Welcoming #projectme to the world of vlogging - Project Me post 937

The whole point of vlogging is not not write too much, which I won't ... but ... I do have to give a big shout out of thanks to @MikeWronski who kicked my butt into making me do something I have been threatening to do for ages!!

So here it is, very simply a test run as to whether I was actually smart enough to work out the technology behind vlogging ... and I would like to totally boast (especially to Mike), that I stared at my smart Samsung Note for a while, after not figuring out how to record a video on my laptop since Monday, and though "it's not a smart phone for nothing!"

So here it is ... my first vlog, using my smart phone ... and changing my blog forever!!

Get out and make things happen - project me post 936

Something's changing!
Things have got to change!

Yikes ... there's change.

The more I speak to people, the less alone I feel in the world. On the very rare?occasion I throw out a ?Tweet that lets all the vulnerability hang out and I had one of those moments on Sunday. It was in the midst of a rush to get a proposal out, with the week's events ahead just a few hours away. I still turn to food when there's a mini meltdown, but at least this time it was only roasted corn and not a tub of ice cream.

So the Tweet was about stressing myself for no damn reason ... and the responses came flooding back with so many people who do the same thing. At the same time, I kept reminding myself that I'm doing it. I'm actually, finally, really settled into what I want to do and what I am so damn passionate about.

Well then of course the fall over, butterflies galore, I could just throw up from anxiety kinda moment.

All that being said, I have kept myself going with focus and excitement. It's been an interesting adjustment going to meeting and talking business without Greggie (figuratively) at my side and it's also taken a while for me to realise that I don't need to call on Greggie every two mines and that if I did, he would be there.

So I set up meetings and made plans and have been out and about, making things happen. I can feel the absolute focus on what I do and talk about social media publicity with the passion that has also helped me perfectly mold myself into the role. People get what I do and love what I do. I'm also talking more and more about the social media ambassadors and @GiddyFreedom and I are working like crazy to get our presentation ready to hit the world with our services.

In Entertainment gals#FollowSA in Cape Town last year led us to meet the amazing @MsNoble who is in Jozi with her partner in @InEntertainmint, Astrid. We met last week, a few days before we met again because neither Greggie nor Ms to cope not seeing each other. Sunday brunching and chatting very exciting plans for the future kicked off my butterflies ... which started with excitement, then turned to terror and now back to blissful excitement.

Butterflies galore must be so common with Entrepreneurs and I would like one to stand up and tell me that they didn't start their new venture without a ton of anxiety and absolute fear. Those who push through and take the grand leap of faith, end up having the time of their lives.

Some of those people are very dear to Greggie and I. @CollettDawson and @Cito1974 and #FollowSA joined forces last year to end off our year with a very special collaborative event. We have great plans to do work together, but the past few months have been about us waiting for an exciting announcement from these two. Last night was that and the launch of their new company, The Colab Network!!! It was such a proud and exciting moment and while Collett was saluted for her 21 years in her industry, I held on to what it must be like to be so rooted in a passion and then witness where that passion takes you in your life. In the past, I would have had doubts and felt a little lost, but I felt those roots deep in the ground and had one of the best nights out in ages, for so many reasons.

555069_10151537111959369_1272694901_nWith friend, new and old, and each one has been a connection through Twitter.

Yesterday my oldest sis told me she just doesn't get it ... Twitter!! Neither did I until I made my first real connection ... first good friend ... first secure meeting ... first job opportunity!

liesl and chef andrewToday I had coffee with some of those amazing people I met on Twitter. @Liesldb was one of the first girl friends I met among the tweets. It was one of those easy bonding kinda friendships and now we are both flying solo (that means single), settling into exciting plans for our futures and wanting to have a whole lot of fun together.
@ChefAndrewR is just the warmest, most supportive and guys around ... oh, and he cooks better than Jamie Oliver (in my personal opinion). I admire the commitment to everything he does and see exciting ways that our career paths are gonna cross. I do believe that entails eating more of his delicious food ... and happily Tweeting about it.

