him constantly improve the ratings of all of his shows on 5FM.

Sasha released a further edition of Sasha?s Essential Hit Picks compilation at the beginning of 2011: so far, the first three compilations have sold close to 100?000 copies, demonstrating that Sasha knows exactly what tracks his listeners want to hear when they are not listening to the radio.

Sasha Martinengo's Project Me Story:

What is your definition of happiness?
The 5 Minute board before a F1 Grand Prix

If you could have everyone say one thing to themselves every day, what would it be?
This is going to be the best day of my life

We all need someone to believe in us. Who is that person for you and why?
I believe in myself but I also rely on my family

What quality do you believe we can never be taught because it is our birth right?
Compassion and humility

Describe the moment when you realised that you could achieve anything?
Phew, I suppose my first ever radio show. I knew that I could do it professionaly

What have you always dreamed of being or doing and have you reached that dream?
I always wanted to present a TV show about Formula 1. I do that

When life gets in the way, what do you always remind yourself of?
It could always be worse

We all have something unique to offer the world, what is yours?
I offer a chance to smile on horrible days

How do you deal with the fears that could potentially hold you back?
I am perhaps not assertive enough so that is how I deal with fear

What do you believe we have lost sight of in the world as a whole?
The art of conversation and patience

Join Sasha's Facebook fan page

Follows Sasha on Twitter

Sasha's charity infomation: Reach For A Dream

Reach For A Dream?fulfils the dreams of children between the ages of 3 and 18 who have been diagnosed as having a life-threatening illness by a medical practitioner. We do not discriminate based on race, culture, financial status or any other factor.

Each child living with a life-threatening illness is given a chance to dream.

Reach For A Dream believes that no child should live without hope. Childhood can be the most magical phase of the human existence, filled with dreams, aspirations and most of all? fun!

For children who have been diagnosed as having a life-threatening illness, the magic of childhood may be lost in the emotional, physical and financial strain of dealing with their illness. Reach For A Dream tries to alleviate some of this strain (which often affects the whole family), by creating a different environment for the child ? one that is not focused on her/ his illness. We would like our children to find their laughter again and therein find the strength to live beyond their illnesses.

To donate to Reach For A Dream

Follow Reach For A Dream?on Twitter

Revenge is best served cold - project me day 567

Don't panic! I don't have it in me to be some crazed revengeful chick despite how dramatic the title of this might be.

I'm so off Facebook and literally go on to check who has a birthday and chat to my one dear blogging friend, Nikki. Despite that an odd status might appear from me. It was chatting time and I saw the status update that pushed me over the edge. The one from Mr Big, who I haven't heard from since his surprise email about a month ago. At that stage I was very single and he was telling me how one day I would meet the right person. Do they mean it when they say it?

Mr Unexpected was sitting next to me and working ... and I truly am falling a little more in love each day ... so the time was perfect. I have contemplated deleting Mr Big for months now, but for some reason I also wanted him to stay around. Not because of any glimmer of hope but because I knew I was on the brink of great things and I've never quite gotten over the bitterness of 'friends with benefits' and why we are so not suited (was is something about not being a size 34 ... or 32 I think it was)!!

I can't lie ... it hurt like hell and I guess I didn't realise how much I needed to put it all down until I saw his status update yesterday. How to have that 'revenge' moment but stay within integrity is a fine line ... so I sent a very simple email!

It said 'Hi' ... hoped he was well and I had good news to tell him. Of course the news was that someone did love me just as I was and it felt damn good sending it.
His response was ... "I'm so happy for you. How's the sex?" ... go figure!!

I don't care how he felt or if he even cared or not, but my wounded spirit needed to do that! Whether my reasons for sending the mail where in a shattered esteem or not ... It took a few tons off the chip on my shoulder. Yes ... I have one of those!

This morning, after a confusion about the gym session I was supposed to have, I had to mission all the way home in traffic to make a meeting back near the gym in just over an hour. Not one part of me was angry or frustrated. That got me thinking before I had my Body Mind Healing session with Juliette this afternoon. I never get angry!! I never get raging or frustrated.
At this point I'm sure Mr Unexpected would do that *clears the throat* thing ... but then I realised that the only thing I really get angry at is other people who get angry. Surely there's a place to get angry? It's allowed ... so why do I not allow myself or anyone else around me to get really, really pissed off?

I even started the post with totally playing down the possibility for me to be revengeful ... but I have every right to be pissed off!

Christmas in July - project me day 566

Tracey Clark of RegimA and host of today's Christmas in July

It's taken long enough for me to have faith in the GPS and ... oh wait, I did redirect myself to a route I was more familiar with on more than one?occasion?while heading out to the breakfast I was guest speaker at. Do any of you remember the old day when I was so freaked out at driving anywhere by myself that it put a damper of most exciting events?

