Adrenaline rush with Le Grande Cirque at Joburg Theatre - project me post 854

My weeks have been crazy with me having to say 'no' to a few invitation to keep from falling over from the over excitement of all that's been going. The whole hype was the massive build up to the Twitter Blanket Drive which was on Saturday and the upcoming #FollowSA charity sing-at-thon that I'm heading towards this Saturday.

Every time I think about it and the rest of the year ahead, there's a surge of anticipation, excitement and ... adrenaline.
In the list of events was the invite to Le Grande Cirque Adrenaline at the Joburg Theatre and just before I was about to decline the invite, Greggie stopped me and said fun might be just the thing I need before the surge of busy events. It didn't take much to convince me and I'm so thrilled that he did.

One of my favourite gifts in life is when something surpasses expectation. It's a known fact that I might be a little over critical of most things in life ... which of course stems from an over critical self. We all search for 'wow' moments but sometimes, when life is crazy and the trials and tribulations are a little tougher than normal, we need something to take our breath away.

This amazing night at the Joburg theatre did just that. I can't begin to guess which act were more mesmerising in the array of talent displayed at Le Grande Cirque Adrenaline, but for a moment in time I had to remind myself to breathe. From balancing acts that defy reason to speed, strength and heights show the power of the mind, the body and the spirit, the roaring applause didn't even seem to do the performances justice.

And yet, it was impossible to switch my mind off. All I could think about, with each mastered act was ... teamwork! Every person was born with an unbelievable talent and it must have taken years of practice and patience to show off such stellar performances ... but most of all I saw teamwork. So many acts were based on the reliance of another human being. The trust levels were like none I had seen before. Seriously, like "I trust you with my life" kind of stuff.

The teams in my life rattled through my head. The good ones and the ones that weren't so good. The ones that have helped me take every step along the way to get to where I am today. The ones who stood beside me, just in case I needed to be caught, when I fell down from trying.

I've had a few rough weeks. Some of them are the challenges are now projects and others are the realities of life, but I did not go it alone. I have my own team. I have the people in my life who share my adrenaline rush when I take the safety nets away and unhook the harness before I leap.


The reward for not blogging - project me post 853

Wow, I've had one of the busiest few weeks in I don't know how long. That's scary busy for me considering how busy I manage to keep myself in my usual busy day to day living. All I've been saying to myself lately is, "thank heavens you don't blog daily anymore".

The busi-ness has been a joy and I'll blog about that later, but for now I want to share the strangest 'project me' lesson.

So a few days ago Greggie gets hold of me to say there has been strange activities on the 'project me' blog. The strangeness was an email from our host saying that it's half way through the month and we were done with our bandwidth. Odd ... I'm blogging less. Greggie called the hosts and made them do checks to see if the blog is being spammed. Literally, there are almost double the number of daily views and an insane number of page views. This at a time when I'm not Tweeting about my blog at all. In my mind, the daily views would have dropped, so Greggie and I both had the same though ... SPAM!


They checked. We gave it a few more days and then I checked. We called again and they checked again. How's this for shocking low self esteem? ;p

I kid you not, I've been trying to hit these numbers for years. I've Tweeted and retweeted. I've used tactics and formulas and I've made sure I consistently write. One of my biggest fears of not blogging daily was how my numbers were going to slide. ?Well, that blew up in my face! I've never had so much traffic before.

The 'project me' lesson ... um, it's the one we've heard over and over again but are usually too scared to try. DON'T TRY SO HARD!

A special gift from Royal Palm Durban - project me post 852

The luxury Royal Palm Durban Hotel

We always like to host our #FollowSA out of town events so that we can spend the weekend in the gorgeous city and have extended time with some of our closest people we've connect with through Twitter. Wherever we go, it's amazing how we realise the connection we have formed with people that were once just a Tweet.