In other news ... there is something else I really want to make happen. It's time to turn this blog on it's head and I've been trying to figure out a way to do it for a while ... I have a plan, but need to get some help from a techno wizz, so watch this space.

Absolutely lastly (does that make sense??) I was interviewed by @BruceMubayiwa, a Linkedin coach, about my experience and use of Linkedin. I hesitated for a moment, because I know I don't use it nearly as much or well as I should, but once again, I threw myself out there and just went with the truth: Me and Linkedin




Making dreams come true and other stuff - project me post 935

I swear, the last thing I'm doing today is this post, then it's laptop off and phones in the room. Popcorn, tea and catch up episodes of Once Upon a Time, Touch & Harry's Law. My brain so needs it, from a week that went rushing by, with so many adventures and challenges.

It's finally happening. I've finally settled into what I love because it took me much longer to figure out than I thought it ever would. Yet here I sit as a social media publicist with 2 paying clients at the moment. Of course I've been paid before, but that was when I was still kinda lost in the social media space. Now I'm found and as this proudly confident woman, I have 2 fashion bloggers on the red carpet of a local government event and more running a survey for another brand. I had another radio station get hold of me and let me know that they know who I am and will be in touch. I also had a PR company forward an entertainment blogger my way ... because everyone finally gets what I do.

I have this nasty habit of getting scared first though, so I'm tiring myself out a bit and freaking out over things before taking a breath and then discovering what I know ... it's in my blood and I make it happen with ease.

I'm working with the most amazing friend, Giddy Freedom, as we are making amazing things happen for ourselves in the social media space. She got here own Lifeology email address yesterday and we've been playing with stats, chatting to everyone we can and bringing the social media ambassador side of the business to life at the same time.

With all that going on, I also have a decent gym routine and am training with a heart monitor, which has made me realise just how much I've needed that guidance from the right kind of person. I do things so different with her guidance and now leave my phone in the car and take time to actually just gym and be with me.
I've needed it ... music in my ears and literally watching my heart.

It's come at the right time when I deal with some interesting post break up issues. I know it's impossible to avoid the however many steps of an ending ... so I'm at the seriously pissed off stage. I have reason but also just have to get past the anger without denying any of the emotions. That's always been one of the big project me lessons I wanted to share. There is no need to fall into the trap of the positivity movement and pretend things are good just to not say the negative or feel the anger. Anger doesn't kill us ... bottling it up does.

But I do have to share or confess or ?... I can feel that I need to at least have a date with someone. More would be fantastic, if we are all reading between the lines. I can feel that my esteem got knocked more than I thought and that woman part of me ... well she needs some TLC! What to do with that ... I have no idea, but I thought that putting it out there might just nudge the universe along a little *grins*

Now for the weekend ...

Far too much thinking - project me post 934

Considering how dramatic I used to be, I'm proud to say that my dramatic meltdown was more like one episode of a soapie, instead of an entire season, including the reruns.

I've kinda had to force myself to sit down and blog, because the episode doesn't feel like it's exactly over. So let's call this an ad break, shall we.

It really has been like cramming an entire drama series into 7 days (the last time I blogged) and it's all been hinging on too much with still too little sleep. The couple of night's sleep were thanks to an anti-inflammatory but that couldn't go on forever, so it's been back to 4am wake ups over the past few days. All except one night ... Friday, when 5 very special single gals and I were treated to a night at the Fire and Ice Melrose Arch hotel. It was a very fitting end to a week that was overshadowed by drama and Valentine's so I slept right through.
Okay ... it was thanks to too much white wine and bubbly and then only falling into bed at 2am that I slept way past 4am.

Wow, the night with the girls was so needed and I could feel that I left a few of my worries behind. I keep on thinking, "don't sweat the small stuff" because a lot of it is, but it's all the small stuff that makes it far too much at one time.