I think it happened at the perfect time because this morning I was asked if I would be interested in driving about 3 hours out of town to host a workshop. Before I would have been in a hysterical panic, but this new and much braver me is ready to travel pretty much anywhere! Holy cow ... let's hope the Universe, filled with opportunity, didn't just hear me say that.

Today was an exciting enough step and a huge realisation for me for a few reasons.
Firstly, this is the industry that I spent most of my years in and one that I thought I would never go beyond, so it was bitter sweet to be in the mix of it all again.
I think that because times can get a little tough, I do wish that I were back in the industry and locking myself in a treatment room for a few hours and switching off while I got lost in doing a massage or healing. ?The 'project me' part of that statement is the consciousness of know that I was never truly present in those treatments in the first place. I spent far too much time wishing I was out of those rooms to ever want to be back in them again.

With my mom's first student and best friend of nearly 30 years

The other part of me was thrilled to see the odd familiar face while the other part of me was just as thrilled to be in a new line of work and as far away from salon and spa life as possible. I think the talk that Tracey Clark of RegimA made about the new credit act, made it sound all too stressful to be a part of dealing with products, customers and clients. Or ... I just did it for long. Or, the real reason ... I am so happy in what I do that I wouldn't want to do anything else.

That doesn't mean that I didn't have one of the strangest experiences as a blogger, social influencer and speaker today.
It was thrilling for me to be able to bring some very?influential?people to the breakfast because RegimA means more to me than just a talk at an event. Tracey and myself go way back. I think I met her when I was finishing school and she was studying at my mom's beauty school. We ended up working together for many years and the bond has never been broken.

Years later, I left the field and started a blog! At that point a big part of 'project me' was my skin that resembled my teenage years. Tracey was there in a flash and one of the first people to believe in me and my blog enough to partner with me and offer me products.
There are so many people who have believed in me along the way, but by my side where 2 sets of incredible ladies and Twitterers who I was thrilled to share the day with. Jules and Michele of Curvy SA and Lindsey and Nikita of NewsClip. There ladies have been an amazing support and now that I'm driving #FollowSA I am learning how important it is to network people together.

@JulesCurvySA, @LindseyKin85, @Jodenecoza, @NikitaGA & @CurvySA - The only Twits in the room

The craziest part of my morning was realising that I wasn't in a room full of Twits. In actual fact, my four friends and I were the only Twits in the room.
I guess that everyone listening to me talk must have been as foreign as me staring into a crowd who get through life not having any form of online presence. Truth is, it threw me and I really didn't feel that I was the right person to be sharing my story today. It took a lot for me to be kind to myself, reel me back in and remind myself that I do have value to add to any crowd I stand in front of. It's back to the same old feeling of wishing I could just hide behind the laptop always and not have to throw myself out into the world. That ain't gonna happen now that I'm having way too much fun out there in the world.

Unbelievably, it's taken me over 4 hours to blog ... I could come with a whole lot of reasons why, but sometimes it's about cutting myself some slack and just having a slow, long blogging day!

Before I go and start sifting through some urgent emails *rolls eyes* I have to say a very big 'wow' to Tracey's brother Craig and his dance partner Natalie for an unbelievable dance experience. I'm slowly beginning to understand the power of dance ... and seem to enjoy the escapism and silence it allows my mind!

Craig and Natalie from Exhibitionsdance.com


That's a wrap ... Amen!

It's not easy to be me - project body week 6

Time flies and once again, where I thought I would be an where I am are two very different places. I am now at a crossroad of choices and I have to make a very serious one. I can either feel as though I'm getting it wrong or I can feel as though I'm getting it human. Human is very far from the reality of the dream, but it doesn't have to make the dream any less of an incredible ride.

I am on that ride, but it's nothing that the dream held. It was easy in the dream. There were no stumbling block, no days of cravings and no mornings on not wanting to go to gym, no matter how exciting the thought of a size 36 seems.

This pas week has been filled with the complete opposite of realities and the swaying between the two has left me feeling exhausted. The?exuberant high of having dreams coming true, but the threat that those dreams are too late. The absolute joy of finally finding love but the total low of realising that dream are not like they are made out to be in the movies. Everything has been that extreme and on top of it all, I've had to force myself to eat health and try and get to gym.

In my halfhearted attempt I think I did it as best as I could this week and I need to be proud of me for that. Besides two serious doses of ice cream, one yummy helping of chocolate cake made by my new friend, Pixel Slave and a hamburger that my boyfriend is very deserving of after eating like a champ ... I think I did pretty well.

I also went to gym on Monday morning, but managed to get out of it on Wednesday because my man was sick and I didn't want to leave him. I also pulled a good one on my ego on Friday and convinced myself that I wouldn't fit everything into my day ... so I missed it too.