We spend our weekend making bonds stronger and getting to know the city that we intend to visit throughout the year. It truly is Lifeology's intention to be at as many #FollowSA events as possible and I can't say I'd have any issues traveling to Durban on a whim.
Growing up, I had a friend who owned a holiday home in Umdloti, so I have spend most of my life falling in love with Durbs. Time passed and eventually dear friends we made their or moved there (a certain @pixelslave10) ... but then I met the love of my life.

Pat truly has the soul of a Durban boy, but more than that, his children still live there and for all his hard work in supporting #FollowSA, as the resident?photographer, and for his love for me, I was thrilled that we could spend the weekend with his kids. I know his heart was torn at not being able to spend every waking moment with them, but from the moment we stepped into the hotel room at the Three Cities Royal Palm, we felt at home and it calmed all of the missing moments we wouldn't have.

I can't begin to thank Shamini Pather and everyone at the hotel for the most hospitable stay and for sharing our belief in the power of social media that I was afforded the time to spend in a city that grows closer into my heart as every day passes.

#FollowSA was born from the passion to unite fellow South Africans online so that we could gather offline and support each other as a community. I never expected it to grow as quickly as it has and didn't imagine brands and community alike to be so passionate to welcome us to their cities ... but they did.

I also didn't expect to meet such a special man and share his life with two amazing children ... but I am.

And when both worlds collide and I have a weekend where I couldn't be happier with my career moves AND I feel more like a family with each visit ... well there hasn't been a greater gift in a very long time.

On behalf of Greg and myself from Lifeology, we thank everyone at the Three Cities, Royal Palm for your sponsorship that made #Howzit031 possible and on behalf of Pat and myself, we thank you for a weekend where we shared some treasured moments as a growing family.


Call me Cat Lady - project me post 851

How could I not share!

Don't we just look to cute together. Well, truth be told they were all hating the experience, hissing at each other and I'm sure I had a claw or two, making this pic even more impressive 😉

Always thankful for my amazing fiance, Pat Sloane, who was dashing around after cats and then had half a minute to take the pic before cats and me got hysterical!


Speeches and Beaches - project me post 850

I'm sitting in that mixes space of being excited for each moment but also knowing I'll be so relieved when it's all over. I'm officially an?insomniac, but know that too shall pass.?It's a combination of tomorrow and then Friday and I think my brain will allow me to find some normality ... until the next challenge, of course.

So tomorrow is the early morning start (really early) for me to dressed and ready to head to my judging for the Rising Star Awards. When I first got nominated, the process didn't even enter my mind and within a few weeks ... and with great honour ... I was informed about the 7 minutes, prepared speech that I need to present in front of a judging panel.
The speech is on my career journey and why I think I deserve to the SA rising star in the?entrepreneurial?category. The words are all there and the dozens of reason why I know I'm part of the finalists is very clear to me. I'm beyond proud of all that I have done to stand in front of the judges tomorrow. The only thing I'm battling with is a SPEECH. Not that I have to say one, but that I had to prepare one. I haven't done that since college and I pride myself in being able to be plonked on a stage and to feel comfortable for me to talk for the given amount of time. The unnatural me comes out when it's prepared speech time. Even at my sister's wedding, they asked me to do the speech and all I knew was how I was going to end it. Interestingly enough, I met with one of my influencers and he told me that I need is how I'm going to begin it. That's not possible when I need to know I'm going to be speaking for 7 minutes.

So it's been a weekend of writing the speech (which was the easy part) ... I have the most patient man in the world. We went over it a dozen times, mostly because I kept giving up at around 6 minutes and never quite found out if my speech would fit into the time. With a few tweaks, a few tears and a whole lot of patience, the timing is perfect.?Now it's learning this thing and I have to admit that I'm impressed with this brain of mine, it's not as rusty as I thought.

So the interview is at 8am tomorrow morning and after my speech I am asked questions by a panel of judges ... gulp! So I'm taking in the light of 'project me' and just trying to have fun. No matter what, I've already done so well to get into the finals of such an awesome competition.

