It's cool to be a Twit in Joburg - project me post 1028

I got shouted at (with special care) from my friend, @The_Gossip_Guy for not bragging enough.

He also gave me a little glare and then empathised (I think) when he saw that I genuinely don't think about blogging the little moments. Oh wait, maybe it's not such a little moment ... and that's a big lesson that I still have to learn.

So here is a little boasting ...

A great article just came out, called, 10 Joburgers you have to follow on Twitter and I'm there ... I'm sure in no particular order, but it's great to be at the top and in such great company.

My @The_Gossip_Guy has also been nudging me to add a few more images to my blog posts, so here we are at the beach:

My Jared (@The_Gossip_Guy) and me on the beach!

My Jared (@The_Gossip_Guy) and me on the beach!

Have the courage to step away - project me post 1027

It's a crisp morning in a sleepy town on the coast of Kwazulu Natal. I'm on a very special holiday with my 3 dearest friends and while they sleep, I finally have time to catch up on the lessons I have learned from the adventures of the past few weeks.

I have some amazing pictures of the Netherlands, which I will share with you when I'm settled back in Joburg, but for now, I want to slip into gratitude and share an incredible lesson I have learned from both my time overseas and on this holiday, just a few hours (okay we drove like girls ... although I'm the only one ... so it took ages!) from home.

We really need a friendship name, so for now I'm going to stick to BESTIES. On holiday with Greg, Ian & Jared

We really need a friendship name, so for now I'm going to stick to BESTIES. On holiday with Greg, Ian & Jared

One of the big things along my journey is to discover that I don't have to commit myself to everything 100% and then never have much to give to myself.
Greggie and I have been best friends for a decade now and in that time we have watched each other blossom into the incredible (if I may say so myself) people we are today. It hasn't been the easiest time for ourselves or with each other, but consciously watching anything grow is a very powerful process.

Having said that, Greg and I haven't been overseas together in over 5 years and the last time we traveled, neither of us had the best time with each other's personalities. In the change, I have become less of a nightmare traveler, purely because I was so much more dependent and less adventurous. I have also become more relaxed about the outcomes and more focused on the moment.

That ... is not a small statement.

I am one of those completely dedicated service providers and give my clients everything they ask for and more, including being available whenever I am needed. As the business grew, I just kept on taking on more and more, until it got to a point where I wasn't having the best fun. Because our personalities are perfect to be the business partners we are, Greg has gently (and not so gently at times) helped me ready myself to hand some of my responsibilities over to staff & contractors (who I am going to call my TEAM, because they are so much more than I could have asked for).

In all my years of sharing my Project Me journey, I don't know how many times I have said that the Universe rewards bravery. It has become the cornerstone of the reasons why I take that extra risk or push a little harder.

Climbing on a plane and leaving our business in the hands of two incredibly passionate and loyal people was one of the bravest things I have done. If I hadn't been gifted with them in the first place, I don't think I would have said yes to one of the most special trips of my life. But I did, because it was time to step away and prove to myself that I it's okay to let go a little and rely on others.

Everything ticked over perfectly ...
Of course it did!

I'm now away for a second time, with more of a clearer vision of what I set out to achieve years ago and the rewards keep rolling in. I always intended to be able to work from anywhere in the world. I also have a huge vision for Project Me and that will take a fortune of my time, while the social media services side of our business brings in the money at the moment.

I have put Project Me on the back burner for too long. I have course notes to refine, an ebook to write ... but mostly I have a beach to lie on so that I can give direction to a dream that has been waiting for me to point it in the right direction.


The beach I will be visualising my Project Me dreams on for the next few days.

The beach I will be visualising my Project Me dreams on for the next few days

While we have been away, we landed a new client, have done 3 additional quote for work, met a contact from Twitter who we are about to chat business with and received the compliment from our clients on the strong team that we have.

Stepping away is never easy, but doing it once has been the turning point in both my career and my personal journey. It has also become a vital chapter to add to the Project Me teachings.




A magical trip to the Netherlands - Project Me post 1026

You know that nagging feeling that you have just forgotten to do something ... or mention something. Sometimes it's a small that didn't really make a difference, but other times it's pretty huge ... Like I leave for the Netherlands on tomorrow.

Minor detail!
Major excitement!

Greggie has a dear friend, Eddie, who I took half of and made him my dear friend too. Now we share him really nicely and we're off to celebrate his 40th birthday with him. Yes, we're dashing to Delft, Rotterdam and Amsterdam for 6 days.

