A few of my favourite things - project me day 150

1 June 2010

After an emotional and strenuous time I finally decided to take a little responsibility off of myself and ease up on me. First things first was to get hold of the doc and admit that I need help in sorting out the imbalance in the sugar levels. It needs controlling and the erratic emotions and depression have been the trigger for that truth.
Secondly, I had a long talk to Greggie and spilled my fears, frustrations and tears. I admitted some shameful (only because I made them that way) things ... Like I've been living on rescue remedy for weeks now ... and then cried some more.
And thirdly .... I decided that it's time to shift the focus back to the hopeful, positive and fun purpose of this life journey and want to just think about all the good things. So here it is ... a few of my favourite things:

Kind of music: Country ... but I have to throw in my love for boy bands
Song: One song? I'm Libra, that's so unfair. It would have to be Drive by the Cars
Season: Spring, so it's just warm enough.
Holiday (and why): 24 September (Heritage Day) 'coz it's by birthday - tee hee
Thing about myself: Again ... only one thing? My sparkling personality. Okay ... and that I cook so well and talk so much!
Movie: No fair ... one ... um ... Under the Tuscan sun
T.V. show: House M.D (But trust me, it's not the only one I watch)
Alcoholic beverage: Cosmopolitan
Non-alcoholic beverage: Cola tonic and Sprite Zero (But I do go for water and lemon first) ... Hang on, does tea apply here?
Meal: Home cooked by me ... I still think I make a cracking pasta ... the real Italian way.
Dessert: OMG ... Ice cream is just fine on its own ... or with hot apple pie
Fruit: Frozen grapes
Vegetable: I love my veggies, but it's gotto be sweetcorn
Newspaper cartoon: Zapiro
Way to unwind: Listening to Country music, lying on the bed with my hand patting my tummy like everything will be ok.
Position (Yes, that one!): Hmmm ... Where there can be eye contact. I'm more into passionate than kinky.
T.V. cartoon: Tinkerbell ... but she's actually my favourite actress 😉
Manner of dress: Jeans and a comfie top.
Scent or smell: Hmmm ... My 'spirit guide' incense and melting butter in a pan
Word: One word for a girl who got double the quoter of anyone else? Eeeeek ... that's not the word. PASSION!
Thing That Flies: Dragons!
Thing to Do When Nervous: Country music ... again! Pace up and down if I'm not with the music and eat ice cream if all else fails
Planet: The one that I come from ... I don't know where the rest of ya'all hailed from 😉
Reason for Laughter: At life
Children's Book: AA Milne's original Winnie the Pooh
Bad Fashion: Easy ... the bubble dress
Author: Paolo Coelho
Band: Bon Jovi (through the good and the bad hair days)
Ice Cream: No fair ... I can say I don't like chocolate ... otherwise I can admit that I did a double scoop a day for over a week when in Italy. No flavour repeated ...
Experience: Life is one experience after the next ... I could never choose
Website: Facebook ... dah!
Teacher: Mrs Smith ... my Grade one teacher.
Feeling: Hmmmmm ... nudge, wink!
Place you have visited: Italy ... Between Rome, Tuscany and Venice ... a girl could never choose
Answer to a stupid question: Ke??? (Emanuel from Fawlty Towers)
Useless item you own: I can't think of a thing. Denial ... I'm sure
Precious possession: Most of my sentimental things burned when my family home burned down in 2004 ... so precious is now life and love! Great lesson!
Day of the week: Monday ... Monday Morning meeting and lunch at Mugg and Bean.
Way to spend a rainy day: With someone special and a house full of food so you don't have to leave. The rest is ... once again ... hmmmm (Keith Urban sings a song about that called Raining on Sunday)
Thing to spend money on: Food to cook for people I love
Gift you have given yourself: The fighting spirit to never ever give up
Gift you have received: The cheesy one is the gift of being smothered in love by some very special people. The material is the athame my dad gave me for my alter ... recognition of the acceptance of who I am.

10 comments on “A few of my favourite things - project me day 150”

  1. You don't like chocolate ice cream?!?! How dare you! 😀

    Great list my friend.
    My recent post Behind

    1. Hahahahaha .... actually, it's a compliment to chocolate 😉 I think it's wasted all mushed up into ice cream! But then you know by now how loopy my rational mind is! Yay ... off ot read your blog ... missed you my friend!

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