No rest for the wicked because Friday is off to Durban for our first #FollowSA Tweetup. Wow, this has been a challenge, to say the least. We usually have about 90 people at our Cape Town and Jozi event and we are currently sitting on 18 RSVP's. What it's taken for me to hold it all together and keep rational about the energy of the Durbs peeps has been something else. Actually, I think the speech has been a good distraction for the madness.
In amazement, everyone has been so supportive ... and that's because everyone's also done business with Durbs. So flights are booked, Emmanuel is flying down with us, hotel?accommodation?is sorted, we have prizes and goodie bags ... and everyone isn't stressing that the crowd might be so small that we could fit them around a dinner table.

I'm super thrilled that my friend Khanyisa is taking up one of's specials that they created just for #FollowSA and she's coming to join us in Durban. That's another huge milestone for us and I know that eventually we are going to have the hottest Tweetups in Durbs.

The other reason why I'm so excited about Durban is that Pat gets to spend some time with his kids. We haven't seen them since December and not since we got engaged so I'm really looking forward to watching him share some good quality time with them ... on the beach. I have a very special place in my heart for the Durban seaside ... it's where I decided that I was going to write my novel, Ephineah. I remember the day I was lying on the beach and staring at the one rock pools and having the first thoughts of a story flow through my mind. I can't wait to be sitting on the beach, with the man I love, his kids and my dearest friends ... very well manifested indeed!

Fast cars and unexpected adventures - project me post 849

The before pic next to a gorgeous MINI Roadster ... and then Pat took me for a spin!

I think we all find ourselves saying, "I should have done this ages ago." On the other hand, I truly believe everything happens for a reason and after days of not blogging, I ?couldn't wait to get through as much of the to-do list and just get here.

Just a few weeks ago I felt stuck with what to share from one day to the next and now I feel like so much has happened, I don't know where to start.

Fast cars ... that's always a good place to begin and of course there was a great life lesson that came with racing around Kyalami race track under the full moon. I was so excited for the day to end and to climb into a sexy Mini Roadster, with my gorgeous fiance and take it for a drive. In the days that built up to the event, I imaged a semi fast (my fast) lap or two around the track and I couldn't wait to blog about my experience. On the night, it was a very different story.

At this point I stop and thank the gods (and goddesses) for letting Pat drive first because what I got and what I thought I would get was two completely different things. Um ... sexy meets speed was the theme of the mini and the only thing that wasn't sexy about it was me screaming in the?passenger?seat. With a lead car in front and Pat right behind, this little car literally took me on the ride of my life.?Screeching around corners, weaving through cones, flying between haystacks and she held on to the road much better than I did to the corner of the windscreen. We did have the top down, after all.
When we headed back to the pits and it was time to swap over, I just couldn't do it. I couldn't keep up with the lead car, take those corners or have another 5 cars hot on my tale and it had nothing to do with not trusting the car. That's what I kept smacking myself over the head about when Pat giggled like a kid because I gave him my laps too. If there was ever a time to let my hair down, take a few risks, drive fast and not care if I knocked over a cone ... it would have been in Mini Roadster.
Le sigh ... a part of me will always be sad that I wasn't brave enough. It did comfort me that as the girls arrived back, they also hadn't mustered up the courage to drive either.

The 'project me' lesson ... well, it's not so bad to say 'no' to something that you know you just aren't ready for and I know my day will come when I can go, at my pace, in the very sexy, smooth and?sophisticated Mini Roadster.

It's not like the pace slowed down when I was out the car and all of a sudden I'm juggling 3 event, all by the 2nd June.

If I haven't showcased myself by now and proven to people what I am capable of on social media, then I just don't know. It's been one pitch after another and then hurry up and wait. Instead of getting down about it, I've decided to keep doing what I do and giving people even more reason to wake up and realise they need Lifeology on their side where social media and events collide.

