#MoneyMagic with @Fairygodmother - project me week 8

The art of making time is most probably my greatest challenge at the moment. Yes, this is all about money, but I've also learned over the past 8 weeks that nothing happens in isolation.
Life goes like that ... we are all enthusiastic about the commitment, which lasts a few weeks or months and then life falls back into routine. However, this online money magic program with Donna McCallum AKA Fairy Godmother has been so life changing, that I don't see myself falling in those old patterns too easily. I don't see myself giving up on my budgets now that I know how empowering it is to understand what my money and I are doing together and I don't see myself stopping my savings and building my money wealth now that I understand what it can do for my future.

I certainly don't see myself stopping my daily journal of gratitude or saying my afformations (learn more with about the difference between them and affirmations) any time soon.

Why would I when, in this short space of time, I have gained another client, begun paying off my credit card, started my savings, learned to understand my relationship with money and started to understand the potential of all that I can have in terms of wealth.

That's week 8 ... getting into the nitty gritty of investment and how to build that wealth.
I remember the first week, when Donna said that we would be building wealth and saving within a few weeks. When there is no relationship with money and you are too scared to figure out how much you truly have and where you are spending it, then it seems like savings will be impossible. I don't believe in coincidence, so it's perfect timing that my 40th birthday (less than a month away now), the end of my car payments (TODAY) and the understanding of how to build financial wealth have all fallen into alignment at one time.

It's about 5:15am and I'm wide awake and blogging because the little child inside has been too excited to sleep. Knowing I could wake up and see my last car payment has been ridiculously exciting. Firstly, my baby car is mine and I truly love her. I have worked my butt off to keep her and even extended car payment for an extra 3 years to make sure I didn't lose her ... so there's celebrating to be done. I think a car wash with all the bells and whistles are in order later today.

On the other hand, I now have additional money to first use to pay of my credit card (because this course has taught me the value of clearing dept first) and then to use to build a more solid foundation to my wealthy and secure future. I can't begin to tell you how that very thought went from very daunting to super exciting in 8 incredible weeks.

So time management is still a bit of a struggle. I'm 5am blogging because this was my Sunday task and I couldn't stick to my Monday night commitment of doing my money work because of an event, but my other lesson in life is NO RULES. I get myself stuck and obsessed with routine and life certainly doesn't work that way. If anything, I now know that money needs 'flow' and calm in order to truly function.

Tonight, while I am celebrating my step closer to financial freedom now that my car is mine, I highly recommend that you join Fairy Godmother on a FREE WEBINAR about her #MoneyMagic course from 7 to 9 pm.

Found on a lost Saturday afternoon - project me post 978

Huddled on the couch, with a warm glow of serenity, I can't help but be in awe of the lessons that life has thrown at me in just a few day. It's cold outside, but all I feel is contentment and a proud student of life.

I wasn't supposed to be on the couch. I was meant to be at a charity event that a radio personality invited me to, for the day. She made all the plans and somewhere along the line communications were missed and I wasn't on the guest list. That happens. I'm the lady who smiles and says, 'it's okay, we all make mistakes', but this story isn't about what I know about myself ... it's about what I'm learning about myself.
Supporting my friend, who was supporting her friend, who was a part of the charity event, I stood around with grace until the organiser turned to me and said, "we'll have to put you at a space we can find and we don't have any cutlery for you, as you weren't catered for. My friend, storming off in her celebrity status and tagging my social media status with her, was determined to rectify the situation. While I sipped on coffee and looked out over the event's people pottering around, I reflected on other scenarios from the week and lesson I am trying to figure out while I focus my Project Me energy on visualisation, affirmation and mediation.

Then it struck me. I don't want to stay. If I accept being treated like this, then what am I saying to myself about how people can treat me. I HAVE worked hard to accepted into the circle of respected women and if I am treated like anything less, then what's the point??

I stood there, pondering on whether I had turned into a snob or whether this decision was a purely personal and very empowering one.

Earlier in the week I wrote a post about my connection with a man and my fleeting regret as I got a glimpse of my low self esteem. Not 24 hours after that post did I find out that the man had lied to me. Nothing like a lesson in not regretting when you realise that the other option would have far more devastating and regretful. I'm single so I'm out there and trying to be like my other friends who are bold and ask the guy out. So I did that, with someone I have known for quite a while. He accepted my invitation on the Friday and sent me a measly whatsapp two hours before the event to say he didn't have a car. Never fear, I would reclaim my faith in humanity when a very sweet guy I have been chatting to would take me to dinner (as he had promised) on Thursday. Of course not ... asked for a rain check at a few minutes to starving, I was clutching at straws to keep believing that there are good people in the world.

