93 on Jan Smuts - project me day 283

12 October 2010

Sadly my enthusiasm about sitting up and typing my blog wasn?t enough for it to happen because yesterday?s adventure took a little more strain on my body than I had realised. But Greggie has come to the rescue and is typing for me because yesterday?s experience is truly one that I want to share. (Thank you Greggie).

It took the whole day of emotional and mental preparation knowing that I had to attempt to be as sparkling a personality as I could because this meeting was a great opportunity for Lifeology in so many ways.

It?s amazing that some of the most beautiful places in Joburg are not even that tucked away and on the main road of Jan Smuts Greggie and I got to explore the most exquisite lifestyle hotel I have had the privilege of seeing. 93 on Jan Smuts was saved by the heritage association and turned into an exclusive 5-star, all the bells and whistles, hotel. The rooms are ridiculously gorgeous with white linen, fluffy pillows, and a shower definitely made for two. The hopeless romantic in me always dreams about heading hours out of the city for one of those perfect little naughty weekends. Sadly I felt very single but the mixture of the wine, medication and the Libran personality knows that this is the ultimate hideaway that I intend to share with someone special. Who knows who and who knows when but I do know where.

Of course what stole my heart most of all were the two gorgeous doggies who charged around the huge garden with bones the size of dinosaurs. Way at the bottom of the property is one of those ?Sound of Music? gazebos and if, at any point, I seemed a little lost in all the business chatter it was because I was daydreaming about a star-lit dinner with a gorgeous cowboy (as Greggie types and rolls his eyes).

I grew up in Saxonwold and when we went into the main house and the smell of antiques filled the air I thought of my dad and how much he would have loved this place, especially the conference facilities with a boardroom table that reminded me of the old dining table we had.

We sat on the gorgeous patio making business plans and my mind rumbling with social networking opportunities in the company of Marius, who is by far the most charming manager and host. Greggie always calls me ?inappropriate? but I could see the twinkle in Greggie?s eye before he even expressed it and he was kind enough to make sure my back was being good to me because he was not leaving without sampling a dish or two, whipped up by Hendra. I did panic that my back was not going to hold out for the dinner but in such an exquisite setting with such charming company and a meal from heaven, my pain totally subsided for a while. Of course Greggie was right and Hendra proved why this hotel is worth that 5-star rating.

I might have been slightly inappropriate in expressing my love for cowboys but the conversation was perfectly timed for Greggie to lose himself in the much anticipated chocolate brownie with homemade vanilla ice cream. That?s the closest to heaven a girl?s gonna get but I know he doesn?t share well and secretly the pain had already started to set in and I could feel that I was starting to lose my sparkle.

I?m proud of myself that it was my intention to write this blog when I got home last night but I could feel that my body had done the best it could for one day. I?m even prouder that I?m taking it in my stride and I?ve resigned myself to the fact that although the healing process may be slow, project me has taught me that my mind, my consciousness, my sense of humour and my attitude are the very things that will pull me through and keep me going.

8 comments on “93 on Jan Smuts - project me day 283”

    1. It was so spectacular and I thought of you when you took all your pic of your food on holiday with Bo! Seems so silly but so much fun!
      I miss you like crazy girl! Can't wait for a catch up!

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