Amazingly, none of the events are as easy as the #FollowSA Tweetups we've organised in the past.
Now we have decided to head down to Durban for #Howzit031 and it's no walk in the park. I've been fascinated at the difference in response to the Tweetups between the major cities and I'm trying to keep my chin up about Durban. Where are the people? What is the mindset? What is going to bring them to our Tweetup?
That's it ... tickets are booked and we are heading down to Durban, with some awesome sponsors, great prizes and fantastic reasons for Durban to come out and play ... now I have 10 days to convince them of that.

Dashing between events and now to the Twitter Blanket Drive, where I'm officially hosting the event at Protea Hotels, Fire and Ice Melrose Arch. I've chosen two charities close to my heart, Nkosi's Haven and Kitty and Puppy Haven and we need to collect 1 500 blanket by and on the night of the 26th May. I couldn't ask for a better team to be supporting me than the GM of the hotel, Anton Gillis. I'm thrilled that my special friend, Karen Battaliou works at at the hotel because I couldn't ask for a better co-host.
With the blankets already piling up in the window of the hotel, the offer for the Fire and Ice to buy blankets on guest's behalf, everyone receiving milkshakes on the night ... and the just the gorgeousness of the venue, I should be calm as anything ... but we know that's not me.?We certainly have our work cut out for us, with events all over Jozi, so I wake up at about 4am every morning and have to figure out how to stop the chatter in my head and fall back to sleep.

What would my life be without events that I can't announce just yet ... but in the pipelines there are a whole lot of those that are taking hours to bring to life. Gosh, I can feel the adrenal rush with every word I type ...

Then, just for kicks, some amazing person?nominated?me for the Rising Star SA awards and within a few days I've been notified that I'm a semi finalist, been selected and finalist and now have to sit in front of a panel of judges on the 15th May.

And then the sun begins to set on another day and I can't wait to stop, take a breath, have dinner with my amazing man, cuddle with my kitties ... and get ready for another very adventurous tomorrow!

Do it until it's no longer fun - project me POST 848

I finally did it!

I finally stopped for all the right reason!

It's amazing what happens when you finally have the courage to step away from the issue and give yourself some perspective and this blog dilemma has been no different. I can't believe how fixated I have been on hitting milestones, that so many dear people have wanted me to hit, that I've been forcing myself to do a post a day for far too long.

Don't get me wrong, I love blogging, I just am not the same girl who started blogging nearly 900 days ago. In the beginning I thought I could blog everyday, forever, and I would never want to do it any other way. Time and?consciousness?always has other plans for us, but then we stick to the plans that are safe ... like not missing a day of blogging until I reached 1000.


Totally obsessed with not letting others down, or missing a moment in my life that might be vital, I dredged on for far too long. The whole time there has never been a part of me that thought I would ever stop blogging completely, but forcing myself every day has started to show the signs. Thank heavens for amazing friends who point out the obvious loss of focus in my posts.

I can't begin to express how I tackled myself on the night I decided to miss a blog post for the first time. I even sat down a few times and nearly went though the forcing again ... and then managed to step away from the computer. The night seemed to drag on with some many arguments going on in my head, until the voice of reason spoke and changed everything.

One of the fundamental rules we teach in Lifeology is to only do that which you think is fun. When it's not fun, it's time to stop! When you do stop, chances are all you will need is to do something slightly different to start having fun again. Then, wham, it hit me. I can still hit 1000 and I still celebrate blogging for 3, 4,7 or 10 year.

So you'll notice the change ... my blogs now say POST instead of DAY! I'm still gonna hit 1000 ... it might be only days or it could be months after it should have been, but I still know I'm gonna get there and have amazing things to celebrate.

And of all the things I will celebrate is the bravery to do something different, even if it means I changed my plans and expectations I set out for my life.

So I'll be blogging ... when I feel like it!

Of all the posts, I do think this is the one that shows how very far I have come in my own 'project me' 😉