Okay, I'm rambling on ... so this is what's happening:

Greggie is in full swing with his new contact and after much?preparation to handle things I usually didn't need to in the business, I thought the gods would have allowed it to begin a little smoother for me. Instead, it?immediately?began with me having to make a decision that would lose us a substantial?amount of money.
Before, Greggie would have written the email, had the chat with the person, responded to the contract we couldn't sign ... and on and on. So I wobbled my way through and finally got the email saying that our services wouldn't be needed. The upside is that Greggie and I both agreed on our?decision?and I got to have that proud Project Me moment of putting my self worth before the money. Still, so much drama to begin the new chapter with.

Money ... oh, Greggie handled that with the clients too and instead of an easy time receiving a payment and submitting an invoice, both have been an absolute nightmare. It's been all about chasing, calling, giving it a breather, chasing ... calling ... and still both haven't been resolved. That one brought me to tears and I got to the point of truly feeling like my side of the business just isn't generating money.

Because this too shall pass, I let myself fall apart a little, but have kept working on what I'm most passionate about. The social media publicity is really fitting so well into my world and I'm on a mission to get the service out there. The drama ... because there seems to be a lot of that lately ... is that everyone wants to trade the services instead of pay for them. Another thing I've convinced myself Greggie is better at than me, but it's good that he's so busy with his work that I can't wait around for him to jump in and save me.

That's work ...

Then there's the issue of technology that has had me hating my move from Blackberry to Samsung. Data is so expensive and I've had to figure out how to be super smart with when and where I use my Samsung. Then, just to make my life that much more frustrating, the power went out at 2am and through the night, between the emails and social networks doing their automated things ... well, I woke up to all my data being used up again. That's it ... now I have two phones. Yep, I'm one of those people who lugs the Blackberry around just for emails and BBM! Annoyed much!!!

That's technology ...

I'm trying to get past everything with my ex (that's what I call him now) but with each new set of girl friends I sit with, another one tells me he was messaging them and poking them when we were together. I didn't think I would add this bit, I know if I don't spew it all out, I'm still going to have sleepless nights. I can't begin to tell you how angry I have been over it. I'm beyond trying to analyse or rationalise it. I'm finally just angry!!
I've also let someone back in. Just as friends, but there's a connection none the less.?Immediately?there is games and drama and I'm trying so hard to watch my words and not say things like, "MEN!!"

That's men ...

Family is well, just oi! There is so much going on and I'm really concerned that all I'm trying to do is take care of me and that's shouldn't be the right attitude. This is one of the biggest project me patterns I have to break. Putting me first is hard enough, but when it comes to family ... it's crazy tough!

That's family ...

My poor car is so sick! It cost me a fortune last month and we are still paying it off ... yet there is still a noise and to be honest, I have been too scared to take it back to the mechanic. Greggie keeps on reminding me that it has to be done so we must just get it done. He can do that ... be calm and drive me forward to do it. It usually ends with me crying as I put down the phone from him and cursing him for a moment that he hasn't considered how hard it is on me. Then I dry my tears and remember that there's nothing I can't handle and if it's too much for me then I'm not alone in the world.
Oh, then there's the chapter of fines rung up by my ex ... and me getting pulled over by the cops. Batting of eyelashes and hissing about it not being my fault got me off, but it's going to be interesting to get rid of these fines.

I know it's a long post and if you are still reading then I absolutely adore you for allowing this all to spew out. Wow, I didn't realise how therapeutic it would be. So there's one last thing.

13 years ago, on Valentine's day, the most beautiful man I have ever known died. We were in school together and remained friends for the longest time. I loved him ... a lot! I think he knew, but now it's doesn't really matter. ?Anyway ... I keep on priding myself in getting over the drama of his death and I managed to do it for a good few years. This year brought about a whole new drama with a totally crappy Valentine's (least of all because I'm single again) and all I could think about was my hero. I fought back tears the whole day and when we suppress anything it all comes out in our dreams. So there I was ... in his arms, chemistry like I had never felt it, happy as I don't think I have ever been in my waking hours. The madness of a dream that left my heart far, far away when I woke and realised that it was just a dream.

