Catherine Constantinides writes the forward for The Holistic Entrepreneur

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Catherine Constantinides

Catherine Constantinides

I don't believe in luck. However, I do believe in the conscious power to manifest and create anything we desire in life. The Holistic Entrepreneur is a book about just that, and in my manifestation, I'm most proud of the people I have attracted into my life. One, in particular, fills my heart and soul with joy, at having the privilege to know Catherine Constantinides.

I will never forget the day I met Catherine, in 2011. I was dabbling around in the prospects of social media and faking my way through entrepreneurship, when she attended one of my #FollowSA events. Oh the spark that bonded us from the moment we met, still sparkles bright and has kept us on an ever growing path of friendship and fans of each other's achievements. Humbled is another word that comes to mind, when I think of the amount of hours Catherine commits to every cause she holds dear and quest she surges forward with.

If you haven't had the joy of meeting Catherine, let me share a snippet of the latest press release about her:

Catherine Constantinides?has been chosen as one of the 2016 Mandela Washington Fellows under the US Department of State?s Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI).

As we celebrate Africa month and take this opportunity to highlight not only the challenges of our continent but the opportunities that exist, we also celebrate the achievements and milestones being achieved by young people across Africa?and their impact on the globe at large.

One such dynamic young leader is a trailblazer in her home country, South Africa;?as well as across the globe. No stranger to leadership platforms and thought leadership, Catherine now adds another exciting achievement to her unbelievable list of accolades.?

Catherine?will leave for the USA next month?with fellows from across the continent?as they embark on a?6 week?leadership training, including academic coursework, as an opportunity to hone their skills at a US higher education institution with support for professional development after they return home.?

The Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) is a signature effort to invest in the next generation of African leaders. Nearly 1 in 3 Africans are between the ages of 10 and 24, and approximately 60 percent of Africa?s total population is below the age of 35. President Obama launched YALI in 2010 to support young African leaders as they spur growth and prosperity, strengthen democratic governance, and enhance peace?and security across Africa.

Catherine was recently?awarded the Ubuntu Youth Diplomacy award from the South African government for her outstanding?work as an ambassador for the country across the continent and internationally.?Her work as an international climate activist, passionate humanitarian and social entrepreneur, this young lady has been acknowledged for a career that started when she set up her first business venture?at the age of 16. Her work on women empowerment in the environmental space has seen her organization grow from just working in South Africa to working in Zambia, Cote D ?Ivoire, Ethiopia and Namibia to name a few.

At the helm of the Miss Earth South Africa leadership?programme, Catherine is also Co-Founder of Generation?Earth, a social cohesion?advocate?for the Department of Arts and Culture?and a well-respected media personality. In 2015 she was invited as an?honourary?member of the Golden Key Society and was also nominated as one of South Africa?s 21 icons as part of an acclaimed TV series?honouring?great South Africans.?This leader is also an Archbishop Tutu African Oxford Fellow and has worked?tireously?over the past 18 months?on human rights violations in Africa with a firm commitment to bring justice to forgotten people across the continent.?

Catherine says; ?In order for us to unlock the potential of Africa, we must be committed to succeed in ensuring that human rights are an integral part of our fabric with a unified commitment and energy to move Africa forward as an economically stable and viable global competitor?.?

Catherine and JodeneIt is with absolute pride, humbled gratitude and overwhelming excitement that I extend the hugest thank you to Catherine, for finding the time to write the forward for my book. My dear friend, being witness to you tenacity and passion for everything you do, has been a beacon of light along my journey of entrepreneurship.

Although the days fly by and we keep promising each other a cup of coffee, and only manage to grab a ten minute phone call, before dashing off to our next adventure. I am so thankful to call you my dear friend and truly touched that you have made time to contribute to such a special part of my book, at a truly thrilling time in your life.

Although we won't find time to see each other in the US, the timing of our trips and that we'll both be in Virginia at the same time, is a magical reminder of our paths that will always be alongside each other. We're both out there, chasing dreams and I love that you play such a huge part in mine!