Today didn't help at all.

No!!! That's not true.

So after messaging a couple of friends, who were all busy on a Saturday morning and having sent my mom on her way to my sister, I threw myself onto the couch and contemplated sulking. Of all the things that I'm feeling right now, it's that there is a part of my personality that is dying to burst free. All I want (exactly one month to my 40th birthday) is to go away all by myself. I want a Shirley Valentine moment of my own. After driving away from the venue today, I contemplated taking myself for a hotel breakfast, then to the movies, and then to go to park I had never been before and just walk around. By the time I had mulled over all the plans, I was on the couch and all alone.

Project Me is about moments like this! It's about listening to the voices and knowing that sometimes we just?have to trust them and go with it. My voices were telling me, "guided meditation", which I don't have. Oh please, it's 2013 ... there's not such thing. So in a few moments I had found some meditation apps and was settled into the couch doing a mediation called 'THE SHIFT".
Guided gently into relaxation of every part of my body and then left to wander in my future, I felt myself get absolutely lost in all that I know. My vision is clear! My compass has been set in the direction of my happiness for as long as I have been living Project Me! I'm not lost! My life isn't off track and no situation that I find myself in is there set me back or set my esteem back.?

I mentally flipped through my vision board. I chanted my affirmation and I glanced back at how far I have come and all that I have achieved. Then as the tempo of the music shifted, I gave thanks to every situation during the week that had given me the opportunity to stand at a crossroad. I watched myself take the path of highest esteem and started to glow in a deep knowing that I don't need to repeat these lessons again.

Thank you life!!

Love, your student ...

The risk of day dreaming with a low esteem - project me post 977

The saying is very true, that wherever you go you take yourself with you. So what does one do and where does one go when all you want to do is get away from yourself?
I'm having one of those days and escaping the frustration I have with myself brings me to one of my favourite spots in Jozi. It's a family owned coffee shop in Dunkeld called 'Hodges' and I think I have been coming here since just after I finished school. That's years ago ... trust me. Feeling like part of the family and being placed quietly in the corner so that I can hide away from the world for a while, this is the spot I needed today while letting the reality of my wavering esteem sink in.

Of course it has something to do with a guy. When does the esteem waver as much?

I've never been the most confident girl when it's come to dating. No, let me rephrase that. I'm confident when dating but I've never been the one picked up at the bar or spotted from across the room. It was fine for me when I was lost and insecure, but as I've worked more on my dreams and desires (excuse the pun) I have realised that I do want to be that girl who gets spotted by a stranger and dot ... dot ... dot ...

One of the key things that I can attribute to my #ProjectMe journey is that I have always been a firm believer in doing affirmations and visualisations. However, I don't believe that we just say something over in our heads and it miraculously arrives in our lives. I believe that each thing we need to affirm to ourselves highlights that spot where the esteem is low and we need to focus our consciousness and courage.

Sitting in this gorgeous spot and surrounded by couples who you can see have been together for 3 or 4 decades, my heart can't help but feel a pang on confusion as to why I'm still single at 39 and 11 months. AS 40 has crept closer, I have focused on what I want this potentially phenomenal decade to be filled with and the one thing that jumps out at me is that it's time to be girl noticed in the room. Luckily, my career has thrown me out into the world and the potential to be surrounded by men has truly presented itself. However, in all the out and about moments, I still haven't been noticed ... I think!

The reason why I'm huddled in the corner is directly linked to a story that goes a little something like this:

I did go out and meet someone through where my career takes me. We started chatting work and ended up spending a whole lot of time together. I thought, "hmmm, I could hang around with this guy a little longer." I was sure I felt a little spark, but my low esteem clearly did a fine job of tossing that out the window. It was more like a tornado tore it away, now that I reflect back on it.

It got to that time of the night where, "are you ready to leave?" become the question. Then it gets to that even more familiar place where we are both saying we don't mind, until both our defeated esteems give in and we go our separate ways. Of course, I walked away feeling like nothing had changed and I still wasn't the girl the guy wanted to take home, although there was slight improvement and I could have sworn he hesitated before calling for the bill.