I can't get him off my mind. I can't get my ex off my mind either. I can't stop thinking about the responsibility of my business needing to be a success for my family as well as for me. Thinking ... thoughts ... thinking ... thinking ... far too much ... thinking!

Maybe after this, I'll sleep!

Diary of the sleep deprived - project me post 932

I feel like I haven't blogged in ages. I mean really blogged ... gotten down the nitty gritty of what's going on in my life. I'm currently waiting to be potentially stood up by a friend for dinner, so I thought the timing ideal for a very interesting catch up. If dinner is still on, I'll be sure to let you know 🙂

Let's begin with the sleep deprived bit ...
It's been a few weeks now. I started off by waking up at about 5am, which I could still live with, but slowly it got to 4 ?and then 3am. It's those wide awake nights. The ones where I've eventually gotten my laptop to do some work or engaged in some early morning chatter to strangers on Twitter.
I did a Facebook status the other day that said I'm not worried about anything in the wee hours of the morning, but that I'm now lying awake worrying that I'm not worrying and don't understand why I just can't sleep then. I know the answer to that of course ... the distraction of the mind. After the past few months I've had, I don't blame the mind for needing distractions at all, but after waking up this morning like I had jetlag ... well something has to be done.

I value the advice of my Greggie more than anything and he suggested I take something to help me sleep. Because I hardly ever take any medicine at all, one anti inflammatory knocked me clean out. Now is a good time to mention that my ankle is sore again, so the tablet still had some purpose. It did knock me out, but I woke up feeling like a zombie.

So what to do ... and what's on my mind (good or bad)

Let's start with the obvious and work my into the more exciting stuff ...

I have discovered that I don't do anger. Like really, I empathise so much with people that I don't ever get angry (truly angry) with them at all. I have a long list of reasons why I could be so pissed off at my ex, but with each thing I think about, I assess what I knew about him and ... well ... empathise. That's on the surface of course and I'm sure that getting angry would be very good for unconscious and my lack of sleep.
Amazingly ... I just don't know how to do it!
A few people have told me to write a letter that doesn't even have to be sent. The most I can ever think about is writing one to myself because the only one I'm angry at is me. I'm angry at me for staying so long, forgiving so much, overlooking so many things ... blah blah blah! No wonder I'm not sleeping ... I have to sort this self anger out and send some very hidden anger out into the world. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

I'm looking fab and feeling fab.
Well, I'm trying to look and feel fab, but I'm still not the greatest fan of gym and my sister is steamrolling ahead in the weight loss?department. She gyms like every day and doesn't seem to fall off the rails and into a cream cake when life gets stressful. I'm getting myself a little too stressed out that everyone's weight loss journey is different and that I can do it and will do it.
I now have a very special trainer who is coaching me along and going to help me with rehab on my back ... pity I've been too damn tired to go to gym these past weeks.
I also know that the exercise will help me with my sleep and I'm doing so much to keep calm and be excited about how much I've lost and that I can be nice and fit one day .... one day!!

Then there's the excitement at work ...
I've discovered that my excitement and my state of absolute fear feel exactly the same. That's exhausting in itself and if anything I thought the roller coaster of adrenalin would know me out.
Work is happening for Greggie and I have something to do and someone to see every single day. I've done a total?re-branding?of myself and after assessing what I do during the day have finally realised that I am ... in fact ... a social media publicist.

Doesn't that just sound so sexy? Let's say it again ... social media publicist!!


Yep, that's the emotion that comes to mind in my absolute excitement.
I've already landed some awesome work ... some of which I need to sign on the dotted life for but others that I've already done and watched how damn good I am at bringing NEW MEDIA to events.

New Media ... don't you love that too???
So I did the launch of the City Sightseeing bus in Joburg last week and took 18 of the most incredible influencers to the event. I'm still working on the report, but with well over 200 people there, we still managed to generate over 40% of the online conversation.
I'm also inviting influencers to the Fire and Ice Melrose Arch sexy single's party ... well that's another story on its own but at least I'm making good with my single life.

