And then I felt fab - project me post 969

What to wear?

That's used to be an absolute crisis for me, but as I've lived Project Me more and more and lost a significant amount of weight, I've seen a great change in my relationship to clothes and going out.

I was going to post a picture of me when I was hefty size 46, but I've done that and I'm working hard at staying in the moment and leaving the past to settle into a comfortable place in my memories. I still flipped through the entire 3 and a half years' worth of pictures in the blog gallery and it was a damn fine exercise to do. I don't think I needed it after the weekend I had, but I've always said to take those pics of when you are feeling so uncomfortable with yourself so that when you feel fab, you really feel fab.

My bestie, Greggie, has had a long history with me and my body issues. Mostly around photographs. For years it used to be that I would only have head shots and I would have to inspect every one to ensure that I didn't look too fat, that it was at the right angle, that you couldn't see too much of me and I know I lost so many precious moments in that.

Project Me moved on day by day and I started to focus more on positive of who I was and as I did, the perceived negative melted away.

It melted away so much that now Greggie has the opposite problem:

At the You Spectacular Awards this weekend

At the You Spectacular Awards this weekend


Now I'm inspecting pictures to make sure he's got ALL of me in.

I don't say negative things like "I can't believe this is me," so I'm going to say "holy cow, this is me!"

This weekend was filled with much anticipated events and for each one I couldn't wait to capture the memorable moments.

I'm such a proud Aunty Jo, with my twin nephews (and Godsons) having their Barmitzvah on Saturday. It's a big day in a young Jewish man's life and my 13 year old nephews totally aced their portion reading from the Torah. My sister had done an amazing job with these two growing men and I really was bursting with pride.

My beautiful family, with the Barmitzvah boys on either side of the chair.

My beautiful family, with the Barmitzvah boys on either side of the chair.


It went from the buzz of screaming kids and chatting old members of the Shul to a glam night at the You Spectacular awards. This one has a funny story. It's the awards of one of our most read magazines, YOU, and the public vote for awards like best dressed celeb, hottest sports star, most glam presenter. I have been trying to crack a media invite for years and somehow bloggers just didn't get to be there. So after 4 years of trying, I made it and it's something I can now officially tick off my social media bucket list. I did have the most gorgeous guy on my arm ... so it will forever be memorable.

My bestie Greggie ... how utterly handsome and glam!

My bestie Greggie ... how utterly handsome and glam!


Then the weekend turn blue. *Giggles* Okay I had to throw something in ... but I'm actually talking Smurfs.
It was the world premiere of the Smurf 2 movie in 3D and I got to hang out with my awesome (and somewhat crazy) friend, Cheve Peters. We really have a whole bundle of fun together and Smurfing it was a fab end to a great weekend.

Cheve and me, both with a touch of blue

Cheve and me, both with a touch of blue


There's something about being able to reflect on how far you've come ... and having the pictures to prove it really makes one feel so fab. Try it ...



#MoneyMagic with @Fairygodmother - project me week 4

What an interesting week this has been, not just with money but with the entire relationship with me. I'm really learning that life lessons don't happen in isolation and I'm focusing on my relationship with money, so I'm naturally facing my relationship with every aspect of myself.

I've taken this online #moneymagic course with Donna McCallum AKA Fairy Godmother very seriously and stuck to my commitments I've made to myself and the energy that this course requires. I've ensured that I have time every Monday night to go through all of the new course notes for the week. In the beginning we were given exercise to do to carry us through the 12 week program, and I haven't missed a day.
I spend most of the week pondering the exercise and then give my feedback (and blog) on the weekend. It's amazing how there is time for something when you truly commit to it. That's how I'm feeling about money too. I've committed the time to (him ... money is an energy that you need to have a relationship with so I've started to see the male energy come through and true partnership form between money and me). It might sound strange, but you have to do this 12 week #moneymagic course to understand the power of it all.

