Interviewed on Radio Today for Joburg Theatre and #StarlightExpressSA

Yesterday I did one of the things I love most ... I was in studio with Chris Avant Smith talking about my exciting new role as social media publicist and the unique story behind the upcoming mega musical production, Starlight Express ... or because I like to talk in hashtags ... #StarlightExpressSA


So here is the Radio Today podcast ...

radio today

So complicated for a girl who wants simple - project me post 952

It was Greggie's birthday this Monday! Happy birthday Greggie!
In his usual style, he had a bash and was surrounded by people who just love and adore him. Lucky for me, I know a lot of those people and so some love and adoration was showered onto me too. Trust me I need it ... and so I took it all in.

Most of the lovin' was for how great I'm looking, which is hysterical seeing as though I've picked up 5kg since the ex emerged as an ass. The rest was amazing congratulations for the boom in my career and Lifeology's opportunities.

But mostly ... it was about my blog!
Mostly, people wanted to know why I was blogging less and got all excited about vlogs and then only did one. I could give a hundred excuses, but the truth is plain and simple. I'm totally over complicating things.
I expected to be busy, but yikes ... so time truly is an issues.
I am not in a great space with how I'm taking care of myself.
I feel like a stuck record a lot of the time ...

And then people tell me how much they miss hearing what I think has become drivel and ... um ... other bad stuff that I feel about my precious blog right now.

But mostly, I have realised that the prettiness of the blog and the posting the pic (which takes the time) and making sure I have makeup on for my vlog ... that's all for me. You don't care! You just want to hear that I'm at least trying to live my Project Me each day.

So there might not be images, like the blog guide book says and I might not look like I just stepped out of a makeover reality show ... but I really miss just throwing my voice and my thoughts out there and the only one who expects anything less that just the story ... is me.

I've also avoided blogging because my relationship stuff has been a bit of a mess, to be honest. It's actually all of my relating, boys and girls and family and everything.

I haven't even stopped to tell you that my mom is now in Istanbul, engaged to someone she met on a dating site 9 months ago. She's coming back (don't panic) but I've missed out on sharing that whole love story with you because I've been staring at my vision board and fixating on why I can't manifest what I want. I should seriously slap myself when I think like that, considering I'm finally living my dream career and have literally transformed my image that I have people walk right past ... who have known me for years.

So let's see if this helps me get my A back into gear here.

I'm also heading to day 1000 ... and turning 40! What more do I want to get me excited about my Project Me?

Much needed Gold Reef City weekend away - project me post 952

Of course it was nearly a week ago and of course I'm only find time to blog about it now. That's why the Gold Reef City blogger's weekend was such a treat for me. It's that time of the year where I start saying I can't believe how the year is flying and every part of me needs to just relax, switch off and unwind.

Yes, travel is on the cards, but it's all for work. By work, I mean that I would need to take both my laptops with and chargers for both of my phones. No laptops ... over 24 hours with no laptops is totally a weekend away for me.

A huge thank you to Tsogo Sun for a few great things ...

Firstly, thinking me so fabulous that I was included in a blogger's weekend with some pretty heavyweight ?bloggers.

Secondly, for treating me to my favourite things ... hotel rooms, food and um ... more food
Let's not steer too far away from this. So, we did some stuff, we did some most stuff ... then we ate. Then we did some stuff and did some stuff ... and ate again. Then we slept ... and then there was breakfast!!!

Food should be an experience. Going away should be an experience. The perfect combination of two makes me one happy blogger.
I got that from my dad ... the whole passion for food thing and when the carvery from Barney's is a display of food heaven, I'm thrilled I left my cats with my brother and my laptops on charge.

I'm a woos, so the theme park has always been something of a nightmare for me and looking at a handful of people slightly green after a few ride ... they might have even been the kiddies rides, I'm glad I hid behind the tall guy and escaped the "fun". It certainly made for a much more enjoyable lunch.

