My Dining Out Zomato Adventures

With all the exciting changes I have made to my blog and to my life, over the past few months, it's certainly time for me to start talking about my secret love for food, wine and travel ... oh and don't forget the bubbly.

Well, it's not so secret. I just haven't dedicated any writing to this hedonistic side of myself. It's definitely blossomed the more my relationship with my self and money has grown stronger. From blog posts way back I described my upbringing as one of bargain hunting and finding two for one special or drinking cheap semi-sweet pink wine. My family tease that I have turned into a snob, but I do turn my nose up at some of the old habits that I left behind.

That's why I got so excited with the discovery of the Zomato App (and website), which is?an online restaurant search for any kind of dining-out, caf?s and nightlife in over 20 countries. My favourite part is that anyone can rate the dining experience, which gives a better overview of a place. Well, in my opinion anyway.

I've not only found some amazing restaurants to experience, but I've helped friends select the perfect place for a special occasion. I can be a bit of a snob at times, which you will pick up now that I'm going to be posting about my travel, food and wine experiences. In that snobbery (which I think is just a step up from the choices my siblings would make) I have some amazing places, thanks to Zomato.

My favourite part ... I can review places too. So can you!

The Zomato website and App has everything you need to know about nearly every (there hasn't been one spot I haven't found there) dining out place that you might be looking for. It has any details you would search for, including the menu, opening times, social networks, pics and then the reviews. With the App, it dials straight through to the restaurant ... love that!

Zomato-Logo-(red-background)Back to the reviews, which I love. I'm chuffed to say that I've done over 30. Yes, I eat out a lot.

Thanks to the amazing SA team at Zomato, I have been asked to a few meet-up dinners with the team, at a selected restaurant, where we have been treated to a whole selection of their menu. I'm going to one tomorrow night, which will be my first blog post, linked to my Zomato adventures.

The team are always on the lookout for new people to treat to the dinners, and it's all based on how much you review and engage on the App, so begin now. It's so worth it.

Find the Zomato App in any mobile store and download for free or visit the website

Zomato is also on Find Zomato on Twitter and Find Zomato on Facebook. With the Find Zomato SA on Twitter on Twitter too.

Happy dining everyone!


Purple Hair! Don't Care!

Jodene TanazWhen I was in high school, I nearly got my ass kicked out. Well, I did get booted home before the first lesson even began and was told not to return until I had changed my hair colour away from bright purple. Anything would be allowed, as long as it was natural brown, black or blonde.

I hated school before then, but not being able to have my purple hair made me hate school so much, that I worked my butt off to pass and not stay one second longer.

I've had a rainbow of colours since then and even went a pretty shade of pink about a decade ago.
My hair and myself went through a few bad years though and I didn't do much to it at all. When my esteem was shot, I would trim it about once a year and use some box colour, that was cheapest, so if the colour I used the last time wasn't on sale, I would grab the one that was.

Shocking ... my sister is a hairstylist. Not just any, but a brilliant one.

It took a really crappy breakup and a tough look at myself to realise that not taking care of hair is a form of self sabotage, just like anything else we ignore in our lives. If everything is a mirror reflecting back on us, then I want to have gorgeous hair reflecting back at me.

I've been a proud hair person for nearly three years now. Yes, it's directly linked to my breakup. I'm now the girl who styles it every day and at the very least, sprays on dry shampoo, wets and blows the fringe and fakes a good hair day.

There's a lot going on at the moment and winter has taken it's toll. I've struggled to eat healthy and gym is a non event, except for when my bestie, Jo, and I go walking on a Sunday morning.

This morning I woke up and I couldn't for the dull her, winter blues and cold excuses.

I'm super grateful to my sister's salon, Tanaz Hair Body Nails, who has supported my Project Me journey for almost as long as the blog has been going. I am Libra, totally indecisive and always have a Google image of hair that they can't create, because it's usually far too out of reach for what I have on my head, but they make magic every time!

This time, Purple!

purple hair project me

It was a brave first step, because I wasn't bold enough to lift the colour first, but I get the feeling that in a month (or less), there's going to be some boldness going on.

Watch this space ...

21 Questions - @jodenecoza

A few hours ago I was saying that today's so busy I don't know where my head is, but then I got a Tweet from @Lerato_LB, who nominated me to answer these 21 Questions, because @gijane_zn nominated here ... that's how us bloggers roll, so here goes:


1. What is your current fashion obsession?
I just want to dress like a cowgirl. It's jeans and flowing tops with cowgirl boots (my real pair from Nashville). The fashion hasn't found its way to SA, so it's interesting to make it work and not want to buy clothes online.

2. What are you wearing today?
Jeans, cowgirl boots, a vest (but no one knows that) and a flowing black top.

3. Hair?
Flat! Going out later, so it will be puffed up, hair styled and prettied up.

4. Do you nap a lot?
Not enough, but I do love a nap. With cats, it's hard not to want to cuddle, just a little, during the day.

5. Why is today special?
Cast party for #SisterActSA at Joburg Theatre. It's all come together and opening soon. So proud to be working on it!

6. What would you like to learn to do?
Play the stock market. Amazingly, I've learned it's not something people like to teach, but one day someone will help me and not be afraid to lose my money.

