2022 Energy Update: The Numerology and Astrology overview

23 December 2021
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My dedication to creating the monthly and weekly energy updates was sparked this time last year when the uncertainty that 2020 shook out foundation of faith. It has become a special part of my weekly ritual to enlighten you on the shifting energy of the numerology and astrology so that you have the awareness to consciously co-create with the universe. So here we are, a year later. Let’s see what next year holds for us.

The leading in of one number into another is important to acknowledge and in 2022, it is vital to understand what awareness and transformation you brought in from the 5 Universal Energy of 2021. Through the year that past, the focus was on a level of shadow work that called for us to find out who we are in our authentic traits. Finding the uniqueness of our nature and choosing the step into our own light was the energetic focus. Choice and change were where your bravery should have gone.

From the start of 2021, I was saying that we should be reflecting through the year and seeing all the places where we don’t recognise ourselves from when it began. It may be subtle changes, but there should be places through our life where happiness, fulfilment, and pride in who we are is evident.

It’s okay if you aren’t feeling much of this, because 2022 is here to help.

There are lots of 2’s in the energy next year and the Universal Energy is a 6, which changes the focus for us dramatically from 5 energy. We move from braving authenticity by testing our choices and watching the change, to seeing the impact of all the work we did on ourselves through 2022.

The 6 is all about balance and it’s heart, home and harmony centred. It’s going to be a year that puts to test the authenticity you discovered about yourself in 2021. Testing the boundaries of your power to choose and being determined to stay true to yourself may fulfil your heart, but does it keep your home, others hearts and your environment is equal harmony?

This is where the year may feel uncomfortable for us, because our work is to ensure that we don’t undo the hard work we put into ourselves the year before to keep the peace, make others happy or hold onto responsibility that may no longer serve us. You want to get this right, because following your heart and turning your desires to reality weighs on how you learn to put your needs first, while balancing all of life around you.

Family, friends and community is also going to be in the spotlight with this 6 Energy. The focus will be on healthy nurturing where we feel the balance between giving and receiving.

Other’s authenticity and seeing true colours will be another theme for the year, but it doesn’t have to see relationships if everyone has the safe space to be vulnerable and is nurtured to grow.

Home in all meanings of it will be in the spotlight, from the home you live into harmony in your home, and it could extend into seeing if the changes you embraced the year before reflects your style or feeling at home within yourself.

Very important is the focus on day to day living and balance. Our health and wellbeing, as well as our commitment to work and to play may be highlighted in ways that can’t be ignored any longer. This is an important call for you to be conscious of how in balance your life is and to understand that with the power of your inner will, you can change anything that will create a happier, healthier life for yourself and those you impact.

Not forgetting the 2’s through the year. This will bring consideration of others and sensitivity to each other’s needs into the spotlight. Partnering with healthy boundaries and watching for places of co-dependency will add a deeper personal responsibility to your consciousness in the 6 year.

Follow the monthly and weekly energy updates for me to assist you as I elaborate on how the numerology shifts through the year.

2022 is also an ideal time to brave personal transformation coaching with either myself or Greg, as one of the pillars of our guidance is to support you in honouring the balance you need and activating the will to do what serves you best.

Each month I also guide you through the key astrological events that have the greatest impact on your soul contract. The transits that create opportunity for you to meet more of your ego, develop your self-worth, become more of your authentic self and understand yourself better is always the astrological focus. Follow the BlogYouTubeApple or Spotify to keep up to date.

We will be looking at how to best use each Phase of the Moon as well as the Retrogrades through the year. Click on the links highlighted here to add these dates to your diary.

Pluto will have a major transit with its USA Natal Return, Jupiter will enter Pisces and the Lunar North Node will enter Aries, to name a few important transits. Knowing these gives you opportunities to be more conscious in your actions and reactions to life.

The Chinese Year of 2022 is the Water Tiger, with the energy of logic, determination and the desire for success flowing through the year. I will be sharing how to use this energy more consciously in the February 2022 Energy Updates and it will be integrated into the Monthly Membership.

All of this well be shared on a monthly and weekly basis on the blogYouTubeApple or Spotify.

We are excited to personalise these energy updates for you through our monthly membership, which will be launching early 2022.

Follow us on our social networks or sign up to the newsletter to keep up to date with the latest news.

Price Increase:
Prices on services will increase next year for all new clients. Past clients, you will receive a voucher code to use through the year for a discount on the increase.

Book before December 2021 to become a new client and you will have the advantage of the discounted price through next year. This is the ideal time to take advantage of the last few days of the December Special to then have discounted services through next year: Book your 2022 Numerology and Tarot for 33% discount. You receive the recording of your session, your personalised numerology report for 2022’s energy and the image of your tarot spread.  

A reminder that I am working through December for either the special on Tarot and Numerology or for your Astrology Natal Chart and Personal Transformation Coaching. If you have not connected with me want to spend some one on one time with me then book the 30-minute exploratory consult to ask me anything about our potential journey together.

To be in touch with us, pop an email to info@lifeology.biz

Find me on all social networks: FacebookInstagramTwitterClubhouseYouTube and your fave place to listen to Podcast – I am @JodeneShaer everywhere! 

On behalf of Greg and me, we wish you a safe, brave and joyful end of the year. Looking forward to another conscious journey around the sun with you in 2022.

Stay brave! 

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