Barneys at Gold Reef City

Lunching at Barney's in the theme park

It was then nap time in the hotel room and I did find it totally fitting to drink the sparkling wine straight from the mini bottle ... because that what one does when they arrive in a sexy hotel room, that screams romance ... and you have your dear friend, Christine with you. I couldn't have asked for better company, but there is something very romantic about the hotel room and I do have it plastered on my vision board to return with a significant other.

gold reef city room

So much romance ... for two girl friends! It did make me drink straight from the bottle

It truly was a beautiful sunset and called for a sundowner straight out the bottle

It truly was a beautiful sunset and called for a sundowner straight out the bottle


Comedy ...

It's dodgy for me at the best of times and this is truly no refection of our gracious hosts at all, but I was reminded why I'm not a fan of stand up comedy at all. We need work as South Africans because our material always seems to head straight into politics or offending someone in the room. No, hang on, if you are a great comedian like Darren Maule, then you can ... because you know how to do it and you get it so right. He saved the night for me ... and in all fairness, Parker's is a great concept and everyone has to start somewhere. So don't take my word for it and give it a shot ... but trust me on the sunscreen.

With the fabulously funny Darren Maule and my darling friend ... who I don't see enough of, Claire Clark

With the fabulously funny Darren Maule and my darling friend ... who I don't see enough of, Claire Clark

Back to dinner ... right?

That's where we left off ... dinner at Back of the Moon, where I haven't been in about a decade. I grew up with the Lebs and they would gamble while I pottered around and saved the money an uncle would throw at me, waiting for time to pass and everyone to sit and eat at the restaurant. It didn't?disappoint then and certainly not now. With a R900 voucher for just Christine and myself, I did expect to eat myself into a coma because one drink and I'm basically?comatosed ... but holy cream cheese, the portions were mammoth.
Let me tell you how I judge a place ... it's simple! Their chocolate sauce!! Yes ... an entire restaurant's reputation weights on the chocolate sauce that I want to pour of my ice cream myself. ?Thank you ... thank you for the most divine chocolate and ice cream experience I've had in a long time. I think there's even a picture of me licking the bowl ... oh, there it is!

The sign of a top class restaurant ... the chocolate sauce bowl lick

The sign of a top class restaurant ... the chocolate sauce bowl lick

To say good bye to a great weekend away is always sad, but to leave a bed that literally feels like you are sleeping in heaven, it's tragic! Dramatic much, but I did have to drag myself out of the room and slap that?comfortable?bed experience onto my vision board ... with a return visit to Tsogo Sun, Gold Reef City!

It's the little imprecations and moments like that - project me post 951

I've started this post and deleted it far too many times. Now have a pizza in the oven, chocolate on my pillow and have gotten through 2 cups of tea without writing a word.

That's not surprising considering I've been dodging an update about my heart and my step back into the world of being single. Part of it has been because it's crappy and I don't quite know what to say without pretending that I'm pissed off, frustrated and pissed off some more that my ex got away with treating me so badly and marched off into the sunset to continue his life. I am always concerned that he might read a post and see how I'm doing, so I don't say how I'm doing ...

But then a part of realised that I'm actually doing damn well considering.

The other reason I've been skipping over the relationship stuff is because as fast as some men have arrived in my life, they have left. I haven't been a lonely spinster December and there's a part of me that's avoided saying that too! Well, I haven't and I've had some fun, been reminded that I'm pretty, sexy and attractive, that I know what I'm doing ... with the lights on!! And it's all be fantastic for me!

There I said it!

Wow, was it really so tough?

So I find myself alone a Friday night, off to a blogger's weekend and a hotel room that I will be sharing with a friend who is truly becoming very dear to me ... a girl friend!
It wasn't the plan at all. It was supposed to be a fun night away with someone who I have been trying to care for and make special things with, yet all we do is fight and argue! There's a bond, but there's also so much mess in between that I'm now at the point of packing it in and walking away. I get the reward of the pizza and the chocolate ... because I know you're reading this ...

Country music has always been my saving grace and I know many people just don't get it, but there are messages in it that help me make the right, healthy choices for me and tonight is no different.

