Say 'Hello Albie' - project me day 847

In my constant carrying on about my cats, I might just overlook my Albie (which means 'my darling' in Lebanese). I've spent the weekend trying to relax and it's not going so well, but then I walk past the cage and she say, "What?" like she really wants me to sit down and tell her all that's going on in my life. Not that I'm going to waste my time because the next thing this cute little girl does is laugh at everything you say ... and then sneeze!

Congrats Braaiboy - project me day 846


I loved my afternoon, spent in Pretoria. celebrating the 3rd birthday of Braaiboy and his daily braaing. In all honesty, Joburg people just don't make enough effort to do the great trek (long travel) to Pretoria because these guys sure know how to have fun and celebrate.

I've really bonded with the crew from Pretoria and was all ready to shout my support for them in the beer (or is that Green Mamba cream soda and cane) drinking game. Take note, this is Tyron BEFORE getting his butt kicked ... and so did all the others ;p

Confessions of a neurotic cat mommy - project me day 845

I'm a mommy of three!

If you ask anyone, they'll tell you that I'm too neurotic to have children, so my cats will do just fine. If I had chosen to have any other kinds of cats except for my gorgeous Persians, I wouldn't be such a strict cat mom.

Funny how everyone scares me that people steal cats like this and then complains when I get completely over protective. So it took me months to allow the cats outside without my supervision. Eventually we all settled into the sliding door being open all day and them coming back inside just before sunset.

The other two, Saphirah and Roran, are quite happy to potter around the garden, take in the fresh air, chase a bug and come back inside when mom calls. Okay, the come in when I shake the food tin and aren't actually returning for me. Eragon, my prince, has had other plans from day one. The more I've tried to explain to him that he chose the life of a prince and can't wander the streets, the more he seems to have plans to get over the wall. I had settled myself into comfort that he wouldn't make it over the wall, but today I was in for a shocking mommy surprise.

Holy cow, Pat looked out the window and Eragon was strolling onto of the wall. That's it ... he was banished inside and not to go outside until the branch (of a dead tree) he jumped on is cut down and we put mesh up along the bars on the gate that he slips through. Poor kid hated me today and he sat by the door crying to go out. Greggie rolled his eyes that I'm so neurotic and that he'll come back but no part of me can dare take that risk. He also rolled his eyes when I had this long conversation with my son and tried to explain to him why he had to spend the day inside.

Neurotic? Maybe ...
But I got these precious kids of kitty shelters and they've already been abandoned once, so I'm that over protective mom whose cats would say it's safer I don't have children ... for their sake 😉

Life is too short to not have another stroll around the buffet table - project me day 844

I would have called this post, 'you'll find them at the food table at funerals'. One of them thought it was fab and the other thought it a little?inappropriate, but the fact remains, the two men in my life have healthy appetites ... anywhere!

Years ago, when my friends and I were very young and hadn't been faced with death yet, a friend of our tragically passed away. We all gathered at his house, in a corner, and tried to keep the conversation quiet and somber. There's no place to laugh when someone has died, was the belief that all of us. Then someone did something ... I can't remember what it was, but we all started to giggled and then tried to 'shhhh'.
Then an elderly family friend came over, pulled up a chair and told us a story. She told of the day that Jesus was on the cross and while Mary was sitting at his feet crying, a?tortoise strolled past with a bandanna on his head. I doubt that story is going to be in the bible and to this day I don't know if she just made it up on the spot, but something changed in all of us. She taught us that laughter is there to ease the pain and from that day I've always been so aware of the 'tortoise' that crosses our path in tragic times.

Today, my best friend and my fiance where the reason that Hustler Girl, who buried her boyfriend's mom today, and I had a reason to giggle.
Greggie just loves food (good food) and Pat isn't allowed to eat Piggie in our house because we live with my mom and it's a Jewish thing. On top of that, the food after the service was?delicious?... so my men tucked in! ?I nibbled on my cheese sandwich and spoke to a friend outside, while they hovered around the table and ... tucked in! It was the sparkle in their eyes that had my dear friend and I giggling away and I watched her mood lighten and her heart smile.

