FollowSA is alive and rocking - project me day 607

Tomorrow you will see it all ... pics! Logo! More pics! Launch video ...

Right now I'm home dealing with a leaking geyser, hungry man and very sore back!

But what a freaking awesome day! What an amazing night!

Go check out if you are in SA ... register!!!

Oooh, what's that I hear through the buzzing in my ears after the freaking incredible end to the night, jamming with Allegra in the circle bar of Crowne Plaza Johannesburg ... oh, it's my bed calling!

Oscar moment .... thank you to everyone who made tonight possible and breathed life into #FollowSA ... Big Love!

I must be crazy - project me day 606

My back is so sore from a combination of sitting and the maddest day I have had in ... um ... it feels like my entire life.

Basically ... I thought we had sound equipment organised for tomorrow night's very big #FollowSA launch and we DON"T!!!

I've spent the whole day phoning, tweeting, emailing, tweeting ... anything to make it happen because it's me and I make it happen.

I have to make it happen and right now it ain't ... holy crap!

I've been told to give up, give in, make other plans, pass the buck ... you name it! But none of that is 'project me' and none of that is the spirit of 'FollowSA'.

I'm scared

I'm tired

I'm sore

I'm not giving up ...

I'm keeping you posted ...

The crazy things my mind did with my day - project me day 605

I doubt I'm the only one whose first instinct is to sabotage or knock my successes.

'Project me' has taught me that the voices in my head don't have to be right at all and it's taken a long time and a great journey of getting to know myself to learn when the voices are my intuition or my crazy fearful mind.

Today was overwhelmingly exciting and frustrating, and what stood out most was the madness of my mind. I watched and spoke to a lot of people today and all of us were pushing the boundaries, making choices, stepping out of comfort zones and dealing with the voices in our heads.

I've learned to do something with the voices ... laugh! The other option is cry and that's not great when I'm in the midst of making life happen. So I decided to share 10 things that my mind?conjured?up and that I, in turn, shut up with a giggle at myself ... you should try it some time!

I heard the front door open before Mr Unexpected had said goodbye! Mind: "He's leaving me! He's sneaking out and ... oh shut up crazy mind!" ... PS, he was putting his stuff in the car and came to say a very cuddly goodbye!

Wiggling into my jeans that have just come out of the wash! Mind: "You're getting fatter since you started that healthy eating, it must be the ... oh shut up crazy mind!" ... PS, I haven't felt so great in a long time and weight doesn't fall off in a day.

Boiling eggs for lunch and all of a sudden I wasn't hungry! Mind: "You know the eggs are gonna make you?nauseous because you're ... okay, shut the #$#@ up mind!" ... PS, I'm the most cautious girl on the planet, it's actually ridiculous.

After reading a friend's sweary tweet online! "I'm such a nerd online, ?I really should swear more or say something mean about ... oh, shut up silly mind!" PS ... I'm just being my online and I don't swear much or say mean things, so really, that was a F@#$ing dumb thought.

I lost a document that I hated working on in the first place! "Mind: "It's punishment for not being grateful that you have the opportunity to present a quote to ... oh, shut up mind!" PS ... sometimes just being dumb and not pressing save is the simple reason why.

I had to ask Greggie for the backup documents to the stuff I lost and I hadn't received it after an hour! Mind: "He's so pissed off with you for being so?incompetent?that he can't even send it ...." Okay, seriously, shut up mind! PS ... it got lost in cyber space and Greggie knows my combination of ditsy techno/hard working!

#FollowSA trended in Jozi today! Mind: "Dzzz, Dzzitttt, dzzz...." Whateva mind ... PS, it is possible!

There were more and they were just as crazy, ridiculous and ... well, one was scary and I have to take heed with being too dramatic. My back is very sore tonight and my brain is scaring me that I'm gonna wake up on Wednesday morning and be so sore that I can't move and I miss my own #FollowSA launch. So I'm gonna shut my mind up by taking myself off to bed and chilling in?preparation?of another adventurous, mind boggling day!

2 sleep to #FollowSA!

It started with a sweet date - project body week 11

It's amazing ...

If you haven't read last week's post about simply telling myself a totally different right life story and then living it, then jump back to project me day 598.

Now that you've caught up, here we are one week later and for the first time in 10 weeks of project body, I can honestly say I was kind to my body this whole week.

Okay, there's a lot to being kind to a body: food, fitness, rest, it's even goes down to making sure I moisturise my body, even on the most rushed and frustrating days.