Time passed, we kept chatting and then he dropped into conversation that he wanted to stay but I wanted to go. Worse, he said he had even made it clear, but he thought I wanted to go ... oh, we know how it goes!!

So here I am, in my corner, staring my low esteem in the face and trying to adjust to the realisation that this might be only one of the moments I missed being the girl in the room who had been noticed.
This is the very challenge that #ProjectMe speaks of ...

I have worked so hard at losing weight, changing my appearance, emerging as a confident woman, affirming myself into a healthier space and visualising myself into opportunities where I get to revel in how far I have come. However, something hasn't caught up with me.
There lags my esteem, still stuck in the space I was when I used to frequent Hodges as pimply, insecure, much younger girl.

Trust me, I can't take that night back, but at least we both know so who knows but I'm certainly NOT letting an opportunity like that pass me again. There's nothing like the realisation of a missed opportunity to know that something has to change. #ProjectMe steps up a notch and this time it's all about nurturing that part of us that decides if we get what we want ... our esteem!!

#MoneyMagic with @fairygodmother - project me week 7

The one thing about course is that it's all good an well while you are in them, but to keep the momentum going and have the changes remain in your life is a totally different story.
Week 7 of #moneymagic was a taste of what my future hold because this week we didn't have extra homework. We didn't have anything new to do. It was a time for us to reflect and for others to catch up. I'm up to date, so this week was truly about seeing how much of the #moneymagic program has stuck and what I still need to work on.

I'm a busy girl. Wow, there's nothing like having to dedicate to make one realise just how busy their life is. That's mainly what I reflected on and I did have a tough time dedicating an hour to my finances a day, but on the other hand, I can see what has sunk in and become a part of my routine already.

In the short 7 weeks I now write my afformations (a very interesting version of affirmations) out every day. I say them to myself when my mind starts to wander to fearful spaces. I talk them aloud in my car and I kinda ponder on them in idle times.
I focus on what I'm grateful for. I think about all that I can be and all that I want money to do for me and with me in my life.

Mostly, I collect every slip (and even print out the parking slip now) and know exactly how much I spend. Yes ... this girl budgets. I have spread sheet and even if it's once a week, I make sure it goes into my spreadsheet. For me, that's such a huge thing and if I only take one thing away from this online course (which is impossible to do) it's that doing a budget truly builds a relationship with money. Wait, so does saving. You see ... so much to gain.

I might not have gotten to weekly time, but I did spend half of Tuesday in the bank, sorting out debit orders for my savings and getting smarter about money. I changed my daily bank account to a current account because the bank charges are fixed and when I calculated from last month, it made more sense. The teller who had to create the new account, shift the money across and close the old account had a whole lot less fun than me.

So this week hold more exercise and more conscious growing of my relationship with money, but a week of reflection and seeing how are I've come was just as valuable as a week filled with exercise to get under the belt.

For more information on Fairy Godmother (Donna McCallum) and her amazing manifestation work, visit her website.

To go where the wind takes you - project me post 976

This morning I got woken by nature. The gusting winds that were tearing through the trees and wind chimes all in a frenzy in the distance. I do a visualisation when I wake up and since I have started Yoga, I have noticed how they are more focused on going with the flow than me sending my mind to different places.

The wind was so tempting and so I imagined myself as a leaf and just let it carry me away. I've been meditating and visualising for years (decades actually) and of everything, I have truly learned to believe anything my does in that visualisation time. So floating through forests as a leaf filled with faith was a very easy thing for me to do.

Letting my mind wander is key to the success of my visualisations and last night I even spoke to a good friend about our separate successes in life, that we can both link back to our focus and meditation time. So in the wandering of my mind, as I floated along with the wind, it all became so clear to me.

I've had one of the most exciting few weeks of my life, with a true realisation that all of my years of work, passion and believe in myself (my Project Me years) are all starting to blossom the amazing fruits of success.
Of all the career challenges I've had, dreaming of being a speaker and turning that into reality has been the toughest of them all. I've always taught and created my own platforms to speak, but to truly be asked to speak as something significant has alluded me for years. It's so true that when you put something on the back burner and focus on other things, that it all falls into place. It's called surrender and although it's a technique I use so much in visualisation, it truly is much harder to do that I ever expected.

