The Entertainer App in My Jozi

I have had an interesting week, where someone questioned my fulfillment of lifestyle, living in the big city of My Jozi. Johannesburg is a bustling metropolitan city, which doesn't have a sea view or the mountain either. It does have so much to do thought and The Entertainer App helped me realise that.

Quality of life was the topic and had me a little thrown, when I thought about all the things other people were doing, living by the sea, or in other cities around the world. The problem is, I'm a heart and soul Joburg girl. It took me a little while to settle into knowing that and now that I feel so rooted and grounded in the city I call home, I want to explore it more. That's an odd thing to say for a 40something year old woman who has lived here my whole life, but discovering The Entertainer sparked a new desire to adventure through Johannesburg.

The Entertainer App used to be a booklet and has totally moved with the times, into a slick and full app, loaded with two for one deals in Joburg and beyond. It's a party starter, with three coupons per outing and you can use all three at the same time, with six people happily splitting the bill for three.

With the great love I have for food and my constant run at being nominated best aunty by my twin nephews, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to use up as many coupons before this year is through.

As August is nearly upon us, The Entertainer has a great special of R295 for the remainder of the year. We all know that we're trying to find ways to stay within budget but still have fun ... and this is best way how that I've seen in a very long time.

If you join, let me know ... let's lunch or go bouncing ?

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The Joy of Losing Count in our Happiness

I haven't written for the longest time. Well, that's half true because I've created a book and whole lot more since I last wrote a blog post, which is a very different kind of writing. When I started Project Me, it was at blog post number 1 and my plan was to pick up where I left off, at over a thousand numbered posts. However, I've just had to embrace the joy of losing count, in our happiness, because happiness has no limits.

I meditate a lot and in my quiet time today, the rambling question was, are you succeeding because you are happy or are you happy because you are succeeding. In the ideal world of feeling like an enlighten human being, of course I want to say that I'm succeeding because I am happy. The truth is, one of the reasons I fell so quiet in my writing is that success hasn't been flowing as easily as I thought it would.

My book, The Holistic Entrepreneur, didn't fly into the hands of the hundreds I imagined would crave reading it and I have had a drop - not even a drizzle, but one drop - of speaker opportunities that have stemmed from it. If I were truly happy first and succeeding after, there should be more flow. The problem is, we are humans and we are loaded with emotions, which we are left to figure out  as we aimlessly wonder through life.

Because we struggle to master our emotions, we turn to the easier road of mastering our heads. Oh that's an easy one, because we plot and we plan and we can keep count. Counting was vital to me when I started this writing process. Funny enough, with my vlogs, I'm still counting. I'm counting because I believe and so do the majority of us, that reaching a set goal or target is going to make us happy.

My honest truth is that I believe it doesn't matter how many books of self we read or how much we meditate, visualise and say we are conscious, it will always be a daily toil to truly succeed because we are happy first. We will always count and will always be tempted to count, and I'm allowing myself to let that be okay. It's more troublesome to the soul to try fight through all the external jargon and "spiritual" solutions we think we have found ourselves, so eventually it falls quiet and we think we are doing a fabulous job at life.

Maybe, if it's messy and we've lost count, wondering through life, from one unexpected moment to the next ... maybe that's the secret to happiness and all the rest will follow.