But this week is about eating. It's about waking up one morning and telling myself that I have always had great respect for my body and how I feed it. And I feed it well.

It all started with a date. Well a double date actually. I started with a date with the team from my project body partners from Ofra?Cosmetics. That whole lunch meeting, we chatted about all the alternatives and?substitutes as healthy options and how it's possible to change a lifestyle without missing out on too much. One of the tips that I was most excited to try was substituting dates for sweets.

So I woke up with the mantra/affirmation/positive thought/brainwashing that I always lived healthy and the days flowed from one day to the next with healthy but totally fulfilling meals. It started a trend and I am not very adventurous, especially since Mr Unexpected has a sweet tooth of sorts. Baked dates and almonds ... okay, I haven't perfected it yet and had us both crunching on burned dates, but the potential is there. That's a perfect sweet replacement and we both love it.

Eating out was a breeze and I even managed to feel totally comfortable sipping on herbal tea while my friends around me were drinking beer and booze. I also had a primary school mini reunion and where all the girls were eating cheesecake and I was quite content knowing that there's a cheesecake recipe at home waiting for me. I don't have to not ever have the yum stuff, but I eat the unhealthy option. No one tried to force a spoonful down my throat and I had a good week settling into my brainwashing.
I also had the most fabulous time at Thava?Indian Restaurant with Mr Unexpected. It's amazing because we had some tough stuff to talk about and that's usually the time I?overindulge, but I felt as though I was having the healthiest meal. I'm slowly learning that it takes a bit of savvy to source the best places to eat out and still feel totally healthy. Thava is that option for me. It's also my escape from the world and the place I feel most comfortable. I needed that ... I also needed the most delicious chicken korma this side of the world.

Beef and barley stew (that was a little too watery)! Custard with sugar replacement & low fat milk (that was a touch lumpy) and chicken in herbs, garlic and lemon (that was raw when it first hit the plates).

Great start don't y0u think ... hehehehe!

Despite a very stressful week I didn't fall into my usual patterns of needing comfort food. I just did something different. I still focused on food but now I have a whole lot of recipes that I intend to try out in the next few weeks. There's a healthy bread, a gluten-free pie crust and beef stock that I have floating around in my head. I also have to impress Mr Unexpected by the healthy yet yummy options (which I'm getting right so far ... even the lumpy custard) and I'm hoping that we'll both get excited enough that by this time next week will have ventured to a farmer's market and the grocery cupboard will resemble my healthy lifestyle more and more.

The project body message doesn't have to be anything to do with the changes I am making. Rather let it be that it took me 10 weeks of being conscious that something had to change, but with checking back once a week and finding one little reason to not beat myself up, here I am ...

10 self help books vs one profound sentence - project me day 603

It's been a busy week. It's going to be a busy week again. Then it's going to be one week until my best friend and business partner leaves for the USA. Then it's going to be four weeks of doing something different every day just because he's not here.

All that busyness made me think that I might just need a day of total nothingness.

One of my greatest 'project me' lessons is to learn that you might always be letting someone down when you put yourself first. It took a while to realise that it would have to be their perception of feeling let down and we never remember that perception is a choice. I know there were things people wanted me to do today, but I needed a 'me day'.

It's not that I haven't been completely honest. It's more that I haven't quite figured out how to adjust to talking about my personal life when I'm in the midst of it and Mr Unexpected reads the blog every day. By far, this is the hardest challenge when it's come to blogging. Well, the relationship feels like the hardest challenge, to be honest. I know he'll read this in a few hours and a part of him will agree too. My mom described a relationship perfectly today (or at least ours seeing as though we are polar opposites). Mom said we are like trying to balance bipolar to find that happy place. I do want the happy place, but it seems that every issue I have ever had since I was 5 years old has surfaced in these two and a bit months.

Then there's the conversation Greggie and I had last night that left me, well, lets just say it was another reason not to sleep. Oh, I haven't mentioned that I'm not sleeping so well and you would only know that if you saw the odd Tweets at crazy hours.

I come from a past business partnership where I kept making one change after the other to try and make it work and I am finally settling into the fact that there is nothing I need to change. I'm on track. I'm getting it right. There's a country song that I listen to often and it says: "Yeah, If you're going through hell, keep on moving, face that fire, walk right through it. You might get out before the devil even knows you're there."
Then Greggie told me that we are both not getting something right or we would be in a better financial position or things would be happening differently.

No self help book can ever solve the quandary of you mind. I don't believe there is a formula that can ever replace that 'knowing', which only you know and only you can learn to listen to. I knew. I just knew that I was finally getting everything right. I was being brave enough, bold enough, sassy and sexy, happy, honest ... or wasn't I?