Save ...
This is a very big part of any relationship with money, so I'm learning as the weeks go buy. This week it was time to start saving and figuring out how much money I can put away each month. I can't tell you how empowering it has been to open my eyes up to what is going on with money in my life and because I did that, I realised that I do have money to save.

These realisations, along with the other work I am doing on different aspects of my life have brought about some amazing things that are all impacting my #moneymagic journey.
My biggest client renewed their contract with me and so Lifeology has a guaranteed retainer for 9 months. On the other hand, I'm just as excited to be freely spending money too and during the week I used two separate contractors that make my life so easy, it was just a joy to ask them to invoice Lifeology.

I've started to thank money for every move it makes in my life, whether it arrives or it moves on to someone else. I've started to see the value in every cent I spend and I'm so grateful that I'm even thanking medical aid and my car insurance when it comes off the account.

Remember, this course ends very close to me turning 40, something that I'm bursting with excitement for. Through this course I have realised that I don't have any assets (except my car in a month's time), no savings (changing this week) ... on the personal front I'm still a spinster with 3 cats and living with my mom (it's all very Barbra Streisand), yet I couldn't be more grateful, proud of myself or excited.


The magic ingredient to my everyday life - project me post 967

Some things never change. I'm sipping on my tea, in bed, cats all around and marveling at yet another awesome #projectme day.

On the other hand, change is vital. So tea is now rooibos with a dash of vanilla, the curtain are open so I can stare at the moon ... the cats are the same ... but incense fills the air for a change. The other big change is that I have tons of work to do and am forever putting the blog behind in the queue.

It's amazing how one thing always talks to everything else in your life and while doing my weekly #moneymagic course with @Fairygodmother, there's a whole lot about paying ourselves first. More about that in a blog post at the end of the week, but I'm starting to feel that spill over into other areas of my life already.

I had meetings with my two biggest clients today (separately of course) and after each meeting I had emails and reports or feedback to get to both of them. My usual pattern would be to get home, no matter how late, and get everything finished so it was sitting in my inbox and ready to go first thing in the morning. The concept of paying myself first has started to make me think that I also need to pay myself in time to myself. This blog is a perfect example ... this is so my me time. Time to light incense or be purposeless for a while is what I'm realising I truly need. The only one expecting the email at 8am sharp ... is me.

It's no secret that I love to cook. Actually, if you follow me on Instagram of any other platform you kinda can't miss it. I've never truly let that side of myself come out in the blog, because I boxed myself, of course. I'm not a foodie blogger, you know.

I made this!

I made this!


Then I posted a picture of my very neatly presented roast brinjal and red pepper stack with feta cheese on a bed of flash fried spinach, garlic and sesame seed. Yes, it's a mouthful, but that's what I whip on an average night in order to keep healthy fun and creative. I've always loved to cook and now that I'm about 100% healthier than I thought I would ever be, I want to boast about what I make and how yum it is, while seriously being much healthier than I ever imagined eating.

I've always cooked, but if you ask Greggie, he's tell you that I've done a 360 from overly sauced and spiced to letting the natural flavour come out.

I'm a kitchen witch ... have I ever told you that before?
I make magic in the kitchen and have never used a recipe in my life ... okay, when I bake I go by the book but I'm not that kinda girl. Flour scares the life out of me. But back to the part where I make magic in the kitchen. So this is what I do ... every Sunday I head off to Food Lover's (it's a fresh produce store for my far away friends) and I buy what's on special. I got that gene from my dad ... it's called Jewish! I never know what's going to be 3 for the price of a banana. Last week macadamia nuts were R10 a punnet ... I kid you not! So I return home with "lucky packets" of fresh fruit and veg and then my kitchen time becomes an unfolding adventure ... which I've decided that it's time to start sharing a little more. Actually, it was sparked on by people constantly telling me to post the ingredients to my pics or to just post more recipes and I'm totally considering it.