So life is fast paced ... right?
With everything that's new and exciting or old and tiring, I guess it's fine to have a dozen nights where my head needs to sort itself out. Amazingly I can feel how much I needed to blog to put my life into?perspective.

Thanks for listening and with perfect timing because I didn't get dumped and I have dinner to go to ...

A lotta love for Little Poof now performing at Beefcakes Jozi - Bruce J Little tells his project me story

This time I'm starting with a personal note and then I can't wait to introduce you to Bruce J Little aka Little Poof.

Oh I haven't laughed so much in ages and it's so true that laughter is good for the soul and the tummy muscles. Bruce takes the stage at Beefcakes in Joburg for the next two Sundays and if you have a little gay, love a little gay, are a little gay or want to know a little gay, then this show is for you. From hysterical puns that are just slipped in *giggles* to song that will stir a memory and then have you in fits of laughter all over again, then don't miss out on a night with an Large night of fun with a Little Poof?and his show "Gaybaret".

PS ... Beefcakes is definitely the gayest, merriest place in town, with delicious burgers (including the bun free kind for those carbo phobes) ?and lovely cock-tails!!!
Gals, there are some very dishy boys with no shirts on so it's an eye candy feast for almost anyone 🙂

To book for the show over the next TWO Sundays contact Beefcakes

And now ... It's my pleasure to share Bruce J Little's project me story:

Bruce J Little project me storyBruce is an Actor, Singer, Writer, Director, Stilt-walker, MC and Consultant.? After graduating from UCT he has appeared in numerous theatre productions and commercials.? He created his own theatre comedy trilogy known as Little Poof, Little Poof! The Fat the Femme and the Fabulous and recently Little Poof! Big Bang!? He has appeared in two of Janice Honeyman?s pantomimes and played the notorious Carl Anderson (Jezebel) on SABC?s Generations as well as numerous characters in SABC3?s comedy series SKETCH U LATER.? He is known for his role as the head on the cake in the First For Women Concierge assist commercial.?? He MC?d on stilts as the Greek God Pan in London for Madame Zingara and has subsequently MC?d for Cadbury?s, Alexander Forbes, loveLife, MTN and Sun City.


What is your definition of happiness?
I think I am ?Happy? when I am suspended between the pull of achievement and the gentle tug of challenge.? It?s a delicate balance.? Too much challenge and things become overwhelming and demotivating? and too much easy success and you become complacent.? You need them both.

If you could have everyone say one thing to themselves every day, what would it be?
?What would a kind and wise person do??

When we battle to believe in ourselves, we turn to someone who believe in us. Who is that person for you and why?
I am blessed with quite a few people that believe in me.? But my relationship with my brother Tigue is special to me because he is very intelligent and analytical and somehow still believes I can accomplish anything.

What quality do you believe we can never be taught because it is our birth right?
It is our birth right to pursue Love.? Some of us go about it the wrong way and even mistake money and acclaim for Love, but essentially it is what we are all here to strive for and provide for others.

Describe the moment when you realised that you could achieve anything?
When I wrote my first show The Stabani Show and saw how the audience enjoyed it so much, I realised that I could achieve anything if I was willing to put in the effort

How do you deal with the fears that could potentially hold you back?
Fear is something I deal with every day.? I feel the fear, acknowledge it and usually do what needs to be done anyway.?

What have you always dreamed of being or doing and have you reached that dream?
I have always wanted to be someone that uses comedy and music to bring about positive change in society, to promote Love and acceptance of others.? I believe that I am achieving this on a daily basis whether it?s through my micro-blogging on social networks or my work as a performer, MC or consultant.? Laughter helps learning.

When life gets in the way, what do you always remind yourself of?
I try to bear in mind that nothing other than Love is permanent.? All problems and issues eventually resolve or the circumstances or people involved eventually dissolve.

