The Co-Creation Journal

This is as new for me as it may be for you. It's only been a few days since I was drawn to begin my co-creation journal. I've journaled for years and after I completed writing The Holistic Entrepreneur, something shifted. I didn't want to do what I had been doing for so long. It got me stuck and it got me feeling unsettled. I had been doing to for so long and something inside me shifted.

In The Holistic Entrepreneur I talk about being grateful in the moment, not so much as constantly journalling about it. The combination of both worked for me for so long and then something shifted again. I know I will never stop feeling grateful in the moment and I will always sneak off to bathrooms and high five myself of hug myself so tight and say, "well done you!".

Of late, my focus has changed and I have been drawn, mostly by undeniable signs to discover the power of co-creation. It is a tricky thing to get our heads around the reality that we are the universe. We are all of the universe and we manifest from our energetic centers of the heart and our deepest feelings. That is why thoughts don't become things. The way we feel about thoughts is what turns into things. It's also the we try and create for nothing and expect miracles to happen. The more I've been trying to connect to my own understanding of co-creation, the more I've been drawn to keep a co-creation journal.

The trick is that there can't be plotting and scheming in it. The universe just doesn't work that way. This is what I've been doing ... I carry a small journal around with me and only once the co-creation has happened and I piece it all together do I get all excited about it and journal it. A great example is my dear friend Jenn and I planned to have a night out where we got dressed and had some fun. We picked this weekend but it never happened that we managed to plan anything. Life got in the way. Then yesterday I went to an all women's event (Women's month celebrations) and there were only four or five men in the room of over a hundred women. There stood a friend of my bestie, who now lives overseas. He was so excited to see me and invited to and whoever I wanted to bring to his birthday party tonight. Co-creation in full swing ... us two ladies had a reason to get dressed up, as energetically desired.

Another great examples is my team and myself each work a weekend on social media community management and then they take off the Monday. That day makes me stressed because our clients usually jump into action on a Monday and want things done, which I can do, but I would much prefer to do with my team. I felt it this week and had a silent moment of not wanting the stress anymore, so I decided to work on shifting my energy and basically getting over myself and my issues. Today, in our staff meeting, my team asked if they have to take a Monday off?? I halted the meeting ... I whipped out my co-creation journal and I told them that, of course not, they did not have to! Thank you me ... thank you universe.

I'm still playing around with the co-creation of all things and I do believe it's the tiny things which will make us realize we can create the bigger ones. The problem is we start with the manifestation of the total overhaul of life. Baby steps ... very conscious baby step.

Try it with me ...

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Adulting and the Inner Child

We have become so accustom to playing with the word, adulting, that it should be in the dictionary. I've checked ... it's not .. yet! Today I had a typical adulting vs the inner child kind of day and I didn't realize it while it was playing out.

Thanks to a chat with a good friend, I had such a profound realization, which helped turn a seemingly dismal day into a great one. My passion for life stems for the joy of being a business woman and I love what I do. Besides wishing I had more time to write, my career is right on track. I am grateful to have the passion and natural ability to steer my social media business in the right direction. The business owner in me knows that there are good and bad days. The business woman in me knows that there are emails, phone calls, conversations which no one wants to have, but which is part of business. The adult in me knows I can handle them, but my inner child does not want to. No one's inner child wants to. Like gravity though, we have that little person inside of us, whether we acknowledge it or not.

It helps to acknowledge it though, because there is inner strength in consciously growing. I know, the inner child doesn't like that growing stuff either, but as I was reminded today, no one likes the uncomfortable situations, but that is where the growth happens. If you told me I could remain the small business person I was or sometimes still feel, or I could face the challenges and allow my inner child to toughen up and be bold and brave ... I would choose bravery every time.

The real gem in this is how you nurture that inner child when it doesn't want to adult. A friend of mine once gave me big girl panties. They were huge and they were ugly, but I pulled them out of my drawer often. It was fun to take a look at them and then try do something brave and I think my inner child truly like that. There is a part of us who wants to know that it's okay to do the adult thing, but we have to acknowledge that part and we don't do that nearly enough.

It's time for that to change. It's time to be gentler with ourselves and to be kind to the fears because they aren't coming from the grown up. They are coming from the little you. How do you handle a scared little human around you? Ask yourself that and try be a gentler on yourself. I do believe there is amazing growth and higher highs to reach when we do.

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Sugar Free Peach Crumble Recipe

The moment I tell people I quit sugar nearly two years ago, they gasp at the thought of living sugar free. Yet, when I whip up a pudding or dessert, there is an equal gasp at how yummy it is. In this quick and easy peach crumble recipe, there are alternatives for different levels of sweetness. I also use gluten free oats, because gluten and sugar are very much linked. I will leave that to the experts to explain, so check out Sarah Wilson's blog post on Why I quit gluten when I quit Sugar.


Serves 4


4 semi ripe peaches
1 tbsp rice syrup/honey/pure maple syrup
1 tbsp mixed spice or cinnamon

1 cup gluten free oats
1 tbsp coconut oil
1 tbsp rice syrup/honey/maple syrup
1 tbsp chai seeds


Cut the peaches off the pip into eight pieces per peach. In a small shallow baking pan, place the peaches around in a circle until the pan is full.
Drizzle your choice of sweeter. For sugar free, rice syrup is the only option. It is less sweet, so if you are not so fussy go for the honey or maple syrup, which adds sweetness.
Sprinkle the mixed spice or cinnamon and bake in a pre heated over on 180 deg c. for 20 mins.

Just before the time ends, melt the coconut oil on low heat in a pan. Add the sweetner of choice and let it get hot. Throw in the oats and stir continuously until they go golden brown. Don't take your eye off it because once it's ready, it go brown quickly.

Remove the pan from the oven and evenly spread the oats, then sprinkle the chai seeds and return to the oven for an additional 20 minutes.

Serve hot and if you are eating dairy, pour on some cream. For the vegan/diary free alternative, use coconut milk.