2023 Numerology and Astrology: Make The Most of The Universal Energy

24 October 2022
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To pick a theme for this 2023, it would be the year of the unknown, calling for us to explore all aspects of life and end the year wiser in many ways.
Don't expect a fast-paced year because the slower energetic pace will ensure we have to analyse our beliefs to get to the root of the cause of any discontent.
This year’s planetary ruler is Neptune, which makes a core theme the questioning of our faith.
Testing faith to get to the deeper truth of who we are may give the impression that this is a tougher year, but only if we have not questioned our innate connection to our faith, religion and spirituality.
It does not have to feel like this year is putting us to the test if we truly talk the talk. Otherwise, we will be driven to ask ourselves if what we truly believe was handed to us or if it is our deepest, personal truth and belief.
The slower energy is needed because if we don’t take the time to go deep, we won’t find the truth needed to carry us through to the next few years and won’t have learned enough to confidently prepare for the ending of a 9-year cycle in 2025. Yes, this year is calling for preparation for the way you consciously brave embracing the upcoming years.
The 7 is the number of the hermit and gifting ourselves with personal time of introspection because learning is vital this year.
Although the learning could be to develop our education or skill in some way, it will also be focused on learning the most we can about ourselves. Watch for the distraction of learning things that take up time and distract from the depth we should be going into to learn about ourselves.
Our inner guidance system and intuition will be fine-tuned through the year. Relationships will play a part with the focus on integrity on both sides. If we are not acting with pure intention and respect for others, the places where we are out of integrity will be uncovered. This is an important part of personal growth, as everyone acts in esteem, we feel we are worthy.
This is deeply unconscious and ego-driven, with the energy of this year ensuring we find the wounds that caused any behaviour with hidden motives or secrets and lies. On the other hand, if we allow ourselves to trust our sixth sense, we will intuitively filter through those not aligned with our integrity.
Therefore, letting go of what and who no longer serves us will take bravery. This will also include any bad habits or addictions that come to the surface.
This year gives us the opportunity to search into the depth of our careers, relationships, finances and life choices to live a happier, more fulfilling life. We are called to see our potential and the potential of what we wish to create for ourselves in a 7 year. This is only possible if we allow our minds to change and let go of inflexible beliefs and actions.
Always remember that only your potential must be the focus. The hermit will call to turn inwards and know that only we have the power to change anything. Getting lost in any kind of hope of another’s potential could destabilise our intuition and faith because we are not so powerful that we can impact anyone else’s choices and actions. No, love is not enough.  
Being critical thinking and spiritually intuitive should be in balance and this is the year to fine-tune how to balance the two through all areas of life.
Watch for misunderstanding the feeling of loneliness throughout the year. It is the energy of the year that gives us the opportunity to be self-focused, and to meet ourselves more innately.
Don’t get distracted by the outside world, unless it is for searching into yourself and witnessing who you are when you are in the world.
To truly use the year well, become spiritually curious and play into different modalities. Working with the planets, doing alternative healing, being in nature more and becoming deeply connected to all the elements is a calling this year.

To personalise the numerology and align your life path number as well as working with your personal year (your day and month added to the universal number)  to the energy of the year, book a numerology reading. If you would like to, Jodene’s tarot cards are close by and add to the messaging of the year. Otherwise, book your 2023 full tarot spread reading.

For a glimpse into the astrology for the year, we have a busy January with three planets, Mars, Mercury and Uranus, going direct and releasing some old energy from 2022.
March is significant with Saturn retrograding back to Pisces and Pluto entering Aquarius for a short while.
Although we start the year in Mercury retrograde, the first full retrograde is in April.
Pluto retrogrades and Jupiter enters Taurus in May.
June is the month of retrogrades with Pluto moving back to Capricorn, and both Saturn and Neptune retrograding.
July is the start of deeply focused self-love and healing with the movement of the Lunar Nodes, Venus and Chiron retrograde.
In August, Mercury goes retrograde again and so does Uranus.
From September to December, we could feel ourselves gearing into action as 6 planets go direct again.
Of course, what is an end of the year without a final Mercury retrograde?

Through the year, the astrology and numerology are powerful tools in the way Lifeology coaches you through the changes you wish to see in your life. It makes transformation far more conscious when you know how to use the energy of the times to your advantage and having your astrology birth chart as the compass is beneficial.

Book a 30-minute exploratory session with Jodene if you are curious about how numerology and astrology play such a strong role in your personal growth, but you have questions before you commit to a session.

You don’t have to put off your journey of self-discovery because of finances, with our #PayWhatYouFeel* and pay what can afford the pricing structure.
*Every consultation has a minimum charge

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