A kleenex for every occasion - project me day 594

18 August 2011

I've discovered that I have the best time when I suspend expectation and grab the moments to leave the world behind, which I certainly don't do often enough.

In the span of about 20 minutes I have two special peeps, who I met along my Twitter journey, tell me that they have been concerned about me. Yep, I've been concerned about me too but for friends to be noticing it in my blog and taking me to lunch to check how I'm doing, well that caught my attention.

To be honest, the only thing I should be doing is the one I'm avoiding most of all ... crying!
Believe it or not, only a small portion of those tears would be sad ones and rest would be filled with gratitude, happiness and being freakin' proud of myself.

Surrounded by the most gorgeous ladies who have united into special force of friendship and encouragement, I did my best to forget about the world for long enough to be a Jozi chick in a crowd of Twits and get totally lost in a girlie movie.
First off ... kudos to me because it was my first girlie event where I didn't have Mr Unexpected on my arm. I felt so grown up and almost needed a kleenex moment when talking to my friend, Liza, about falling in love with my friend.

Movies always come along at the perfect time and I'm a strong believer that people have the potential to change by living the very things I share in 'project me'. It might have been slow and it's still happening, but I've changed and sometimes I don't realise just how tough it is to make those changes and never cut myself slack when a box of Kleenex wouldn't be enough to mop up the tears I want to cry.
Crazy stupid love was that perfectly timed movie! Okay, it was a whole lot of predictable Hollywood, but it was also a whole lot of real life too. Real life that I needed to see. Real life that had me clinging to my kleenex with each realisation that love is not textbook. Love is not simple. Love is not smooth-sailing. But most of all ... love is not a waste of time!!

One hysterical scene from Crazy Stupid Love

I expected to cry my way through the movie and was convinced that my crazy Twitter friends would shed a tear or two with me, but the only thing those kleenex were used for was the drool with every scene that had us girls gasping at the gorgeousness of Ryan Gosling. Yes, he's that hot and an incredible cast in conjunction with the?ridiculously?gorgeous smile, body, eyes ... did I say body ... of Ryan Gosling allowed me to do it. I totally escaped and took the breath I needed thanks to some awesome women in my life and brands like kleenex that embrace the power of social media and took us away from our men, our families, our work, our worlds ... for a much needed moment!

A special thank you goes to some magical women in my life and a real kleenex moment when I think of all the love and support. To Sam Robinson from Sabio Communications, the ladies from Ofra Cosmetics and my Twitter-sisters Pixel Slave and Loud Liza. We all need someone to believe in us and I'm blessed to have so many of you ... now pass me a kleenex!!

6 comments on “A kleenex for every occasion - project me day 594”

  1. A good cry can do wonders just to let you release pent-up emotion ... I did just that this week and went from feeling sooo low to feeling like my old self again 🙂 And friends definitely help too!

    1. Nothing like a good cry and I'm realising that I have permission to do it more often than I allow myself ... and maybe with a friend or two would make me feel even better!! I'm glad u r being kind to urself hun!

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