Maybe today was more about trying to catch up on lost hours of sleep. Or it was about hiding away from the world. Either way, I kissed Mr Unexpected good-bye after telling him how every proud I am of him for all he is achieving. He's created a brand for himself in under a week and his determination oozes. It also consumes ... and usually happens as I'm trying to show him how proud I am and he's telling me how it's not good enough. So I shut the door, climbed into bed and went to my happy place ... Twitter!

After making some awesome connections for #FollowSA and chatting to new and old peeps, I realised that I was in that perfect place of knowing. Sadly, as I thought about it all the doubt came rushing back.

What to do when that happens ... me, I cook! Suffice to say the Mr Unexpected is getting a totally OTT dinner tonight.

I have a bond with Mother Nature. I have her tattooed on my back. I know she's causing more waves (literally) and I wanted to see what's going on in the world. When I turn on the radio, I'll get adverts. When I turn on the news ... adverts! How the ...

I can't do adverts but I can do the next best thing ... CNN interviews.
Michael Wu? I've never heard of Michael Wu. Okay, maybe everyone else has considering he's the CEO of Maxim, the largest food and beverage corporation and restaurant chain in Hong Kong. The program is called The Boss and he's it.
I don't believe in coincidence and every moment of my life I am reminded why not. Some stand out more than others, like this one. I literally got 10 minutes of the 1 hour program. The last 10 minutes. I don't know what I missed, but I know what I didn't.

I have read more self help books than anyone could imagine and then one day I stopped. Sometimes I worry that people are going to ask me what I think of this one's book or that one's formula ... because if anyone is talking about it now, chances are, I haven't read it.
Instead, I listen. A lot of times I listen to the most profound points that people have gotten out of those book. Other times, men like Michael Wu say one sentence that is more powerful than anything else I could imagine.

This is as close to what he said: I believed in my formula and I stuck to it. I just kept going when everyone told me to do something differently and that I was getting something wrong, I just kept going.

I could tell that he hasn't had a day of thinking he was getting something wrong. He spoke of having to change?strategic?strategy, but that had nothing to do with him or his vision. He believes in himself and his vision ... even when he's going through hell.

Michael Wu put everything in perspective for me and made me realise that my greatest lesson in life might just be to feel unshakable!


Eat, sleep, Tweet FollowSA - project me day 602

Jono from Allegra, Derek from Crowne Plaza and Nick from Allegra ... one lucky girl

I'm that tired that I'm battling to string a sentence together. It's a combination of a surge of adrenalin that has been flowing through the entire day and the fact that summer is definitely on it's way back to SA.

I have the whole of tomorrow to get some work done because I really couldn't function much today. Don't get me wrong, I was up, about and in front of the computer for most of the day. The only problem is, I was staring at the #followSA timeline on Twitter with a perfect balance of excitement and bewilderment.

It's taking off and it's up to me and a team of very important Tweeps to make sure it goes viral and stays viral. That's been ticking in my head for most of the day. What after the #FollowSA launch on the 31st of August? The timeline is so alive because of the launch but it's gotto remain alive.

That's when I decided to start encouraging others to tell their #FollowSA stories and say what their relationships have developed into since they connected with people on Twitter. I had a few incredible Tweets, but I know it's going to take a lot of work to ignite it.
It's been playing in my mind that if the stories won't find me then I will find the stories and no story is more real than the Tweet that introduced me to a South African band who are on a journey of living their passion and being discovered. Well, I discovered Allegra in the #FollowSA timeline and when I find something I want to be a part of, I hang onto it with all I have.

It was so exciting to meet them at the Crowne Plaza with Derek today. It was even more exciting to make plans for Wednesday night's launch and have their videographer, Kyle White, who created their stunning video, play around with ideas of how turn the event into something even more spectacular. I can't wait to hear them play this song that I love so much and hear even more of their songs. More importantly, I can't wait for others to hear them too and I'm holding out that right person will hear them play and they will watch their dreams come true, just like I am right now, all through the power of social media and networking.

The timeline has quietened down and so am I. I've had moments of absolute adrenalin between making sure I keep up my reputation of responding to every tweet, making sure as many people as possible know about the launch, search for a sponsor that is needed to take the launch one notch up and ... oh, I have other work to do beyond this launch!!

I have to say ... I'm proud of me! I'm doing what I always said I wanted to ... I'm using my voice to make impact and I couldn't be in a better country anywhere in the world to be doing it!

