A day from hell - project me day 658

25 October 2011
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It's damn hot and for a goddess girl I shouldn't be cursing the weather so much.

Moving sucks for some reason, this time around and I'm in a total tizz. I have a deadline of 2 article for the end of the week and people on my case for stuff ...

Honestly, I want to weep today!

I've been driving around for painters, packers, you name it.

And the worst part is that it's Pat's birthday and I didn't even manage to buy him a candle to shove into a slice of dry bread.

I'm mortified. I didn't have one moment to get to the shops to buy ingredients for a meal and nothing I planned, did I manage to do!

Sigh ...

So I got a whole lot of snacky stuff from good ole' faithful Woolies and I'm throwing a blanket on the grass and eating under the stars ... I guess I still found a glimmer of living with courage (hell yeah), consciousness ( um ... ) and a damn good sense of humour!

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