A calendar full of all I've created - project me day 843

24 April 2012
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I'm starving! I'm also too tired to cook! I'm certainly not complaining!

So while I wait for my brother to visit with take aways, here's my story on a day that filled my diary for the next few months, boosted my self esteem and will go down in the books as a day where I can say, 'you did it kiddo!'

It didn't start off like that. It started off at 3:45am with my wide awake and trying to have a rational conversation with my mind. It was stressed out and nervous for day to break, but that other part of me (the conscious part) was going through a long list of things to be grateful for. Amazingly, there has been a big shift in events over the past few days and I have so much less to be concerned about. Yes, I'm talking mainly finance, because we know how that can keep a person awake at night. But the pitches are flowing, the events are generating money and our financial support has told us to calm down and just continue to make things happen. So I've decided that I simply wake up in the middle of the night on autopilot that calls for distressing?thoughts (something to work on in the hours ahead of me).

My day always begins with kitty cuddles (after man cuddles that is), coffee made by the best fiance I could ask for and then a stroll through my diary.

Wow, it's full!!!

Amazingly, all I am is excited.

Okay, that's half a lie ... because I can't lie that I'm a little nervous too.

I'm not kidding that the diary is full and the events just keep finding a new date to fill up. That's not with one client that we've secured yet and I know life has the amazing sense of humour to throw a major one in when the mayhem hits. Today I shared this with a friend and inspiration of mine, Melanie Minnaar who is the founder of the Twitter Blanket Drive. She reminded me that on my 500th day of blogging, I didn't have the exposure, following, or any plans to this extend ... but I'm still SO NOT complaining.

I can't believe I'm at the point where I need a to-do list for every event ... and then the general one. Between our first #FollowSA event in Durban, a #FollowSA event to collect blankets for #TBDZA (and committees hosting events in Cape Town & Durban), Melanie asking me to be an official host for the main collection day (or did I volunteer??) ?AND a charity singathon for Nkosi's Haven ... this all before the 3rd of June ... let's say I'm getting what I asked for.

I can feel the smile growing, my esteem lifting and my heart lightening with every word I type, because I did ask for this and we always get what we ask for ... even if we wish we didn't!!
Before, I would have been in a state and doubting that I could cope at all, but then I look beside me and I'm surrounded by countless people who believe in me and will stand by my side to make sure anything I dream of comes true.

Of all the events, clients or followers I manifest, nothing will compare to my realisation that staying within my integrity, living my truth, empathising with those who don't get me and thanking those who do, has laid the foundation to all I am today.

Um ... I think I need a bigger diary though ... because this is just the beginning!!


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