I'm not one for 'the right thing to do' and watched a friend dare not crack a smile on far too many?occasions. I've watched another salivate over something yummy, but dare not take another helping. But then I've watched a friend bury someone she loves and realise that life's to short to not have that laugh or another stroll around the buffet table.

A calendar full of all I've created - project me day 843

I'm starving! I'm also too tired to cook! I'm certainly not complaining!

So while I wait for my brother to visit with take aways, here's my story on a day that filled my diary for the next few months, boosted my self esteem and will go down in the books as a day where I can say, 'you did it kiddo!'

It didn't start off like that. It started off at 3:45am with my wide awake and trying to have a rational conversation with my mind. It was stressed out and nervous for day to break, but that other part of me (the conscious part) was going through a long list of things to be grateful for. Amazingly, there has been a big shift in events over the past few days and I have so much less to be concerned about. Yes, I'm talking mainly finance, because we know how that can keep a person awake at night. But the pitches are flowing, the events are generating money and our financial support has told us to calm down and just continue to make things happen. So I've decided that I simply wake up in the middle of the night on autopilot that calls for distressing?thoughts (something to work on in the hours ahead of me).

My day always begins with kitty cuddles (after man cuddles that is), coffee made by the best fiance I could ask for and then a stroll through my diary.

Wow, it's full!!!

Amazingly, all I am is excited.

Okay, that's half a lie ... because I can't lie that I'm a little nervous too.

I'm not kidding that the diary is full and the events just keep finding a new date to fill up. That's not with one client that we've secured yet and I know life has the amazing sense of humour to throw a major one in when the mayhem hits. Today I shared this with a friend and inspiration of mine, Melanie Minnaar who is the founder of the Twitter Blanket Drive. She reminded me that on my 500th day of blogging, I didn't have the exposure, following, or any plans to this extend ... but I'm still SO NOT complaining.

I can't believe I'm at the point where I need a to-do list for every event ... and then the general one. Between our first #FollowSA event in Durban, a #FollowSA event to collect blankets for #TBDZA (and committees hosting events in Cape Town & Durban), Melanie asking me to be an official host for the main collection day (or did I volunteer??) ?AND a charity singathon for Nkosi's Haven ... this all before the 3rd of June ... let's say I'm getting what I asked for.

I can feel the smile growing, my esteem lifting and my heart lightening with every word I type, because I did ask for this and we always get what we ask for ... even if we wish we didn't!!
Before, I would have been in a state and doubting that I could cope at all, but then I look beside me and I'm surrounded by countless people who believe in me and will stand by my side to make sure anything I dream of comes true.

Of all the events, clients or followers I manifest, nothing will compare to my realisation that staying within my integrity, living my truth, empathising with those who don't get me and thanking those who do, has laid the foundation to all I am today.

Um ... I think I need a bigger diary though ... because this is just the beginning!!


The ah-ha moment - project me day 842

It's amazing how I always come back to questioning (or at least having a slight panic attack) about what I know as my fundamental rules that I live by. Every once in a while I go into a phase of questioning all that I believe in and then life gives me the gift of reminding me just how stable my belief?system?is.

I had one of those days today. A very needed day because life's getting exciting/crazy and the bad little voice in my head tells me that I'm going to drop the ball. Funny that, I haven't dropped the ball yet. I remembered that thanks to a very special collaboration between Lifeology and our PR company, Black Sheep Media.

Jenn and Gabbi make such a dynamic team and are supporting Greggie and I parts of Lifeology that both of us need focus and support ... marketing ourselves.
A great to start would obviously be for the Black Sheep girls to sit down with us and ask us 'get to know you' questions. Besides my day starting calmly, then becoming hysterically flustered because my damn laptop and stupid Blackberry don't sync, I was ready for the challenge.

Of course I cried ... you should know me by now ... there's always that one question that going to get me all chocked up and this time it was, "Who are those special relationships in your life?" With my best friend and business partner sitting with me and us both reflecting back on the unbelievable highs and lows that is our lives and the making of Lifeology ... it had to be Greggie. The tears didn't stop until I had included the unfailing support I get from my mom and the love I have found in my amazing fiance, Pat.