Between the lines I'm typing, the words to "little moments like that" are playing in the background. The word that talk about the imperfections of the woman you are supposed to love and care for ... and loving her for all of those?imperfections.
We haven't had that ... we've argued about all that I'm getting wrong, saying wrong and doing wrong.

And all of a sudden I had one of the greatest Project Me moments with myself this year.

But first I want you to read some of the lyrics to the song:
Well I'll never forget the first time that I heard
That pretty mouth say that dirty word
And I can't even remember now, what she backed my truck into
But she covered her mouth and her face got red and she just looked so darn cute
That I couldn't even act like I was mad-
Yeah I live for little moments like that

That's like just last year on my birthday
She lost all track of time and burnt the cake
And every smoke detector in the house was going off
She was just about the cry
Until I took her in my arms
And I tried not to let her see, me laugh-
Yeah I live for little moments like that

I know she's not perfect, but she tries so hard for me
And I thank God that she isn't
Cause how boring would that be?
It's the little imperfections, it's the sudden change in plans
When she misreads the directions and we're lost
But holding hands-
Yeah I live for little moments like that

I've left him sitting at the gate because I got lost in making him dinner, forgot to buy the wine because I ... oh, I just forgot!
I start a sentence halfway through a thought and don't know if I want one toasted sandwich or two. I might want tea until I smell him having coffee and I use words that have three meaning but know exactly what I'm saying. I drink red wine with seafood and I say I just want to be friend then can't wait for him to kiss, say I don't know where we are going but am upset that I haven't met his parents. I'm far too sensitive, far too romantic, far too insecure and far too complicated!!!

But I'm me ... I'm all those imperfections wrapped up in a believer of happily ever after and endless possibility.
I'm loving and caring and fun. I'm supportive and encouraging ... oh wait, why am I even explaining myself.

I'm me!!!

Today and over the past few weeks of listening to all the things that are frustrating about me, I've learned that this is me! This ditsy, daydream, complicated girl is me, but somewhere out there is a man who is looking for a girl just like me!!!

I'm tired of thinking of have to change and I'm tired of trying to figure out why men leave me. But then I put on a country song and am reminded that somewhere out there is a man who walk though the door and kiss me on the cheek while saying, "crazy girl ... where's your phone? Where's your head? Where have your thoughts taken you? Where's your heart at now?"

I'm Jodene ... and I'm filled with imperfections!!!!!

(PS ... this video is absolutely gorgeous so don't skip over watching it!!)


To experience the greatest love of all - project me post 950

It's the strangest experience writing a post from a completely different side of the Joburg Theatre. I think that's why it's taken me so long. I'm still trying to get my head around all that has changed in my life over the past few weeks and every day I promise myself that I'm going to make time to blog my experiences.

Then the day passes and I find myself dazed at those very experiences and unsure about how to do what I have always done, but from a totally different perspective.

That's what experience does.

It takes all your hard work and the very thing that you have done from day to day ... and turns it on it's head so that it's still the same thing but with a feeling of ...

That's the kicker! I don't think it's a feeling that can be put into words.

I imagined that?speechlessness?when I was sitting at the very top corner of the Joburg Theatre, watching Belinda Davids literally take people's breath away with every note of Whitney Houston's songs that she claimed with such passion and devotion.

Belinda 2
There I was, in a dream career position, with 2 mobile phones working furiously at one time, doing what I love best. Half the theatre was filled with people I had invited and that I had taken years to build relationships with and all I needed was for them to Tweet.

A few years back I was at an event and the host said "Tweeting is the new clapping". I felt that, sitting and working furiously to give my best and wait for the response of excited Tweets filtering through the Joburg Theatre timeline.

My job was easy though, because I was blessed to have my debut social media publicity role for a show that needs nothing more than for the?phenomenal?Belinda Davids to take the stage and do what she does. I imaged her singing her way through her life and where she must have sung the very Whitney songs that captivated an audience and brought tears and astounding applause into the air.

I imagined all the years of singing 'greatest love of all' and how our very homegrown South African Diva must have waited for this one moment in time. This perfect moment to experience her greatest love of all ... her talent.