We all have something unique to offer the world, what is yours?
I have a diverse sense of humour and appreciation for cultural diversity, coupled with musicality and a writing ability.? These skills allow me to entertain others as well as promote concepts such as Love and acceptance of differences.

What do you believe we have lost sight of in the world as a whole?
We seem to have lost sight of what can make us happy and what we really need and what is truly important. Many of us believe that money, sex and recognition are what we require to feel joy.? But these often fail to provide happiness in a lasting way.

For more info about Bruce J Little

The dates we hold on to and those days we eventually forget - project me post 930

I don't know when last I blogged twice in one day, or if I've even done it (besides when I was obsessed with possibly missing a day in my pursuit of daily blogging) but today calls for a double dose.

It's not just any day. It's a day that I'm super proud of my achievements and couldn't wait to tell the world. On the other hand, it's also a date that I wasn't quite sure what to do with. They stick in your mind for months on end while waiting to celebrate them and then all of a sudden you wish you didn't remember them at all. That's today for me ... the day I got engaged a year ago.

I got engaged!

That's all I've been thinking about as I let the emotions roll around in my head today. I have been thinking about it so much and because telling myself the truth is so vital along the road of #projectme, I have to admit that only one part of "us" truly got engaged.
I planned to ask him on the leap year day of 29 Feb but we had a big fight before and it kind of ended up as the way I said I wanted to get engaged. I think he played along because he did love me the best way he know how ... but this moment of realisation is all about ME!

I have finally started to admit that I tried to hard, pushed to hard, hoped to hard and that I didn't have enough faith in myself or the journey to just let the natural course happens. It's now happened and I'm really where I should be. I can see all the fears and frustrations that drove me to desperately want the commitment, but I can also now see that commitment has to be a very definite two way decision.

I've also realised so much that I know I want from love. I thought I was too much of a hopeless romantic and that I needed to tone it down, but I don't want to. I have learned that I love who I am and that I can have romance and happiness in?abundance?... I compromised a lot of that in the belief that no man who meet up to my romantic expectations.

But today ... as I stare at the empty space on my finger ... I know this date will be long forgotten and I will have done a lot of?forgiving of myself. And then I know that another day will become important. One that is given to me as a gift ... when I least expect it, because I most deserve it!


Sugarland reminds us It Happens - Country Comforts with Helen Desbois

This Sunday started the first of a very exciting weekly journey for me. My regular segment with Helen Desbois on #TheRewind takes a look at my #project me story and the "country comforts" song that saw me through that time in my life.

We spoke so much about the special life lessons and messages that country music shares with us and that it's not all about broken hearts (well not the slow miserable version of a broken heart anyway), cows and tractors.

So I decided to begin with a ?truly toe tapping song with such a strong life lesson. Through my project me journey, one of the greatest and most humble lessons I have had to learn is that living with consciousness, faith or any form of spiritual knowledge does not make us exempt from the every day stuff that life just throws at us.
You know, those "why me" moments when you thought you were smart enough, clued up enough, telling yourself the truth enough, smiling enough, praying enough kind of moments.

Sugarland is one of my favourite country duos and the added twang with upbeat tempo of this song is always so pleasantly?surprising?to me that it has such a powerful lesson: Life happens ... it happens... ?and we weren't allowed to say on air ... shit happens!!

Missed my alarm clock ringing
Woke up, telephone screaming
Boss man singing his same old song

Rolled in late about an hour
No cup of coffee, no shower
Walk of shame with two different shoes on

Now it's poor me, why me, oh me, boring
Boring the same old worn out blah blah story
There's no good explanation for it at all

Ain't no rhyme or reason
No complicated meaning
Ain't no need to over think it
Let go laughing
Life don't go quite like you planned it
We try so hard to understand it
The irrefutable, indisputable fact is
Pshh It happens

My trusty-rusty had a flat
I borrowed my neighbors Cadillac
"I'll be right back," going down to Wally World
That yellowed light turned red too quickly
Knew that truck the moment it hit me
Out stepped my ex and his new girl
"Sorry 'bout your neck baby"