I wonder if everyone knows my secret ingredient is a little kitchen prayer and a dash of cinnamon ?... hmmm, I might just share that sooner than later 🙂

PS ... I registered for my FIRST 6km walk on the 11th August ... now that's not something you hear every day 🙂


#MoneyMagic with @Fairygodmother - project me week 3

I've just returned home from a money magical day spent (excuse the pun) with my mom. It might seem so simple, but we intended to dash out for groceries and then both return home to get some work done. She has the most special fiance, Miko, who is all the way in Israel while they plan their lives to finally be together. He keeps sending her messages that she needs to take me for lunch or take me for dinner and we must both go out and not work so hard. It's one thing watching my shifts with money and it's another watching my mom's nearly 5 years after my dad's passing, as she finds love and happiness again.

Together, today we made the perfect combination of just going with the flow and ended up having lunch and going to a movie. Seems simple? Amazingly, I don't think I've been to the movies with my mom in about 2 years ... and we live together.

Yes, there are exercises and things to do with the #moneymagic online course. Some of them involve doing things like finding our financial worth, others are about consciousness with our relationship with money and I'm conscientiously doing them both. On the other hand, there's this feeling that I'm living with. Admittedly, it comes and goes, but for the most part I can really start to feel a happy relationship with money forming.

It's things like a proposal that was sent to me last week and the company hadn't included any social media, so we met for what they thought they needed from me and in this week we are meeting again for me to become their social media publicist for every event they do now.
For the first time ever, I've seen my business accounts. I just left it all to Greg to do and slipped into a bubble because I know how ?great he is with the finances. I've learned that it's not the point and I actually know what's going on now. I also realised that I don't have as dept hanging over me as I thought either.

The other side of it is that I got to see what I don't have. For a girl who has had a vision board for years and has manifested so much of the non material I've visualised, I noticed how I haven't gotten around to any of the material.
I'm stoked that next month is my last car payment and then I will have a fully paid off asset, but that's all I have. I don't own anything ... no property, not much furniture, no jewelry that needs to be locked in the safe and not a piece of art hanging on the wall.

So money and I are in an every growing relationship and it's time we start giving each other more of what we want. I want the investments and the cupboard full of shoes and to climb on a plan to visit my friend Mara in Croatia. In return, money wants me to not be so afraid that it will always leave and enjoy it a whole lot more, because that's what it's here for.

So today, I walked into a luggage shop and showed my mom the R1 600 Paul's Boutique handbag that I want. It's my birthday coming up and that's the present I want. I never would have asked before and I have NEVER owned any accessory close to that price. I've also really started to understand that money what it can buy doesn't always have to come from hours of hard work.

Getting to understand money and manifestation has been no different to getting to understand me. So we are all getting to know each other a whole lot better.

... and now to see what week 4 has in store for me and my #moneymagic journey.

Find out more about Donna McCallum, our Fairy Godmother, head to

Find out more about Donna McCallum, our Fairy Godmother, head to

This is the course I'm doing, but there's another one starting in September ... and you can be anywhere in the world 🙂

Nothing like a swollen tonsil as a reward - project me post 965

I've had a totally man-down day. Quite unbelievably, it's all been because of one swollen left tonsil and an ear that feels like it could explode. Besides that I feel absolutely fabulous.

This is how far I have come. This is how #projectme has truly turned my life around.
I had plans today. It was supposed to be filled with doing social media reports with my very special and eager Wenchy. I was also supposed to pop out with my mom and check on a venue for her wedding plans, because that's all happening in October. I did neither. I made the call and reminded myself that I have worked so hard lately, there is no deadline anyone has given me except for myself and my body is telling me to stay inside and chill.

I've gotten better over the years, but one swollen ?tonsil certainly wouldn't have kept me in bed before. I slept, caught up on some admin, slept some more and mostly I drank a whole lot of sage and orange in hot water and loads of citrus. Now that's another massive change. Sick days used to mean pig-out days for me. I always had it in my head that heaps of toast with butter and fried eggs was the cure for it all.