Yet, in my surrender, I was offered the opportunity by IT Web (because I found that somebody to believe in me) to talk at their #ITWebSummit in a smackdown about all of the social media platforms. Of course I got to represent Twitter because I'm truly emerging as the Twitter Queen (something I would have shied away from ever saying before). Tallulah Habib and I have known each other for a while, through Twitter, and when she asked me to take just a 15 minute slot to talk Twitter, she helped me make one of my biggest dreams come true.

Fast forward to the IT Web summit and holding the mic, I felt my mind freeze after all my hours of practicing my lines and also felt myself gain confidence again as I reminded myself that I have always seen myself up there talking about a topic that I knew I would rise and be an expert in. I didn't think it was Twitter, but wow did I won it. Can I totally gloat and say I trended on Twitter!!!!
It's my job to make other people trend and I have a decent reputation at getting that right, but it's the first time I've ever trended myself. Ya, what a great moment.

The experience only got better and after my talk was finished, I had people lining up to meet me. My greatest moment was a lady coming to tell me that she had come to the summit just to hear me talk. Wow ...

Of all the places the wind has taken me, I've been sent on a journey to the meeting the most incredible people and one of the things that kept me calm and focused was that, although there was a room full of people, I had a very special couple that I just imagined I was talking to. Ryan Hogarth was the keynote speaker and a man I have admired for how far he has taken his vision. His wife, Melissa Hogarth is just the cherry on top when it comes to being supportive and amazing. They have known me for a while and watched me blossom into this role, so their support and encouragement after left me so ready to surrender and let go so the wind can carry me to the next great speaking moment.

Of all, I truly felt like it is time to claim my space as one of the top people in South Africa to educate brands and people about the power of Twitter. That wasn't the wind ... that was a Tweet!!!


Myself and Ryan Hogarth at the IT Web Summit

Myself and Ryan Hogarth at the IT Web Summit

A test of true efficiency in my @CitroenSA week of being a #CitroenC3Madame

The perks of having an established blog and a few thousand Twitter followers it that brands begin to notice you and you get great stuff. Well, sometimes you get great stuff and other times you get a life changing experience. I haven't been able to say that until now.

When I was asked to be #CitroenC3Madame, my first reaction was the same as what I'm sure anyone's would have been: "Yay, I get to zoot around in a different car for a week." That genuinely was mine but then the invite arrived.

That was the word that stood out among all the rest. Labeled a #CitroenC3Madame who was coupled with a car that was branded as efficient, my week ahead was to be filled with what I think makes me efficient while I drove around in the new Citroen C3 and tested its efficiency too.

As I said, I've had the opportunity to be pampered by brands before, but I have to give a big standing ovation to the team at Machine Agency, especially Lauren and Ryan for ?making it the most personal experience I've had. As the car was left with me, so was a gift bag. I get lots of those too, so when I pulled out a very fancy box that could only have even fancier pens in it and a unique recipe book, I thought, "aah, that's because efficient ladies still have time to cook." Nope, that wasn't for every efficient lady out there. That was a unique gift for me, all spelled out in a personalised letter. You see, this team had done research and tapped into the one part of me that I love ... my ability to whip up a meal, despite the madness of an average busy day, and feed the ones I loved.

citroen c3 madame pampering

The uniqueness of the campaign only got better and it was a great pleasure to also book a pampering for myself and give one away on Twitter ... aah, all the elements of an efficient campaign.

But wait, this is about an efficient car, paired with an efficient lady and while driving around, having my first diesel experience and making a wishlist of my poor car is missing, I kept thinking about what my next Tweet would share with regards to my efficiency.

I drove my sassy little car around and all of a sudden I started to realise that my average day is filled with miles, Tweets, clients, calls, eating healthy ... and, and, and!! Meantime, while I played around this the amazingly efficient clutch that is easier to describe than name (so the car literally turns off when you stop, put the car in neutral and release the clutch. How's that for fuel efficiency!!) ... where was I?
Oh right ... so while chilling at a stop light with my country music blaring through the USB port in the car, I had a moment of unbelievable amazement ... I AM EFFICIENT!

You know that for me everything is a #projectme lesson or moment to do something different and this week was all about one massive realisation. I'm tough on myself. I think I'm less than the average Jo when it comes to some things and I totally underplay what I can achieve in a day. I can't begin to than the brains behind this self fulfilling campaign.

Once I had realised that and seeing that the fuel in this super efficient car wasn't dropping, I decided it was time to stretch my efficiency and the kilometers on the clock, so last week I took the leap and added yoga to my day.
Yes, me! That hater of exercise who just needed to realise that I had enough time in the day to give back to ME!!