Follow Catherine's journey has she shares her daily stories of all she has set out to dream into reality:
Catherine on Twitter and Instagram

The Holistic Entrepreneur is due for release in September 2016. Please email if you would like a free copy upon release (limited offer)


How To Kickstart Your Day With Gut Loving Breakfast

All the best ingredients for a happy gut

All the best ingredients for a happy gut

I'm beyond chuffed with myself that it's nearly twelve weeks of clean eating. I hadn't intended on becoming most excited about having a loving relationship with my gut, in the process. Honestly, I'm like every other person, who obsessively Googles and searches for the best recipes to just lose the weight.

The number of people who have told me they tried to quit sugar and can't get past a few days has been some of my greatest inspiration. I've also had people tell me they sort of quit sugar, but can't go without a pizza once a week. Partial is not something I do ... but extreme isn't in my nature either. I've loved figuring myself out as I go from day to day, living sugar free.

I'm not partial, because I went the clean eating route, with no exceptions or days of giving in to the sugar craving. Clean eating is basically nothing processed or refined. It's all good, whole, healthy food OF ANY KIND. That brings me to the extreme part, which I'm not. Nature created everything we need to eat for a reason, so fruit, vegetables, whole carbs and certain dairy is my daily eating plan (in moderation).

Inserting my disclaimer here: I'm a woman, falling in love with a healthy and happy lifestyle of eating. I'm not a doctor, dietician, nutritionalist or passing on any who to, what to or why to. There are experts out there and I would much rather you listen to them, but I do hope my story and recipes inspire you!!!

Along my daily searching (thanks Google) for recipes and the impact different foods have on our body, I discovered a list of foods that are specifically good for our gut. I use the word, gut, a lot. When I say it though, I'm talking about intuition ... surely there's something in that? I will have to ponder for a while, which may very well lead to another post.

In the meantime, I found the best ingredients to kick start a morning with all the ingredients our gut loves the most. I'm a big fan of research and playing around with what I discover, so when I found the article, 7 Guts Cleansing Food to Add to Your Diet and I happened to love these seven foods.

One of the ways I have kept myself on track with my new lifestyle of eating, is experimenting with food. Most people who know me always comment on how busy I am, and I am. However, I have discovered how it's possible to manipulate time, when it's good for me. Finding time to keep my digestive system clear of all gluten, processed food and refined sugar has been quite incredible to watch in myself.

So, before I go to sleep at night, I prep my breakfast for the morning. After a cup of green tea (which has so many benefits), which I quietly sip on while watching the sunrise. I have become accustom to having my gut loving breakfast. I start my day early and have been surprised at how long I am full for. A biggie is that I eat, a lot. I can't understand how people have a cup of coffee and then lunch, hours later. Our bodies need fuel and I have truly learned to gage when it's time to eat ... and I eat.

The combination was a curious test in the beginning and now the mix of flavours has become a playful game in my mouth. After all there's sweet (the healthy kind), sour and spicy ...


1 x cup full cream or greek yoghurt
1 x small banana or 1/4 cup of blueberries (or both ... that's me one some days)
1/2 x a squeezed lemon
1 x tablespoon chai seeds
1 x tablespoon flax seeds
1 x teaspoon mama powder (it's pricey but it's a superfood and well worth it)
1 x teaspoon cinnamon
1 x teaspoon cayenne pepper
Stevia to taste

varient: Cook some quinoa and add it for an porridge like consistency

Layer the fruit at the bottom of a jar or bowl you can cover in the fridge, overnight.

In a separate bowl, mix the remainder of the ingredients. Taste it for sweetness and you should also pick up the sour and the bite from the cayenne pepper. Spoon it over the fruit and leave it in the fridge. The reason for that is because of the chai seeds and lemon, which create a delicious pudding like consistency.

In the morning, mix it all up and enjoy the taste sensation, knowing it's the first food to hit your gut ... and maybe kickstart a super intuitive, but definitely gut happy day.

My clean eating sources:
That Sugar Film
I Quit Sugar

Getaway to the Newly Renovated Sabi River Sun Resort

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View from the quiet bridge at Sabi River Sun Resort ... waiting for sunrise!

View from the quiet bridge at Sabi River Sun Resort ... waiting for sunrise!

The year started off as if there wasn't a moment of chill time in December and it's mind boggling to think that we are already creeping to the midway mark of 2016. I knew it was going to happen, so I made one simple resolution ... mini breaks! If I was to hop onto the hamster wheel of 2016, I was promising myself times to get off and escape the buzz of my career and the intensity of Johannesburg.