It ended up being one of those days where all was perfect in my world. That's rare ... I'm nasty to myself. So I wasn't. Instead I focused on all the praise I've been receiving for a job well done in the social media space and how awesome everyone is telling me I looked. Then I realised ... I haven't blogged about any of that. I haven't shared some of the things that are going on ... that I got to reflect on while resting so I don't have to go onto antibiotics (because my mother thinks I should).

On the personal front, I'm officially very single. There has always been some kind of male companionship (that's the polite terminology) but after attracting quite a nutter, I decided to take that as a sign and not panic about being alone. I also decided to sort myself out and wait with patience. He's out there ... I don't doubt that.

I've been out a little more so I could hang out with special friends and less for events that work focused. Now to find the perfect balance because I love them both. I reconnected with an old friend from school. Actually, we weren't even really friends in school but time has passed and we get on so well, which I'm just loving.

Mom is planning her wedding in October and Miko is far away from her. I don't know how they do it. I'm keeping as calm as I can about how much time she will spend in SA and how much time she will be away. We have decided that I'm going to keep living with the newlyweds and keep the cats and of course, Albie the parrot. It really does seem like they will be traveling a lot, so I will be in the house. When Mr Right comes along ... we'll shuffle the plans.

I can't believe it, but my nephews have their barmitzvah (Jewish coming of age) in two weeks time. I'm the Godmother and they are reform Jewish (the same rules don't apply as orthodox) so I have prayers to do and aunty duties to fulfill. That's the morning part of next Saturday ... the evening is the You Spectactular Awards. In a nutshell, it's all the who's who of celebrities and I'm going. There's a #projectme story to this event that I just have to share. About 3 years ago, I wanted to go to the awards and blog about it, but when I enquired I kinda got told ... um, it doesn't work like that honey? I totally thought I deserved to go between my blog (still a baby) and my Twitter followers (about half of what I have now). So I didn't make the cut. That was it, I was determined. Not for anyone else but for me, I had to go to the awards just once in my life. It's all very fancy, designer dresses, red carpet and all and I tried for 3 years to crack an invite, with no luck. Well that all changed a few weeks ago and here I am, deciding what to wear *air punch*.

Talking about air punching, I've totally settled into being a Twitter Hashtag specialist and since making my big announcement to the world, I have been asked to speak at the seminars already. That's such a massive dream come true ... you are really someone when you are asked to speak ... well that's what I convinced myself.

I'm getting closer to 40 and am torn between taking myself away to have a real Shirley Valentine adventure or having a huge 90's party to see the new decade in.That's still up for consideration and so is having a hashtag. I mean, how can the hashtag queen not have one for her very own #Jodenes40 ... what do you think? I can see my bestie rolling his eyes as we speak.



#MoneyMagic with @fairygodmother - project me week 2

It's my second week into the #moneymagic course and this week was about setting a clearer intention and taking a closer look at my relationship with money.
It started with a fascinating exercise by the Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum which made me take a look at my unique offering and putting a value to it. It just so happened that the exercise collided with the greatest career high of my life. It reassured me that I'm not lost in the world as while #StarlightExpressSA (the actual hashtag for the mega musical now showing at the Joburg Theatre) trended worldwide, I got to solidify how I'm living my dream job and having the time of my life. That's not where my money issues stem from. It's not trying to steer me in a different direction. It's something else ... something different.

One of the visions I have had for such a long time is that money keeps filling my bank account while out in the world living my project me life. I've been doing affirmations forever and only now that I'm using the #moneymagic technique, did I have one of the most exciting moments. There I was early this week, being ?invited back to the first restaurant I ever blogged about, Thava Indian Restaurant in Norwood. They wanted to treat me to lunch and chat about a collaboration. We chatted business and then I was left to indulge in one of the best dishes of butter chicken I have ever had. I took my #moneymagic notebook with me and indulged in food and personal #projectme time. About 20 minutes into me time, I got a message from Wenchy who is now freelancing for Lifeology and helping me do stats and tweeting for clients. She was working on one of our client's monthly reports ... and then it dawned on me. I was out in the world living project me and Lifeology was carrying on.

