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17 December 2012
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It's a few days into single and I'm torn between the gratitude that it's a public holiday weekend or wanting to be swallowed up by work. Seeing as though it's like a ghost town all around me, I settled for spending a quite weekend at home. It's amazing how understanding everyone has been around me because I've cancelled a few events and literally relaxed with my mom and cats until this morning.

Timing is everything and I've been patiently waiting for my day of bonding ... James Bond-ing!
Today was it and my special little sis and her hubby went with mom and I to finally see Skyfall. I've been a Bond fan (except for that Pierce guy) but my heart so lies with Daniel Craig and I loved every single second of it. Amazingly, I could totally switch off and get lost in the story, snacking on my weigh-less snacks and finding much gratitude in so many shirtless scenes.

But movies come to an end and reality comes rushing back pretty quickly.
It's amazing that any slight act of kindness from anyone sets off a flood of tears. So I cried in the line of the movie when my brother in law put his arm around me. I cried when they bought me extra ice cubes for my slushy. I even cried in the queue to pay when my sister handed me some money just because.
I'm so grateful that I have the family I do, especially my little sis, who I loved spending the day Bonding with. She is married to one of the sweetest men on earth and I shed more tears when he double checked with me if he could keep in touch with Pat at the same time that Pat said he was hoping he would hear from his Billy (The called each other that from Brother in Law ;p)
I'm not like that and I truly believe that everyone formed their own bond with Pat and I know we both need people around us now. Of course, knowing they have such a special bond just made me cry even more ... I think that was standing in the queue to buy popcorn.

I know everything happens for a reason and I know that both of us will be okay down the line, but I get the feeling I'm far from done crying.
Pat and I messaged a lot of the day away yesterday and all I have wanted is for us not to be enemies. So far so good and I'm holding out that we just adjust the undeniable bond that we have.

Okay so I'm in a heap, so I'm going to cuddle with my cats, with whom I have the most precious of bonds ,,,

Oh, I have some exciting news for you ... I'm like just under 2kg away from 15kg down this year. I could never have done it without discovering my self worth and turning my attention onto me, my happiness, my health and the special bond I have with myself.

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