In my plan, was time to get away with people who need the break too, making a weekend away with my mom and ideal promise to keep to myself. I love road tripping, just far enough to feel as though I wouldn't want to drive back for a few days. Mpumalanga is that perfect distance. It is also close to the Kruger National Park and many other activities for families, couples or the solitary escape.

On the note of families, I was treated to that well deserved weekend away at the Tsogo Sun Sabi River Sun Resort, soon after the newly renovated resort was complete. We sampled a little bit of everything to do there ... starting with a massage!!

Eden Spa is a tranquil addition to the resort offering

Eden Spa is a tranquil addition to the resort offering

I don't know about you, but an escape from the world should always include time out for your body to unwind to the max. My diary is filled with things for me to do for myself, but a massage is never one of them. It's a timed gift that I was most grateful for at the tranquil Eden Spa, at the resort.

While you're unwinding, the resort is ideal for kids to safely explore and be entertained. It's filled with games and activities, which are far away enough for the silence of the spa to be absorbed.

When it comes to comfort, the rooms are quiet, comfy and have that welcome silence even though their are families and kids buzzing around the whole resort.

Food is another reason for me to want to escape from my life for a few days and I was most pleasantly satisfied for every meal. You see, I eat super clean. That means I don't eat anything processed or with added sugar and it's usually a touch impossible for me to eat out. It is always a pleasant surprise when there's a buffet with more than enough for me to indulge and thoroughly enjoy. That goes for everyone in the family, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Filled with activities at the resort, Hazyview is also buzzing with other exciting things to do, which are all a short drive away. We had the most amazing day at two not to be missed trips just outside of Sabi River Sun.

A rare experience to be up close and personal with elephants who are truly well cared for and loved

A rare experience to be up close and personal with elephants who are truly well cared for and loved

A few meters out of the resort is Elephant Whispers, for a rare experience indeed. Although some people may not agree with this opportunity to touch and explore the majestic elephant, I was most taken aback by how much love and care everyone has for these elephants. I truly believe that animals are instinctive and if they didn't feel the love and protection they have at the sanctuary, they would have responded completely differently to us humans. For the kids and the adults alike, I know this experience touched my heart and also gave me the opportunity to find a whole new world of respect for both our beautiful elephants and the people of the world who were born to touch the lives of an animal as powerful as this one.

The afternoon carried on with one of my favourite South African destinations ... heading into the Kruger National Park with Elephant Herd Tours and Safaris. Some experiences can't be put into words and doing a safari drive is one of them. I haven't been on one since I was a kid, despite driving through the Kruger in our own vehicle as an adult. There is something about the game drive experience that gives a whole different perspective on our national park.

I doubt this experience would have been as breathtaking with the windows rolled up in a car!

I doubt this experience would have been as breathtaking with the windows rolled up in a car!

The amount of wildlife we saw was incredible and because the resort is only about 20 minutes away, we stayed for as long as possible, watching the sun set as we drove out.

The experiences just keep coming, from watching the hippos at the end of the resort, playing golf, having sundowners, swimming, volleyball and even the real holiday fun of bingo by the pool. There truly is something for everyone at this welcoming, relaxed and hospitable city escape.

For more info on Sabi River Sun Resort and Tsogo Sun[/html]

Be a storyteller and win with #MyGoogleZA

IMG_0654I love telling stories and wouldn't be much of a teacher, writer or entrepreneur without them. On the other side of my self esteem, I wouldn't be much of them without Google either.

Confession time! Through all the bravery I display to the world, I have a fearful side of me that potential held me back from many dreams and opportunities in my life. You see, I'm a petrified traveler. Not only when I have to jump on a plane and land in a foreign country, but within my own hood and in my city and country.

I'm old enough to have ventured as an entrepreneur, before the days of Google maps and what a small amount of adventuring I did. I confess, I said no to events and meeting and trips because I was simply too afraid to get myself lost in the world. Irrational as it may seem, that's what fears are and it held me back.

Until ... Google Maps!

Enter a life changing App and engine and guide and hand holder through the big wide world. I remember the first day I had to head into the Johannesburg CBD with my new phone and it's amazing new feature. I had a navigator and she was going to make sure I was safe and didn't have to miss opportunities or adventures anymore. I was petrified and had my business partner on speed dial, because seriously, this Google mapping system, hanging around in my phone, could get me anywhere?