World ... Meet Allegra and their song Parachutes

The joys of living what I teach - project me day 601

It's impossible to explain the different modes that I have found myself being able to blog in because I haven't created the chance for me to hide how I feel by avoiding telling my story every day. That's what most people seem to do when they blog ... they seem to find the right mood or right time or right space to be in. Mostly, when I am in a space like I am today, I shove myself into a corner where I run out of time and have to blog.

I think we do that with a lot of situations in our lives. We leave it alone until we are forced to have to deal with it. I've done it with one situation I find myself in and I'm try hard not to do it in another. Either way, 'project me' is all about living within that integrity and living my truth, so sweeping things under the carpet isn't something I do. I might procrastinate and leave it until it's eaten away at most of my day, but I eventually deal with it.

Maybe that's why my back is so sore again? Maybe if I put things down or picked things up ... if I dealt with things as they happened, it might feel a little less like the world is on my shoulders.

So, last year I went away with some friends and this complete amateur took a gorgeous picture on some fancy camera. My friend, who is the professional photographer, was shattered that I had taken such a perfect shot and after photoshopping it to death (I hate anything being tampered with like that) he seemed to forget that I had taken that pic. Sometimes I feel as though I need to call witnesses, because there were. It got so bad that he even gave the pic to myself and another friend as our Christmas gift ... yes, it's that gorgeous a shot. We've lost touch and in an indirect way, it might have had something to do with that pic. As luck would have it ... on the only day I play around on Google+, he's posted my pack, tattooed with his logo across it and he's claimed it. Here's the crappy teacher part ... I couldn't bring myself to do anything about it except froth at the mouth and vent to everyone around me. Do we freeze and forget that it's our right to claim what is ours? Is it because I'm still not settled with confrontation? Didn't I really care? Is it because I'm not a photographer but I would freak out and call lawyers if it were a piece of my writing?
I don't know ... but I do know that I left it for ages. I left it until I sat with Greggie and he helped me see reason and then I sent an email?immediately. I didn't reread it. I didn't spell check it. I kinda did what I'm doing here ... I knew it had to be done so I threw it out there with as little thought and as much courage as possible.

Step one ... he apologised and has given me credit for the pic.

Enters a wise Twitter friend who has clearly learned the power of standing in his truth. Well, didn't he make me see that it wasn't good enough to get credit for that pic, but that pic was not to be used by this photographer at all. I'm kinda like a cute little kitten and my Twit friend is more like a?Rottweiler, so I can't bring myself to go the extent that he suggested I should, but I'm in a state again. I spent the whole day trying to pluck up the courage to send yet another email that says I want the picture removed from everywhere.

I might have backed myself into a corner and had to blog about it, but I'm not done pondering a few unresolved issues on why I can't just claim what is mine without batting an eyelid.

It's amazing that it's all happening as I watch the #FollowSA movement happen on Twitter and I see it grow into a greater awareness and more exciting event. I watch the Tweets that remind me that I started it when people say "Jodene ..." and all I want is for every South African to claim it and make it theirs. It's moments like tonight, when I sit and have coffee with a friend I have only Tweeted with and go to meet for the first time, that I thrive on my dreams. That's living what I teach ... that meeting of a stranger and knowing that our potential as friends or future collaborator, is endless.

And then there's the part that I teach, but have no idea how to live myself just yet. Where's the book that says how to live as a couple and how to know if a relationship is working or not? Where are the teachings that show if I'm being a brat or if I know what I want and deserve it? It's tough ... should it be so though? I've taught about love before, but now I know that it can't be taught. It can only be experienced and you have to be your own teacher.

So tonight I'm heading out with Mr Unexpected and we are going to have a quiet meal and do the thing that I teach ... and I know I teach well. We are going to go and communicate. We are going to speak our perception of our truth and we are going to attempt to put ourselves first in the true spirit of being our own 'project me'.

Happy birthday Project Me - project me day 600

I had this blog planned ... it's a bit of a bitch and moan combined with some over excitement and a wince of back pain.

Then I sat down to blog and realise it's another milestone!!!

It's day 600!!!

And because it's my blog's birthday I can choose to do anything ... that's the rule to birthdays, right? And I so choose my man!!!

So tomorrow I will bitch, moan, boast, wince ...

But for now I'm going to celebrate my madness and my success!!!

Before I go though ... I have to say 'thank you'!!!! Thank you for reminding me that this blog is worth it on days when I think I'm nuts to have ever set out on this adventure.

PS ... I love you!

PPS ... There's gonna be cake in 100 days time!!!!