But it is poor me, why me, oh me
Boring the same old worn out blah blah story
There is no good explanation for it at all

Ain't no rhyme or reason
No complicated meaning
Ain't no need to over think it
Let go laughing

Life don't go quite like you planned it
We try so hard to understand it
The irrefutable, indisputable fact is
It happens

Ain't no rhyme or reason
No complicated meaning
Ain't no need to over think it
Let go laughing

Life don't go quite like you planned it
We try so hard to understand it
The irrefutable, indisputable fact is
It happens
Yeah, the irrefutable, indisputable, absoluteable, totally beautiful fact is...pshh, it happens


Catch Helen and myself every Sunday at 10:45am (SA time) on Chai FM for "country comforts" on The Rewind ... but make sure you're listening from 9am to 12pm because it's one awesome show from this radio diva, Helen Desbois.

Helen Desbois and I in the Chai FM studios ... now that's one amazing #projectme manifestation

Helen Desbois and I in the Chai FM studios ... now that's one amazing #projectme manifestation

Country comforts and homely stories - project me post 927

There's a song called "country comforts" by one of my fave country singers and most definitely one that makes me think country boys and the hottest, sweetest men on earth ... Keith Urban. It's one of those songs about living on a farm, driving a tractor and I'm sure, totally not known in these Southern parts.

I know, maybe my love for it is crazy, but if I could find it with ease in SA or go see one of the concerts I dream of seeing, while I watch all my mates go to at least 3 or 4 major concerts a year, I'm sure my energy would be totally bearable and normal. But no ... it's rare in these parts and I'm sure some part of my soul was left there in the Southern US or A.

So I don't really think small when it comes to my visions and I've been talking about sharing some of the incredible country songs with some people who think it's all about Dolly Parton or Kenny Rogers. I would need a platform that ... like a radio station to be precise. This is old news for me and I've even chatted to a few people in the radio industry. I've done my pitch to people ... but nothing!

Well, now it's not nothing ... it's ChaiFM Country Comforts

Who wouldn't love cowboys like this? ... Meet Deacon from the series Nashville!

Who wouldn't love cowboys like this? ... Meet Deacon from the series Nashville!

It all begins this Sunday morning at 10:45am SA time (so my far away peeps, Google the time difference ;p) on the Helen Desbois show called The Rewind. Helen and I have had a whirlwind connection and within a few days, one breakfast and a phone call, we've created a segment that links my #projectme story to a country song that's carried me though.

I've blogged about so many of them and have hoped that at least a few of you have been touched by one or two special stories that the songs share or messages that they have to offer. And now I can take it one step further ... just like I've dreamed of doing. There a country song for this moment, so tune in every Sunday ... Tune in on 101.9FM or live stream it on the Chai FM website

Another song I'm going to share soon is about a girl who keeps having to ask her folks for money while she tries establish herself, and then she gets to give them money once she's made her dreams come true. I really beginning to feel like that. Work opportunities are happening and so is my establishment of somebody worth knowing in both the blogging and social media space. It's another thing I always set out to do, with the intention of use the platforms to just carry on living my purpose. The purpose of showing others that with a whole lot of courage, consciousness and a sense of humour, anyone can achieve anything they set their hearts on.

That came true a little more for me this week when I was interviewed in my home by Daniela Bascelli AKA @socialbizsavvy. It was one of the most special moments and certainly my favourite interview, surrounded by my cats and in the beautiful home that my mom and I have created together.

I'm slowly starting to see my #projectme journey as more than just some attention on my life and the end of day reviews of my life. In the interview, discussing how far I've come, where I started and where I'm going, I truly began to understand that making oneself our own project and living each day putting ourselves first, telling ourselves the truth and setting our compass to happy is the rarest gift we can give ourselves. I love give myself that gift and I hope that the interview inspires you to live a little braver and bolder.