7. What?s for dinner today?
Deliciously catered food at Joburg Theatre. Not complaining that I don't have to cook.

8. What are you listening to right now?
Country music, of course ... Miranda Lambert - Little Red Wagon

9. What is your favorite weather?
Real spring weather. Maybe you need a jersey, maybe you don't!

10. What?s the last thing you bought?
More of the Sorbet facial and body range. I'm loving it!

11. What are your essentials when traveling?
Spare set of contact lenses, comfy walking shoes, mobile charger.

12. What?s your style?
Wannabe cowgirl

13. What is your most challenging goal right now?
Finding my unique voice for my book so I don't get clumped onto the self help shelf with thousands of others.

14. If you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where would you like it to be?
Nashville, on Old Hickory lake.

15. Favourite vacation spot?
White River ... mountains!!

16. Name the things you cannot live without?
Being able to see the moon, my family (that included my cats) and candles

17. How was your childhood?
Crazy, but I only realised that after I grew up and was like, wow, we went through a lot as a family and made it through the other side!

18. What would you like to have in your hands right now?
The keys to office space.

19. What are you most excited for?
Tomorrow and the next and the next ... every day is getting more exciting!

20. If you could go anywhere in the world for the next hour, where would you go?
Italy ... just to eat ice cream!

21. Which countries have you visited?
USA, Italy, Germany, Austria, Netherlands, UK (London)

By the light of the Winter Solstice

As the sun fades and the usual ritual would be turn on the lights, I strike a match, one by one, until my home is lit with candles. It's the simplest reminder of the Winter Solstice & it's celebration of coming out of the darkening days and walking, slowly towards the light of spring.

Yule is the true Pagan name for today, where the fear of not making it through the winter, would begin to wane. The night sky would be the guide light and when this day arrived, they would celebrate the sun. The could see the "newborn" sun and they would celebrate!

For me, today is a time to reflect on the personal winter that we all go through and be grateful the "light" that we see at the end of our personal tunnel. So I keep the artificial light out and I take the time to be quite and reflect on what the past months have taught me and given to me.

My candles burn ... it's Winter Solstice!

My candles burn ... it's Winter Solstice!

I can't say it's been an easy one. Mostly, it's been my own wandering through my darkness and feeling lost and confused about who I am and who I should be. I've been quite, almost hibernating, just like it should be in winter.

Now I'm starting to see the light and this post is perfectly aligned. It's my first post, with my new blog categories, signalling a true spring is on it's way!

So by the light of slithery moon & the flickering candles, I'm taking a quiet Sunday to appreciate what it means to get through both a physical and a spiritual winter.

I wish you a Merry Solstice ...

The long road that led back to Me

I've struggled to write, for months. I've been stuck and everyone knows it. I know it and the message from people, asking why I'm so quiet and when I'm going to post another entry on my blog, they know it too.

I've been stuck for ages and have kept pushing at what I'm familiar with and what works. Project Me works!!

Project Me really works! Actually, it works so well that I've blossomed from this fragile bud into a blossoming human being. It's taken me from fragile human, cocooned?me for over a decade and allowed me time to emerge as a happy, conscious, successful woman.
Yet, the story of Project Me is about realisation and the steps I need to take to live each day as my own project. Could you explain to someone what driving is like, every single day of your life, and feel like a broken record once driving is mastered?

It took me months to have this astounding realisation, which got me so stuck that I haven't been able to work on the Project Me book.

I'm the human who chose the nature of pushing myself to the depths of frustration before the profound realisation arises. Why do I do that to myself? Who knows ... who cares! At the end of the day, it shifts me to another level, which is always perfectly timed.

So my realisation is that Project Me is a part of me. It's not all of me and it's not what defines me. I define me!!

jordanleahwordpressimageEvery time I opened my blog & looked at the WordPress theme I had chosen a few years ago, I couldn't relate.
Every time I wanted to write another profound realisation I had, I realised I hadn't had one. I'm now living a different chapter of my story, but I was forcing myself to write in the old one.

Honestly, I planned to revamp the blog months ago, but got suck in needing everything to be perfect before I changed anything. That's so old me ...

So I waited for new moon (because we know my alignment with all of The Universe) and I braved a scroll through different WordPress themes. I played around and changed it up.

I went back to JODENE as the URL and blog name and I've made Project Me a part of ME!!
There so much to me ... the writer, the entrepreneur, the speaker, the foodie, the girl who loves bubbles, the cat mom! All of this defines me and so I'm going to write about it all.

Nothing is complete, but I'm throwing it out into the world and I'm going to let it unfold before your eyes.
So many of you have made such impact along my journey and I can't begin to say thanks to those who have read Project Me, been a client, a friend, shared wine or a glass of bubbly with me, posted a pic of a cowboy or cheered me along my path.

With that love and support, I'm turning the page!
My blog has a new look.
The best part is that I chose a temporary theme and half the "pages" are empty, because I am having the blog professionally done, by the most amazing team (who deserve a blog post of their own in time) and my content management is also under the watchful eye of another incredible woman (who was the final push over the edge for me ...), but for now, I am just thrilled to have set myself free!

Thank you for the months of support, as I figured my way out of being stuck. Project Me helped me blossom into this new chapter, Defining Me and I can't wait to share all of me with you!

This calls for bubbly ... right?