Lunch from Thava Restaurant in Norwood

Lunch from Thava Restaurant in Norwood

On the other hand, while taking a closer look at how I spend money, I have really learned that I don't use a lot of money. It's been a great challenge and a big adventure to see how social media has helped me find my place on the influencer list and get a lot of stuff as trade exchange. While chatting to a friend the other night, she pointed out that it's the tougher thing to do, but in my world manifesting money has truly been tougher.

I have the most amazing business partner, who also happens to be my best friend and has watched me deal with my money stuff for years now. Lifeology is finally having a fun time and making money, but I'm still stuck in the old head space of hardly spending a cent.

Then ... I had to dig deep and really focus on my relationship with money and I realised how much I want and how little I spend. Big, bold statements about money have made realise what I want. Thinking about all that I can achieve is already driving me forward and my amazing Greggie having a chat and telling me that, from both a business and personal point of view, I have to start spending more.

So, slowly I have been. It's been little things, but I took my nephews shopping and actually had money to buy them stuff. I'm also realising how hard I've been working and that all I want is to get to the sea or the bush ... and I'm not out trying to find brands to barter with. Instead, I'm watching how to budget for a very well deserved trip.

From making my dreams come true and heading to Nashville to see some of my favourite country artists, to a holiday home, spoiling friends to lavish meals that I love to cook for them, to having my own herb garden, a house big enough for an old fashioned library and mediation room, I have truly started to see that I have a potentially amazing relationship with money.

Of all things, I've noticed my commitment to this course and how, after getting off to a slow start last week, that I kept my promise to myself to keep my Mondays for focusing on what needs to be done for the week. It made it a full experience so that as the weeks draws to a close, I can share a rich (excuse the pun) story with you of how my #projectme journey with money is going.

So far ... so abundantly good!


#StarlightExpressSA shows me the light at the end of the tunnel - project me post 963

I've really felt like the shoemaker's daughter over the last few months, coordinating #newmedia bloggers and making sure tweets about #StarlightExpressSA introduced people to the Andrew Lloyd Webber mega musical, who would otherwise not know about @joburgthreate or this phenomenal show ... but never finding a moment to blog. I would usually beat myself up about that, if it were not absolute perfection that I finally get to blog when I reached the light at the end of the tunnel.

I have my feet firmly on the ground and I'm proud of myself, so I can't begin to imagine how the cast and crew of #StarlightExpressSA are feeling after technical opening night, pre show nights, opening media night and Joburg City Power sponsor's opening night. Amazingly, all I have seen is more passion, excitement, commitment and determination as the nights have rolled on.

When I was finding my feet as social media publicist for Joburg Theatre, the actors were also finding theirs, on skates. New worlds for all of us as I watched in amazement as put the show together at a mega fast pace. They were also watching on as I was drumming hashtags into their social media activities and flitting in and out of rehearsals with a trail of bloggers and Tweeters behind me. Pictures of them in mid fall and then a few weeks later in perfect formation ... this all unfolded online by an incredible team of #new media: @Gnat_J, @ChevePeters, @NocturnalWenchy, @shellspembroke, @maddog_sa, @SelloCR, & @TanyaKovarsky.

They skated ... we Tweeted! They rehearsed their hearts ... we Tweeted!

Poppa (Bongi Mthombeni) is early days of rehearsals

Poppa (Bongi Mthombeni) is early days of rehearsals

Both #newmedia and social media publicity are kinda made up and finding their way in the world. Luckily for me, we tale behind in social media and I've really managed to niche myself (with absolute pride). In the same breathe, bringing such a mammoth production to South Africa couldn't be pulled off by many and I'm confident to say the combination of Joburg Theatre, the director Janice Honeyman, the magical skating teacher Wendy Gila and a passionate all South African cast was the ingredient for ultimate success.

