A little more revealing - project me day 345

15 December 2010

The traditional maypole of Pagan descent.

I've done a little bit too much sitting at the computer today but the?temptation?was too much to resist. Firstly, I know that we are heading to silly season and less people are going to be online and opting to read blogs over drinking eggnog and eating turkey. Secondly, everyone is going on holiday and won't be online to talk to as much. Considering that I have done my seaside holiday and I don't get a holiday away from a?commitment?to daily blogging. I decided to indulge in both blogging and chatting today.

Granted, I did have to take an anti-inflammatory for the first time in nearly a month, but I'm also coughing like a ... um, what do you cough like? Well, I'm coughing that much. I've worked out that as long as I don't cough while sitting or lying on my back then I don't feel it in my back. Well, obviously I learned that the hard way.
The up-side is that I'm blogging early and climbing into bed to watch yet another cheesy Hallmark movie. The weather is ideal for it. Holy moly, it's been freezing today. It's supposed to the height of Sunny South African weather at the moment and I've been in socks and a tracksuit all day while drinking cocoa and snuggling under a blanket while I work.

Have I said how stoked I am about my blog stats? I don't know what is changing, but over the past two days I have had nearly 100 more visits than usual. I'm loving it and that inspired me to want to write more. I give 'project me' a lot more attention than my 'teaching blog', but the writing is very different. When I teach, it's a lot more thought out and takes me a good few hours. I needed those hours today and am ending my day with such a sense of achievement. I think I wrote a great one too: Lies: Snow is the only thing that should be white this time of year. Tee hee ... I love it!

It took ages to write because so many people were online to chat to. I made plans with Irvin and Hustler Girl for tomorrow. Well actually, Irvie is bringing me cheesecake for tea and then we are going for lunch and Hustler Girl couldn't resist missing out on that. I keep mentioning how I love that one friend never minds the other gate crashing and there seems to be a lot of that lately.
On that note, Greggie is out of town and I had to double check with him that he didn't mind a few guests for New Year's Eve. You see, the damn firecrackers scare his doggies and so we always celebrate at home. As I've told friends I've ended up inviting one or two ... and now three ... Greggie, Gypsy is coming too! Tee hee!

With arrangements set, I ended up chatting to two special friends who don't even know each other, yet I ended up talking to them both about the same thing. We chatted about our motto for next year. It's a rough one for me considering I already took this year to have fun every day and do one thing that scared me. The ideas got a bit hair-raising, but then it kind of settled into me sharing a part of my life that I don't necessary share enough of: my beliefs.

It started when my special blogging friend, Nikki, and I got chatting about the Pagan beliefs at Christmas time. My years have been filled with consuming my life with the oldest traditions possible and I know them all by heart. The odd thing is that I don't practice them as much as I would wish to and I certainly don't share them enough either. I was bold enough to ask my sister if I could make her maypole for her wedding in February. Every time I go to a wedding and people are dancing around it, I wonder if they know that it's the?fertility?dance that was done at the beginning of the harvest in May?

So while chatting to Nikki I decided what my motto for 2011 will be: A little more revealing.
I've started by deciding to share every moon cycle and Pagan festival on my blog and with my friends. For the first time in years I am going to celebrate the festival with the special people in my life. I usually either secretly acknowledge them or celebrate them on my own, but next year I'm being much more revealing. I think I didn't do it because I don't want to impose my beliefs onto others or offend anyone. Well, after Nikki asked me if people called me weird, that's when it struck me. I have been around many people who have told me their are Pagan or Wiccan and I have gone ... hmmm and I suppose I didn't want anyone to do that to me. The difference is that I have never practiced it outwardly or for show before. It's always been my beliefs for me and because of me.

If I can have a tattoo that I only hide away in the dead of winter, and I proudly announce as the Goddess holding the Moon, the what the hell am I doing hiding anything else about my who I am. After all, what can be more revealing that that?

Don't forget that in ten days time Santa Clause is coming to town. Thank Reba!

10 comments on “A little more revealing - project me day 345”

  1. Well hot damn, I inspired a motto! I think this is an awesome idea, not just for your blog but for you too. It's never good to hide yourself from others, they never really get to know you if you do.

    I hope that seeing the religion through your eyes, it will help me on my journey as well. I too feel like religion is a very private matter, but I don't think it's something you should have to hide. I'm still holding back on my decision because I'm not sure how to handle the changes. What people think of my religion isn't a negative for me...I already know they think I'm weird and crazy ;).

    I hope my question about how people react to this didn't offend in anyway. When my sister was researching Wicca, people gave her a hard time and it both made her want to convert harder/faster and walk away. I was curious to know how you handled it. <3
    My recent post Wowjust wow

    1. I'm always glad to share with you, especially because of my gratitudes as to your honesty in your blog. Firstly, not many people know that 'Pagan' basically means 'of no religion', which is the reason why it is such a misunderstood path. It is not of doing but of being. To be very honest, it took me years of fighting it, hiding it and thinking people would think I was just following another fad. It was less about people thinking I was doing something different and more of people thinking I was following yet another trend. The key is to understand that there are no rules and if there is any fear in belief then you need to start over again. Whatever you choose to believe, the moment it settles within your soul and you fear a little less for your health, happiness or being because you trust a little more in your own power ... then you can begin calling yourself Pagan/Wiccan. Nikki, it's not about the rituals or joining covens and buying wands. It's about finding the Goddess within just by loving you and trusting you.
      I'm glad we have opened this box and I can't wait to share our journey together.

      Remember ... you never offend ... you always inspire!

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