The questions flowed into each other and after sharing my fears, dreams, understanding of my personality and ah-ha moments that changed my life, I had another one of those life changing realisations. Reminding myself that we just remember things because we are all knowing (that's another one of Lifeology's lessons) I reminded myself that the greatest gift we can give ourselves in life, is knowing ourselves. Being able to answer the fundamental questions like, "When did you have that one moment in life that changed everything?"

We all have more than one. We have many. Every day there is a moment that gives us the opportunity to do something different. Those ah-ha moments are all around us, we just have to know that realising them sparks us to change and do something different in our lives. I used to ignore them too, before I discovered how powerful change and facing my fears truly was.


Family riddle night - project me day 841

Oh my greatness, my sister's visiting as somehow we got on to riddles.

Here's Pat's one that had my 12 year old nephews, my sister, brother, mom and me boggled for a little too long:

Brothers and sisters have I none, but that man's father is my father's son???

So ... who is he talking about?

My first committee - project me day 840

The #Jozi #FollowSA committee collecting blankets for #TBDZA


Milestones! Miracles! Magical moments! Those happen so often and take for granted just how very big they are.
Today was one of them. With #FollowSA communities across the country collecting blankets for the #TBDZA and today the #Jozi team gathered on my couches and started to bring it all to life.

Meet them: ?@ohgodknows, @Leebs101,?@jaakOrilla,?@Figs_Home, @Dezy_D,?@Trisjb ... and the 3 blankets that got our collection under way.

Thank you so much to these amazing individuals (and the countless Twits who are so eager to get involved) for your commitment to such an amazing cause ... now lets collect HUGE amounts of blankets by the 26th May!!!

To watch a friend's heart broken - project me day 839

I'm blogging from bed, sipping on hot cocoa, surrounded by my cats and a man who I love dearly, even though he's currently driving me nuts while on his campaign to fight against the government. It's my safe space. My bed, my hot drink, my beautiful Persians & fiance. But tonight, even though the scenery is the same, I feel a little tender and fragile.

It's awful when you get that call and expect to hear the usually bubbly voice on the other end of the phone, but instead it's tears and panic.
I got one of those calls yesterday, from a dear friend who had turned to her boyfriend's home and sadly, found his?deceased mother.

I'll never know what's worse, watching someone you love suffer and anticipating death for days or months on end, or suddenly being faced with an unexpected passing. Either way, it tears at your heart as a friend who doesn't know how to comfort the pain that someone you care so much about is dealing with. There's nothing to say. There's always food to bring and hugs ?to give, but there's hardly ever something to say.

She felt bad that Greggie and I have lost a parent and that we don't need to go through it, but on the other hand, we wanted to be there because we know what it's like to lose a parent. No two situations are the same, but there's always the story to tell about what the funeral day might be like or the days to follow. I try tell them to find reasons to laugh, but I know it's equally important to allow yourself to cry.

Both Greggie and I deal with the parent who is left behind and there's so much that goes on with a grieving parent. No matter how I tried to explain it to Greggie, there's no understanding it until you are the child, watching your parent start their life over again after 40 odd years of marriage. This story will be no different, and no matter how I tried to share a story of empathy or two, I know that they will only be stories until the right moment comes.

But no matter what, it's heart wrenching to see a friend I love so dearly so torn apart by pain and shock. I just want to hug her until all the agony goes away. I want to do so much, say so much and help so much. But all I could do was take a salad for dinner, give her a hug, wipe away a tear and tell her that I would be ... for both of them.

I think I'm a working woman - project me day 838

Gosh, there's not even time for me to find a fun pic to go with the frazzlement (my word) of my blog tonight.

It's been a crazy day, in the best sense of the word. Meetings, Tweetings, creating events, assisting with events, emails ... oops, dinner!!

There's a part of me that really forgets I have a man to feed (and when Greggie stays for dinner, it's 2) and cats to herd ... oh shit, and a mom to feed to.

So it's way past dinner time but I might have put dinner in a bit late, but that's because I was tweeting and meeting and ... um, I think I just grew up real fast ...

Don't you hate/love it when that happens??