A little girl day - project me day 460

5 April 2011

I have sore eyes, a sore finger, a sore throat AND I'm sneezing like 20 times in a row. I feel 5 again. I'm also giggling at life and feel like I'm playing all day. Undeniably, my days have been filled with big girl stuff, but the little girl in me keeps taking over. Some of the hostage take over by the free spirited little me is very good, but others can be a tad frustrating.

Like ... getting no more than a few hours sleep because I cough from excitement. Well, I cough when anything cause anxiety and in a little girl's world there wouldn't be much difference between excitement and anxiety. Well, the point is that there are so many exciting things happening with one of Lifeology's products: Organic Orgasm and the big decision was officially made to re-brand it to Organic O! The opportunities are also gushing in and I have been handed a very big project and business opportunity that I have to run with as of about half an hour's time. Oooh ... doesn't it all sound like such fun. Well, if only my little girl reaction wasn't total sleepless nights with ideas that could well be handled in the morning and coughing fits that only little girls would have from the mind charging around like a crazed kid!

I had to deal with going to the old house for the last time. I can't believe just how quickly the builders moved in and there were just empty shells of rooms that was once my home. I had no intention of going back but everything always happens for a reason and my little girl heart would have broken if, down the line, I had realised that the jar my father bought me for my crystals and a 1960 copy of Wuthering Heights had been left behind.

It was a little girl lunch with my bestest friend, served with the most delicious bowl of ice cream. My only wish was that I were still a little girl height so I could have swung me legs back and forth while giggling and eating my dessert.

I got a splinter in my finger! Yes, a real, ouch splinter that had to be dug out by a very princely man. Mommy tried first but it was getting dark and she was kinda looking like it was a stab in the ... well, you get the picture. So you can imagine my relief when I got rescued.
I can't figure out whether it was the wine (that I drink like little girl juice) or the fact that I was whining like a little girl, that made me blush like I was about 16 again. Oh, it could have been the whole damsel in distress and princely prince rescuing me thing that did it, which could have been avoided had my best friend any more patience and offered to dig it out for me in the first place.

I taught last night and think I might have giggled at?inappropriate?times. I shamelessly announced to my students that I have a big dragon who is with me all the time. I didn't bother to confirm her presence when a certain student bumped his head on window frame (I just winked at her and thanked her for the little intervention). I felt little girl moments of sadness when I realised that not everyone knows there are fairies, goblin and dragons?amongst?us.

... and best of all ... I ate far too much chocolate, without any adult supervision ... and far too close to bed time 😉

PS ... the sore eyes is the 15 year old who took no responsibility and ordered my contact lenses too late, so now the once that are expired and gross have caused a little eye infection. Yep, it's the truth!

4 comments on “A little girl day - project me day 460”

  1. And no mention of the risotto that I cooked with such love and care while you were having your finger 'operated on'? 😉

    Thanks for your help last night. This is what I love about the archetypes - every time we teach it I learn more about myself.

    My recent post When health becomes an addiction

    1. I shall put it on my Facebook status and Tweet it to make up for the total oversight of the unbelievably delicious dinner! It's not a competition or anything ... but just wait for next Friday 🙂

    1. Tee hee hee ... sometimes I need to see you laughing at me to think I'm more of a giggle than a brat!!

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