A good old to do list - project me day 760

31 January 2012
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Admittedly I didn't wake up feeling much better than I had gone to sleep. Feeling sorry for myself and wanting some magic want to rush through time and get me to the point where there aren't financial stresses and I'm done breaking into the industry, with a flush bank account.

There's something very special about the person in your life telling you to get over yourself, get your ass out of bed and dragging you off to your business partner's house even if your bottom lip is dragging behind the car.

In all my frustrations, I still had a business brainwave last night and told that to Greggie first before being a total drama queen and telling him I didn't want to carry on anymore. Of course I do ... we all know that by now.
I did have a mission today. I had to catch up on a whole lot of work that I didn't get through because of my lower than low day yesterday. It had to do with a lot of emails for 'your project me story' that is seriously going live on air this Sunday. We also have the first Cape Town #FollowSA event on the 17th and I haven't even begun to get through the list of South African peeps in the Mother City that I need to invite. Greggie and I were talking today and we know that in the end I won't have to send out dozens of invites to the #FollowSA events because everyone will be keeping their eye out for them.

I've tried to do the to do list in outlook and I've also tried to keep on on my phone. There was even a Google option and the bouncing between pages or not being able to scribble off a list when the task is complete, well there is something so unsatisfying about that. So at the beginning of the year I went back to the good old fashioned black book that would be the home to all my tasks and chores for the year. It goes with me everywhere and I make notes and scribble them out as soon as they are done.

The more I scratched off, the greater I started to feel about me, Lifeology, life and everything in between. The paper list isn't the only old fashioned thing about me. I know everyone sees me Tweeting and finding my days filled with the social media space, but boy do I still love making that phone call. My day was filled with to do's that started with, "Call ..." and I got to them all today. It was most exciting connecting with everyone in Cape Town who are making the Tweetup come to life. It's great to be carrying the vibe that Joburg had last week onto the sister hotel, Fire and Ice Cape Town in two weeks time. Calls, calls, calls and long chats stepped up the mood and confidence yet another notch.

It's very seldom that there are days when Greggie and I don't have meetings and today was an absolute treat. It was so great to do the #FollowSA press release and not have to stop to go anywhere or do anything in between. We need more days like these. Actually, I think that we need to take a day a week where we don't make any appointments and it's all about admin and more admin. I'm not guaranteeing that Greggie had as much fun as me, but seeing as though my first job ever was a PA, I'm assuming that some part of my soul will always find comfort in a healthy to do list and a whole pile of admin to sift through!

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