Our base for most of the trip is Delft, living with our treasure friend, Eddie!

Our base for most of the trip is Delft, living with our treasure friend, Eddie!


The Project Me adventure in this is that I haven't left Lifeology and traveled beyond the borders since the business began. The lighter side is that I haven't ever traveled with financial peace of mind and having a great relationship with money. The opposing emotions are worlds apart and I fluctuate between butterflies of excitement and absolute fear.

It's been amazing to reflect back on the last time I was with Eddie in another country. Italy, September 2009 and our business was but a great idea.

I have come so far since that insecure, aimless girl roamed the streets of Italy, tagging behind my well traveled friends.

I'm boarding that plane with such a different energy and I can't wait to explore how the much happier, confident and trusting part of me explores a new country.

I am going to genuinely accredit some of my calm excitement to the amazing team who support me. I do have a bestie/business partner who is my voice of reason and reminds me that I'm not so powerful that the whole world will fall apart while I'm away. Well, the main reason why it won't is because I have two incredible people helping me hold it up. In a short few months, we have taken on two incredible members of the team and an additional part timer. A big part of this trip is celebrating all that we have dreamed of and brought to reality.

So my gorgeous and very brightly pink Samsonite bags are slowly being packed with dress up accessories as we head to a 1920's party on the SS Rotterdam.

I'm leaving on Wednesday and will definitely be sharing pics thanks to Microsoft SA and my brand new Nokia Lumia! All you have to do is keep your eye on #ProjectMe.

Who knows, I am even blog on a rainy day in Delft 🙂

The evolution of Project Me - Project Me post 1025

Amazing things have been happening lately. Some of them are thrilling and others are petrifying.

It has been a slow process, but because of my willingness to try different paths to learn more about myself, I have had the gift of learning to grab different elements of tools and finding what works best for me.

Project Me is a long culmination of all that I have learned along the way! Some of the lessons that have become fundamental to the process of making myself my own project, I have really taken the time to define and make my own. Some of the messages that I pass onto other people while I talk about my journey have made profound impact in their lives.

I always has the plan for Project Me to become something far bigger than just my journey or just a blog and Tweets that are laced with my wisdom.

Little did I know ... well no, I always knew and I just forgot ...

I have been teaching this work for year. I know that social media became a very big part of my journey, but I have always been that Life Achievement Facilitator and lately, I've been pining to get back to the teaching of Project Me.

project me no projectThe more I pushed to focus on the social media, the more something deeper within me pushed back, until I was literally in a state of chaos.

It took a while, but the more I pushed it aside, the more the next step of Project Me kept pushing back. I just couldn't find time to do what I wanted to do and the more I tried to make time, the less time I had.

Then, one day, when I turned to another self help tool to help me see the light, I realised that all I needed to do was focus back on the original vision I had for Project Me.

In just over a month I cannot tell you how time has opened up, all the right resources and support has come along and how I have managed to start to bring the practical side of Project Me back to life.

I'm so excited and petrified all at the same time. I'm like a kid who knows the destination is nearing and just can't wait to get to the exciting bits.

On the other hand, it's all exciting bits.

project me no logo

Here's the crazy part ...

A few weeks ago I was lying bed, wondering where to start in putting Project Me into practical work. I had visions of me having to start writing everything out from scratch, even though I have been talking about it and teaching it for over a decade.

Then it hit me. I had it all the time.
I scrambled through piles of papers (thank heaven's I'm a horded) and finally found it. The course I put together in 2007. Wow ... before I even knew what it was, Project Me had been more than partially developed.

Today I had a very exciting meeting with Microsoft. It started with technical support and ended up with guidance on the next steps to take to help develop Project Me into an online 12 week course (fully supported and fueled by Microsoft ... that's the plan!!

I have other plans too. My blog needs another overhaul to make it more mobile friendly. I need sound bites and little snippets of content to accompany these long blog posts of mine. I need to also refocus my outcomes and take small blogging and real life steps to turn Project Me into the vision I had for it a decade ago.

If I had known 7 years ago that I was building a foundation!

If I had known 7 years ago that I was building a foundation!


It may take weeks, months or years, but one big part of Project Me is setting that compass to happiness ... and that destination hasn't changed at all!

Very special thanks to the Microsoft team for your incredible support of my Project Me vision!!