In a month's time I am flying to the USA for the first time, on my own. I can assure you that I would be doing this if I didn't know my Google maps navigator would be right by my side. We may use Google to simply search and think it's a magical tool, but sometimes it does way more than that. Sometimes it makes us bonder, helps us fall in love, gives us a gift we thought was impossible to find or provides us with an opportunity not possible before it could be Googled!

I'm sure you have a Google story too and I'm giving away an awesome Google swag hamper, including a Sony Xperia device, for the coolest story (300 words or LESS) you share with me on either Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Simply use the hashtag #MyGoogleZA and either tell your story straight on the platform or send me the link to where you have shared it. No # ... No Win ... AND your story could be featured in Elle Magazine too!

Some T's & C's

This is a South African based competition!!

Share your #MyGoogleZA story on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram and tag me in.


Comment on my Facebook post, Instagram Post or Twitter, with the hashtag #MyGoogleZA

Competition closes on 16 May, where I will select one winner who will receive a #MyGoogleZA Swag hamper and a chance for your story to be featured in Elle Magazine!

Have fun!!

What made me quit sugar

IMG_2419I don't have much willpower and have to confess that I was taking diet pills for the greater part of 2014 and into last year. No one knows that, because I was riddled with shame. When life go stressful, I turned to a homeopath for help, because it's part of my belief system that we have the ability to deal with certain parts of our health and life without modern medicine. Why I believe it's only a part of our lives and that modern medicine is vital to us, is another blog all together. The point of the story is that I confessed to the homeopath that I was taking prescription diet pills and I was desperate to get off them.

I'm a pretty healthy eater and have come from a place of being a size 46 to hovering between a 40 & 42 for well over ten years. I have managed to keep the majority of it off, but have always carried weight. Linked to my belief system (best described as pagan) I have always believed in avoiding anything foods which are too processed and trying to eat as natural as possible. The problem is, far too many people give their opinion and fad diets constantly sent me on a spin of confusion as to the best and worst things to feed my body.

Surprisingly, the homeopath sent me to an old school dietician, who took one look at what I was eating and told me the nuts, oats, full cream products and fruit had to go. Fat makes fat, was her comment to me and she went on to introduce cereal, fat free products and loads of sweet chilli sauce and cottage cheese into my diet. I was also put onto a protein shake, because I needed something to keep me full.

I wasn't full and I wasn't enjoying the vast change in my diet. I couldn't believe I was allowed rice krispies, but I couldn't have yoghurt and almonds. I questioned her a few times and needed a lot of convincing that the amount of processed food was actually good for me. I missed my old way of eating, but because I have always carried weight, I didn't trust myself to begin to know what is good for me and not.

However, I'm a morning person and haven't missed a sunrise in years. After a few months of eating the way the dietician set out, I was tired and I was getting myself down about nearly everything in life. I went back to chat to her again and, granted, there was a lot going on in my life, she told me to add more sweet chilli sauce to my meals.

Something wasn't sitting right and I also wasn't losing weight. I was starving, force feeding myself at free foods and missing sunrises. I went to her one last time and at this point I do have to say, I adore her. I felt supported and could see she truly wanted the best for me. She also absolutely believes in her way of eating, but it just wasn't working for me.

IMG_4803I couldn't go round in circles again, so I started where most of us do ... Google! I purely wanted to compare fat free with high fat diets and see which had more credibility. What I found was a Youtube video, documentary about sugar, called That Sugar Film. I watched with my full attention and then spent the next few hours literally horrified at what I was learning about all the hidden sugars in the food we eat. Then I unpacked my entire kitchen onto the counter and started to add up the sugar content in all the fat free products I had been consuming.

As I read the labels, I shoved them into a box and waited for the following day to get it all out of my home. I then watched another few hours of interviews and discovered Sarah Wilson and her book, I quit Sugar and began the daily process of living sugar free.

I've tried it all before, so I committed to only thirty days. I measured myself on the first day and swore I would wait one week before measuring myself again, but I only lasted a few days and I had already lost just over two centimetres around my waist.

The rest of the story has much unfolding to do, so follow me on Snapchat for the real inside into my world, or sign up to keep on journeying with me.