Running until the 2nd of June at the Joburg Theatre, the #greatestloveofall Whitney Houston show is not to be missed, for two very?important?reasons.

1. You cannot miss the opportunity to hear the magic that is Belinda Davids. Close your eyes and imagine that you are experiencing Whitney Houston live or take a trip down memory lane with songs that molded so many of our memories.

2. To be reminded that the there is a talent within each of us, which needs to be worked at every day and lived passionately in order for it to blossom into a moment so life changing that you might be center stage or sitting in a dark corner of a theatre ... and you are living one of the greatest moments of your life and experiencing the greatest love of all.

Have your moment with Belinda Davids after the #greatestloveofall

Have your moment with Belinda Davids after the #greatestloveofall

The show runs until 2 June and you can book at 0861 670 670 or

Please Tweet your #greatestloveofall experience about the show!
After each performance, Belinda comes out for a picture moment with you.

Welcome to my world Joburg Theatre and 2000 FM - project me post 949

A great lesson that I had to learn as a business woman, is that not everything we set our hearts on comes to fruition. It's also been something that I have had to learn to deal with along my Project Me journey and believing that only the things that I truly deserves will come off, has been the toughest lesson of all. Hence I've been so quiet in the blogging space.

The wait to be?absolutely?certain has left me feeling a little speechless of late. But Friday changed all of that.

I woke up feeling the perfect combination of proud and excited on Friday morning and couldn't believe that my day was about to be filled with two milestone I have worked so hard for.

It was off to the 2000FM studios in the morning for the first of my very own segments called #GoSocialFriday.
I'm not new to radio or to 2000FM and Angela Ludek has been instrumental in my journey over the past year and a half. I used to feature on her weekend show every 5 of 6 weeks and talk social media. Now that she has had an exciting adventure with another one of my favourite presenters, Tsheko Mosito, I get to go on an incredible ride with them. They are now the co presenters of the morning show called #TheCollective2000.
The time on air was amazing and because Angela, Tsheko and I are have such a clear and common vision, I get to talk about what I Lifeology most passionate and good at ... the social of social media.

In studio with the #TheCollective2000 team, Angela Ludek & Tsheko Mosito for #GoSocialFriday

In studio with the #TheCollective2000 team, Angela Ludek & Tsheko Mosito for #GoSocialFriday

I got to explain what I do and I could feel my pride in finally being settled into the social media space with an unwavering confidence.
I'm loving the curious response to the term "social media publicist", but I'm also loving how people totally get it once I explain it to them and then see how it's the perfect fit for my career.

Where there is a calling for any?traditional media at events, launches or where news is breaking, there is now a very significant place for "new media" ... and that's my job ... to get the correct new media to all of those events.

On that note ...
If you've been following my story for a while, you will know that one of my greatest joys has been blogging about my experiences at the Joburg Theatre. It has been the highlight of my blogging career, with the theatre giving me my first break to blog about Burn the Floor over 2 years ago. From then, it has slowly become my home away from home and I fell in love with the idea of being involved in whatever way I possibly could. One of my beliefs is that we should never limit our possibilities by becoming fixated on an idea and the opportunity I have been presented with is a prime example of this.

I would have been thrilled with some behind the scenes moments or a backstage pass or two for major events, but instead, on Friday I signed my contract as social media publicist for the Joburg Theatre.
I got to meet the cast of the upcoming production, #StarlightExpressSA and share my plans with them about making the theatre the most socially savvy this country has seen. This all begins this week with the introduction of #TweetSeats (specially allocated seats for socially savvy Tweeters) to share the experience of #greatestloveofall, Whitney Houston Show as it happens.

Specially allocated #TWeetSeats at the Joburg Theatre

Specially allocated #TWeetSeats at the Joburg Theatre

I'm beginning to get the feeling I'm going to be tattooing "passion pays off" somewhere on my body! This is why ... moments like this! Days like this!

Tonight I'm in bed by 8pm and gearing myself for finalising RSVP's for #greatestloveofall before dashing to the theatre to give 7 new media the first behind the scenes peek at the #StarlightExpressSA cast in action.

Pinch me ...