A global Mashable message on Social Media Day - project me day 546

1 July 2011

It truly was an honour to received this message especially sent to all event organisers for the second annual social media day celebrations around the world.
It was even more thrilling to watch the conference room at the Crowne Plaza Johannesburg fill with familiar Twitter faces. But of all things, it was one of my proudest moments when I looked around and acknowledged that I had made this event all happen. Never taking away from the help that each and every person gave me to get to that point, but yesterday truly was my moment.

I don't take that moment often and far a 'project me' goes, putting myself in the spotlight and knowing that every Tweet, blog post, follow, comment and bold move I have made has now been recognised on an international scale, I felt one step closer to truly living my dream.

Press releases will come out, news and info will continue to flow through about this event and tomorrow I will be posting all the pictures right here, but for now, I just want to share my own global message. I want to savour the 'project me' moment and one of the most powerful messages that I have to offer.

Each one of us has something unique to offer the world that no one else can. Each one of us has our own formula that no one can ever recreate even if they hold the same ingredients. Greg taught me a very important lesson about this and he always uses Sony and JVC as his example. He always reminds me that sony created the betamax and kept their formula hidden from the world. On the other hand, JVC created the VHS and shared that formula with the world until it totally dominated and eventually completely overshadowed and took down Beta.

I watch that every day in the world of online and see how we are so afraid to share our fomulas and gather in clumps of bloggers, social media experts and sources of information from many other fields (somehow I do think that it is more of a South African mentality) because we are concerned that our information will be stolen and used.

I have a very dear friend who trademarks and hides everything they do. We battle to find out what people charge and if ever I need to find contract information I always have to refer to international sites where the laws don't apply here.
This all speaks of what we are afraid we are going to lose if we give too much of ourselves and our knowledge.

Give it! Give it all because even if someone recreates your fomula there is something within you that is so unique that you will never lose your happiness, abundance or uniqueness.

I stood up on that stage last night and knew that people all around the world were doing the same thing. Before, I would have felt insignificant because countries were bigger, bloggers were more well known, Twitterers had thousands more followers and other people got more exposure and support. But this journey of 'project me' has given me the very global message I want to share with you today.

Project me ... the blog and the living ... has highlighted my uniqueness. It has shown me that I have a story to tell different to everyone else in the world. No greater or lesser story ... just a different one! The different is my unique and that unique makes me fearless in sharing my knowledge and what I have learned.

Not so long ago someone else in the UK started a blog called 'project me'. He got hold of me and said he was inspired by me. A friend asked why I had not trademarked the name and prevented that from happening. My response is that I wish every person started a 'project me' account. I wish every single person told their 'project me' story. Because each story is unique and no matter what, there are enough people in the world who want to hear my story ...

Tomorrow's blog will be filled with thanks and pictures of the event ... but for now ... I hope you know how very unique you are?

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    1. Thank you so much my friend. It's always that much more special having you by my side!! Love you madly!

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