Meet the sexy, sassy and super efficient C3

Meet the sexy, sassy and super efficient C3

While efficient tips about social media, my quick recipes & the extreme importance of oats in the morning all transpired into Tweets, I felt part of a truly well played out experience ... but yet, the fuel gauge hardly moved.

11 days passed. I bonded with a car, who I'm convinced fell in love with country music. I was totally sold on the efficiency of this sassy little C3 that has to be a lady ... no guy could be that sexy and efficient at the same time ;p

Mostly, I got to reflect on what the world seemed to see in me and I got to witness. I am one efficient lady. All this discovered with hours of driving ... and still a fuel gauge that hardly moved!!!


How #MoneyMagic helped make #ProjectMe magic

I'm snuggled in bed with every muscle in my body aching. Okay, slightly dramatic, but the truth is that at least every muscle in my legs are in a state of shock. Not a bad thing, but rather a long awaited milestone.

I've been carrying on about my fitness along my #projectme journey for far too long and as my relationship with food improved, so I felt the natural pull to want to get fit.

If you've been following my #moneymagic blog posts after the past 6 weeks, you will know that I have had some unbelievable changes in my relationship with money and have done things like finally started saving, opening current accounts, creating budgets and I've started paying off my credit card.

The one thing that I learned most about myself and money is that I never knew how much I had and what I could do with it. Greggie was always in control of the finance (because I just didn't care too) and so I found myself literally living like I only had pennies. I don't have pennies and this past week I got to really sit down and think about what I wanted to do with money.

It's amazing that as you put something out into the universe, the right things flood your way and within a few days I had booked my first yoga class thanks to a friend and signed up for my first trail run (in my case, walk).

My amazing friends who I shared the trail run experience with

My amazing friends who I shared the trail run experience with

Money has been my greatest excuse for so long and I've always been clear on what I wanted to do, but in my head I had a paid for gym contract and it was a waste to spend money on any other form of exercise. The problem has been that I hate going to the gym, so I haven't been exercising.
Money magic truly is about building an energetic and real relationship with money. One where it's give and take and happiness is the meeting point. I want money to make me happy and money wants to make me happy, so in this week I did it. I did two things that I have known for years would make me happy.

I've learned to see where every cent is being spent and when I paid for my one month's yoga classes I literally did a dance around my room. I was thanking and air kissing money for giving me the opportunity to do something so in line with my beliefs.

Today, I literally dragged myself up a mountain. If I had known that my first rail run was going to be one of the toughest routes out there ... well ... that's why we can't see into our future.
My friends left me far behind because I truly didn't expect the climb and needed to go at my own pace, so after a while I was in the middle of nowhere with only myself to get from one kilometer to the next. I nearly sat down and burst out crying more than once, but the combination of my very long #projectme journey with myself and my brand new #moneymagic relationship started to fill my mind.

I said my affirmations and I started to congratulate myself for every step I took. Soon enough, I didn't care how long it took me to complete the 5.2km or how long my friends would have to wait for me after they crossed the finish line. I got caught in the path of the 12km runners and as I was letting them pass, so many of them were affirming for me that it was a hectic trail and that, in fact, I was doing damn well.

That reminded me of life!
That reminded me of my long and rocky relationship with myself and with money!
But at the end ... when I got my medal ... that reminded me most of all that I can achieve anything!

Confessions of a chilled entrepreneur - project me post 972

It's a long weekend. People chill out and rest on long weekends. They don't come around often and should be savoured.

While throwing out there that this entrepreneur will lazing around in bed and totally chilling, I was surprised at the responses I got. Of all of them, "you rest, you rust" made me nearly fall out of my bed ... at 10:30am.
I've been an entrepreneur for about 2 decades and grated, I'm not a millionaire, but I have a very successful business (in my opinion ... which is all the counts).

The greatest secret to my success is one that my business partner will even ensure I do. If I don't chill out and take time out from the world, I know my greatest fear will happen. There must be nothing worse than resenting your business or your life choice of being and entrepreneur.
I work like a hard working husky. Trust me, I work hard. I put in the hours, the commitment and the passion. On the other hand, I stop!!

After that crazy comment from one entrepreneur, who also told me that it should be 90% work and 10% sleep, I started to think about how long I've been lazing around. Not today, but over the years.