Social Media Tuesday at Crowne Plaza JHB is born - project me day 599

Breakfast at the Crowne Plaza

Hindsight is good except when the photo opportunity has passed and I wish I had captured the first crowd who shared today's moment with me.

Lifeology has had so many great idea and plans but it's taken so long to make anything happen and today I felt as though something eternally empowering happened ... I got to do what I love for a fee. I'm jumping straight in there because, if you have been following my 'project me' journey, you know that money and I have been long lost friends. It's one of the lessons that I have had to learn in order to truly teach it. I've had to realise that it's not as easy as just doing what you love and money falls from the sky. It's a?perceptional?that is out there in so many self help and books on laws of attraction. On the other hand, there is the reality that takes patience, integrity, determination and nerves of steel.

Hmmm ... that's my same formula for social media too.
I've really minded my p's and q's when it has come to the term 'guru' ... not only in social media but in my metaphysical and spiritual journey too. It takes a lot to be a guru and I certainly don't want my name to be associated to that just yet ... if I get there it will be with the same energy that I am now earning money. Just that ... I've earned it.
In the same breath, to be recognised as a social influencer and see how I can take all I have learned and sharing it with others, is the greatest gift in the world.

Even more exciting for me is so many people have believed in me that they have been prepared to support Lifeology in the most amazing ways. I can't begin to express my pride in the collaboration between my business and one of SA's top hotels,Crowne Plaza Johannesburg. That's huge compliment that will always remind me there are things that money just can't buy and recognising things just as much as I intend to smile at my bank account.

@derekm11 (because we are now our Twitter Handles) has been amazing from the moment we met and I am so grateful for all the support in both #SMTuesday (the hashtag for Social Media Tuesday) and #FollowSA.

Sabio Communications is a PR company who have given me yet another gift with the support of a dedicated team who believe in me enough to be driving the Social Media Tuesday breakfasts with me. Another thing that money just can't buy.

If I weren't nervous before or after then I guess there would be something very wrong with me. However ... I had the time of my life. I totally lived my dream today. I know ... I live it every day, but there's something different about taking my passion and my dream and turning it into my career.

For a first, I couldn't be more grateful for the crowd that surrounded me. It was as close to what I?envisioned?as possible, with full interaction from the 12 guests who had breakfast with me and got to ask me anything pertaining to social media. That's my strength right there ... tell me what you see for your brand and I will tell you how to socialise it online.

I'm one happy chick today ... one freaking happy chick!

Lastly ... I know, it's Oscar time again ... but I wouldn't have been able to do it with such confidence if my best friend and business partner where not at the table doing what he does best ... smiling, observing telling me when it was time to stop talking. Thanks you @ohgodknows!!

A quick ps ... I will be on ChaiFM 101.9fm tomorrow morning at 10:30am talking about social media in SA and the upcoming #FollowSA launch.

I've never smoked - project me day 598

That's not entirely true!

It's what my brain believes but it's not my reality. That's one of the first things I taught people years ago ... At the moment something might be your truth, but it doesn't have to be your reality.

One day, after smoking from the age of 16 until I was 31 years old, I woke up and gathered a few friends who wanted to all quit smoking. I did a ritual of burying a box of cigarettes but that's a different part of my personality. I did something else though ... I told everyone that as of that moment on, I had never smoked. There was no asking me how many days or how long or checking if I was coping ... because I never smoked.

I never smoked.

I woke up the next morning without a trace of cigarettes in my life and acted as if I had never smoked. A few people got nasty glares or kicked in the shin, but for the most part, people went along with it and cigarette were not a part of my life at all. I

I never touched one again and still find myself chanting that I never smoked.

Another thing I teach is to focus on an area of your life where you got something right and remind yourself that you can get it right again. After months of being frustrated with trying to settle into healthier ways of eating, I finally reminded myself that if I could do it with smoking I could do it with eating health.

I've always had a healthy lifestyle ...

That's it ... there's nothing to change or learn or?sacrifice because I've always made healthy choices for my body.

I carried it around with me today and didn't discuss it with anyone (that's a secret I learned from a teacher of mine ... hold onto the energy while you adjust to it) and throughout the day ... when ordering food, going grocery?shopping?or staring into the fridge, I kept telling myself that I've always made healthy choices for my body.

Well, I actually spent the say reminding myself that I never smoked ... which in turn reminds me that I can break patterns and change a lifestyle in an instant ... which then reminds me that I've always lived a healthy lifestyle.

That's it ... that's all ... I've always been healthy ... how about you?