Then, after a mixed emotional weekend and licking the spoon of my last mouthful of soft serve, "superman" started playing on the radio. Mr Unexpected was driving and were in mid sentence about differences being healthy in relationships (still pondering this one) and I just cranked it up and lost myself in very true words ...

I can?t stand to fly
I?m not that naive
I?m just out to find
The better part of me

I?m more than a bird?I?m more than a plane
I'm more than some pretty face beside a train
It?s not easy to be me.

I wish that I could cry
Fall upon my knees
Find a way to lie
About a home I?ll never see

It may sound absurd?but don?t be naive
Even heroes have the right to bleed
I may be disturbed?but won?t you concede
Even heroes have the right to dream
And it?s not easy to be me.

Up, up and away?away from me
Well it?s all right?You can all sleep sound tonight
I?m not crazy?or anything?

I can?t stand to fly
I?m not that naive
Men weren?t meant to ride
With clouds between their knees

I?m only a man in a silly red sheet
Digging for kryptonite on this one way street
Only a man in a funny red sheet
Looking for special things inside of me
inside of me ...... inside of me ...ya inside of me... inside..of me

I?m only a man in a funny red sheet
I?m only a man looking for a dream

First of many Jodene's Breakfasts - project me day 565

Jodene's breakfast at La Vie en Rose

I keep having to pinch myself as a remind that I never planned anything like this but that living with purpose above goals can make anything possible.

I'm right on track but for far from where I thought the goal post would be and I couldn't have been a happier or more fulfilled person than I was today.
If there is one thing that social networking has taught me, it's that it can be those most pointless or purposeful thing we ever do.

'Project Me' has been a conscious journey of making everything purposeful and I can attribute so much of today's big event to my beliefs. That's why I decided to launch Jodene's Breakfast and believe it or not I truly struggled to give it such a bold title. Well, that will be the common theme and the very purposeful breakfast are all for one thing ... to spread the word of #FollowSA.
My breakfasts are going to always bring South Africans together and ask them a question: "Where are you? Where do you want to be and how can SA peeps help you get there?" It doesn't matter how big or small a company or dream is, there is always someone in a crowd that could make something alive with possibility. And so it began with the closest of peeps that I interact with on Twitter and today's breakfast was incredible. To hear everyone's stories and see how each person had a way of helping someone else live more of their dreams was a beautiful moment indeed.

In pictures ... here is one of the most life changing days in the direction of my career and my purpose:

@LittleMissLee86, @JulesCurvySA, @Jodenecoza & @liesldb


@HelenSuzmanFdn represents at Jodene's Breakfast


No function is complete without @HustlerGirl and her runny nose at any event I host


@HustlerGirl being her normal self


A table of Twits convincing two non-twits of the power of social networking


Loving having spent time with @Bronyw!


With a true inspiration @StaceyStories


Thanks to La Vie en Rose, Caprice Fashion, Karisa Wellness Spa, Urban Glamour, Lifeology and Highly Strung Creations for the gifts and prizes today


Sharing our day jobs and dreams in true #FollowSA style


The joys of Twitter @KerrynLeC @LindseyKin86 @BabalwaRasane, @jodenecoza @Dezy_D and @LizaSutherland


Always a joy to spent time with @JoslynT


My off the wall friend @KhanyisaKN who turned green at the sight of healthy food



My friend and journalistic superstar @LindseyKin85


Thanks to @BabalwaRasane of Urban Glamour for the gorgeous clutch bag that @LittleMissLee86 received as thanks for all her #FollowSA support



A very big thanks you to @pixelslave10 for designing the Jodene's breakfast menus and for all the support ... always!


The gift of social networking is friend, colleagues and fellow dreamers! @pixelslave10 ... you are a superstar!


Never forgetting the two men in my life who are always behind the scenes but never too far ... To my business partner and best friend, Greggie AKA @ohgodknows and to my special other half and awesome photographer who is always by my side ready to capture these priceless moments, Pat Sloane Photography!

A huge thank you to La Vie en Rose for your gorgeous venue, amazing food and special hospitality ... the girls will be back!

So this is what hard work is like - project me day 564

Once again, another fly through the day's events because it's nearly midnight and tomorrow I have a very exciting morning. It's the first Twitter girlie breakfast that I'm hosting tomorrow at my fave ... La Vie en Rose.

I did, however, have dinner tonight with 5 friends that I had to cook for. Before that it was a good couple of hours with Stephen van Niekerk and bringing his website to life. I am so grateful to have my Greggie at my side because he has patience with the technical stuff that just goes over my head.

Before that was a dash to the shops for ingredients for chicken soup that I promised Stephen and Greggie.

Before that was a meeting at the hairdresser to approve the project me partnership and pick up my first batch of products.

Before that was getting ready for tomorrow's breakfast and a talk I am giving on Monday morning for my project me partner - RegimA's Christmas in July function.

Before that ... *yawn* ... I think you get the picture!