I needed this realisation. I needed to see that I have been taking time out from the world (sometimes its a day and sometimes a whole weekend) for as long as I can remember. I used to open my sleeper couch and watch movies from Friday night to Sunday night back in about 2002.

I take the 3 weeks in December. I chill on the public holidays ... I adore my weekends.

I live with balance!!!!
That, for a Libra, is one hell of a statement!!!

I needed to throw that statement about being the entrepreneur who chills and I needed the responses that screamed of fear.

Yesterday was Friday! It was Women's Day! I have deadlines and reports to get to clients, but I also know that if I work through and had said 'no' to a special breakfast with a friend and another special lunch with a friend, I would have been riddled with resentment.

under the tuscan sun

One day, when I'm asked what made me the great success, this is what I will say. Beyond the loving support from special people and my recent discovery that I needed money coaching, I attribute my success to the lazy, chilled out days where I stopped and appreciated that balance is vital."

I'll say I watched my favourite movie and ate my favourite chocolate when most entrepreneurs were feeling too guilty or afraid to stop.


Ticket giveaway to the @ITWeb #ITWebSocial

I'm thrilled to be representing Twitter at the IT Web smackdown, part of the #ITWebSummit taking place on the 14th & 15th of August.

Being so passionate about both the entrepreneurial and formal business sector's opportunities on Twitter, I took the time to be interviewed (Twiterview) by IT Web before the summit. The transcript makes for interesting reading, especially for the questions I was asked.



I am also thrilled to be able to extend ticket to one person who is aspiring to create their career in social media. In the comments below, let me know what drives you to want to turn social media into your career path, as I have done.

On Monday morning I will be giving the ticket away via Twitter ,so please include your Twitter Handle in your comment.

For more information on the summit: #ITWebSocial

If you are unable to attend, please follow the hashtag over the duration of the summit to not miss out on some very vital and interesting information.

#MoneyMagic with @Fairygodmother - project me week 5

You can't box life. That's what these 5 weeks of this online #moneymagic course with Donna McCallum AKA Fairy Godmother is confirming for me.

It's been another week of fascinating realisations and building onto the foundation of my relationship with money, but at the same time life is throwing me some interesting situations.
While this week's exercise called for me to look deeply at what makes me happy and how much I would need to have financial freedom in the many years to come, both exercise have been alighted with life changing decisions.

Our house that we are renting has been sold. At the same time my mom and her other half are trying to work out their future and feel completely in limbo. Amazingly, although it's been highly emotional and I've shed lots of tears of confusion, money has not been a fearful part of my upcoming choices at all. If anything, this #moneymagic course has helped me feel completely confident that I will be fine financially and has allowed me to not carry the cloud that usually weighs over me when it's decision time.

For the first time in my partnership I have full access to the Lifeology bank account (I always had it, but now I actually know what is going on financially). This week I moved from operating all the finances in a savings account to being all grown up and opening and current account. I opened my first savings account at Capitec, which I have called 'Financial Freedom' and money and me are truly forming a healthy relationship.

My very patient and dear friend Joanne spent Saturday afternoon at me, sipping on wine and setting excel spreadsheets for me to monitor my finances so that I can eventually take a set salary from the business. Seriously, at the moment, I don't know what I spend.

We can't box life ... let's get back to that.
Every day I chat to money and I chat to myself about why I have such a blossoming relationship with money and in that chat I have watched other parts of my life shift too. Donna explained this week, that as your self worth grows, so will your net worth. It's been amazing to watch how other areas of my life is simply falling into place as I focus on improving my relationship with money.

Now that I'm less afraid to spend, I'm eating the way I always knew I wanted to. I'm about 80% raw with such a variety of recipes that I'm playing around with. I've also booked for my first trail walk AND am starting Yoga with my friend Jenn this Wednesday.

My money relationship has changed so much that I headed off today and bought myself a Yoga mat without hesitation.

Money has become tangible and real. It has become something that works together with me and that has shown me how it helps me with each cent I spend. I'm finding myself getting excited when my medical aid goes off because I'm so grateful for the medical security it proved.

I truly thought that the time of this #moneymagic course was all because I'm creeping closer to 40, but after the week ?I've had, I realised that the events of my life would be petrifying and I would be so far handling this #projectme time in my life with confidence and fearlessness.

Next week marks the halfway point in this #moneymagic journey with a truly amazing woman, Fairy Godmother and I couldn't be more grateful for the time, ever growing relationship with money and lesson that self worth and net worth are so closely linked.