That point of "wow" had to arrive eventually. I know I worked hard enough for it and so did my amazing support and mentors Claire Pacariz and Saskia Goldberg who are the marketing team of the theatre. We all did ... from the backstage crew to the sound and lighting technicians.

That point of "wow" did arrive. It swooped in on Sunday night, opening media night, with the theatre filled with close to 1000 people.

"This is Control. This is Control. Tonight is the most important night in the history of the world!!"
That's how this incredible production opens and nothing could be more true about each and every #StarlightExpressSA show that takes to the stage, which is a masterpiece all on its own. The lights, the revolving stage, ramps, rising and lowing of portions of the stage and all this happening while an amazing cast is skating, singing, dancing ... and telling one of the most precious stories in the world.

You don't want to miss the 10 year old little boys who play Control (on varying nights), the quirky yet determined steam train Rusty, the gorgeous Pearl who really is lost in love, Poppa (who will make you cry from the second he begins to sing) ... I could go on and on, but I'm trying to get to the light at the end of the tunnel.

Rusty (David Schlachter) and Pearl (Carly Graeme)

Rusty (David Schlachter) and Pearl (Carly Graeme)

Here it is ...
The #StarlightExpressSA brought the house down with applause and there is no doubt that Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber made the best decision to give the rights to the first EVER non-replica production to our amazing country.
The #StarlightExpressSA hashtag trended. It was the night of the Wimbeldon men's finals so I stared at myself in the mirror and told myself I had done all I could, the rest was up to my 150 odd #newmedia Tweeters and bloggers. That hashtag that once has a Tweet or two trended in Joburg, in Cape Town, in South Africa ... in the world! How could we not ...

Well ... isn't that the whole moral of the story. Oh, you don't know the story? Best you book for #StarlightExpressSA running until 1 September. It's worth the visuals, dancing, singing and acting ... but it's most worth being reminded that the Starlight is within you!

starlightexpresssa trend

My sincere gratitude to Bernard Jay and Joburg Theatre for believing in the potential of new media, social media and making me a part of the great ride of my life.

Bookings: or call 0861 670 670 ... book as a family because there's something in it for everyone.

And ...

Don't forget the hashtag ... #StarlightExpressSA

This is Control ...

This is Control ...


#MoneyMagic with Fairy Godmother - Project Me week 1

I've committed. I always say that I'm not great with commitment but that as false as me saying I don't have the ability to attract loads of money. It's what my week has been filled with ... starting a very powerful online course called #moneymagic with the Fairy Godmother, Donna McCallum. It's part of our combined connection to the 2000 FM radio show #TheCollective2000 with hosts Angela Ludek and Tsheko Mosito.

I had the privilege of meeting Donna at a meeting about the show and in an instant everything was right. The timing of our connecting, the start of her#moneymagic online course and me being ready to deal with my money stuff. That timing is also perfect because in 3 months it's the big 40 and I want to start this incredible decade with absolute power and #projectme consciousness.

Of course, there is work to be done on my workaholic space and not being the best student, so the course introduction arrived a few days before and week one's course notes on the Monday. It's been all about my huge big career moment at the Joburg Theatre with #StarlightExpressSA having it's technical week last week this week and the full house of media, new media and VIP's tomorrow. So I created a #moneymagic folder in my emails and consciously saved it all for Thursday night.

Lesson one noted ... Read through all notes when they arrive and then make plans to actually do the exercises during the week. The money lessons hadn't even started and I realised so much of how I don't make things that will benefit my personal life a priority. My fabulous career is only going to bring me so much happiness.

Settling in to the course on Thursday and playing catch-up without scolding myself, I realised just how magical this money relationship has the potential to become. One exercise after the other flowed and I wrote like crazy in my money journal ...

My money magic journal and special pen with my name on it :)

My money magic journal and special pen with my name on it 🙂

The exercise we have to do take lots of thought, consciousness, honest and writing. That kind of writing that just lets it flow. In the flow I had floods of memories about money come back to me and the most vivid of all was about a dolls house, that I turned into a haunted house. This is the story ...
My folks traveled a lot (when financial times were good and I was young) and they returned home with a massive doll house that needed a lot of time and effort to build. My dad let us take a good look at the box and some of the pieces and then put it away in a secret cupboard built into the wall next to his bed. I opened that cupboard hundreds of times and my dad would let me look at the box (no touching) but he never made time to build it. So what was the point of spending the money on it? No fun ever came from that gift and so I decided that material stuff was pointless. I created fun in other ways and have become the master of having fun without any money at all. I can also manifest what I like ... for free. Sponsorship and freebies through my online presence is great, but through this work I have realised that it's an unhealthy byproduct of my early relationship with money. Don't get me wrong ... I don't have to tell you how awesome my dad was, but that memory has left me feeling like the 12 weeks of this #moneymagic course is going to bring about more change than I'm prepared for.

Luckily Donna does amazing webinars that support us through the course and in it she said, "If you find yourself in breakdown, know that breakthrough is about to happen." I have that close by to keep reminding me.

Because I'm playing catch-up after a week that need not have been so consuming (which also stems to my money beliefs) I only managed to get to do my afformation (yes, I spelled that right and you should head to to find out more about that) today. So I put much thought into it (as the exercise requested) and now I have these amazing, very new things that I am going to be saying to myself over the next 12 weeks ... at least.

My new approach to manifesting #moneymagic

My new approach to manifesting #moneymagic


I'm also super stoked that my friend, @Joanne_Bender saw me Tweeting about the #moneymagic course and signed up, so we will be doing it together. Joanne has an amazing hashtag #lusciouslife where she shares her passion for food, wine and life and will also be sharing her #moneymagic journey ... go check it out and track the hashtags for inspiration to start you own #moneymagic journey.

PS .. you can be anywhere in the world and do the course!!!

#ProjectMe has a well deserved makeover

Some things should never change, like sipping on tea for the past 3 and a half years while blogging. Other things should change, grow and morph into something bigger (not physically) and better.

So I'm sipping on the usual tea, with a huge big difference. A totally revamped blog site. I've been wanting this for ages and even battled to truly enjoy the process because who the blog was didn't reflect my #projectme journey and who I am today.
I remember being that chubby girl with glasses and braces and thinking that words like pretty and sexy wouldn't ever be a part of my world. Slowly, as I worked more on my life and my becoming my own project, so I could feel the change in attitude, outlook and eventually appearance. My blog started with a flower because I wasn't confident enough to put an image up of myself. It them morphed into half an image of me, because I felt half better about myself and finally got stuck on a picture of a woman who was fast blossoming into some happy and sexy!

With a very big thank you to @GlynnRyan for being patient and without expectation. Glynn thank you for turning my blog into the bright pink bubble of happiness that it now it and for bringing the theme to life, while helping me sort out all the technicalities that is a wordpress blog.

To the international guys from Gorilla Themes. Thanks for such a sexy theme and for being so generous in upgrading my package and supporting the process.

To my amazing readers, friends and followers who have kept me blogging for nearly 4 years ... your belief in me and my #projectme journey has kept every post alive and helped me stay focused when I couldn't believe in myself.

I'm excited to blog more passionately again and can feel the shift with the ever growing excitement as I get closer to turning 40 and my 1000th post ... maybe I should make the two events collide.

Well, while I ponder on that, it's perfect timing for the new image as I go through a money makeover that started this week with @fairygodmother and is a 12 weeks #moneymagic online course. Watch the video in the top right corner (which I uploaded myself, I might add) and meet me here once a week to share in a very important relationship on my #projectme journey. The rest of the time, you know me ... I'm going to still be sipping on my tea and blogging about life and all the moments in between.