A little of everything this long weekend - project me day 825

6 April 2012

I've settled nicely into giving myself breaks from blogging and capturing a moment in time on those days, and I'm looking forward to doing that until the long weekend is over on Monday again. It's not that these days won't be without words, but rather, that I've learned how important it is for me to capture moments that speak for themselves while I play around with the words.

There are going to be a lot of words and most probably a few tears too, as all of the festivals seem to collide into the same weekend for the first time in ages. Easter meets Passover meets full moon ... meets my dad's birthday. Wow, I think it's going to be one hell of a weekend.

It starts tonight with Passover, which, in my Pagan ways I don't really practice but it's in my family blood. There's something about my family that always gets me a little excited about the Jewish holidays, even though I might skim over a lot of stuff. It does call up the heart breaking bit about missing my dad that extra amount this time of year.

It was my folks anniversary a few days ago and dad's birthday on Sunday. How's that for crazy timing considering it's my first Easter Sunday with my non Jewish man ... so the easter egg hunt will be on. Amazingly enough you are going to meet the real kid in me. You see, Pat's not that religious and he's not missing anything by glazing over finding Easter eggs, but I'm pretending that he's done it his whole life and would hate to miss out on it.

Honestly, I'm just wanting to keep things as light and fun as possible, because I know that everyone in the family is a little heart sore along the way!

But that's about everyone else.

This is about me ... in the midst of it all, I'm the person who believes that all of these festivals were merged into one and that Passover and the Easter celebrations all stemmed from the pagan festival that celebrated spring and the beginning of the fertile season and the harvest. I've been really slack in hosting the festivals with my friends, but they are still very close to my heart and get my acknowledgement. One thing that never passes me by is the Full and New moon and my moments that I take with myself on those very important days. On top of it all, tonight is full moon too. So after the big family dinner for Pesach, I'll come home and still do my moonlight bath.

Um ... that's a lot of religion/tradition/emotion for one weekend!

In the Jewish book that read about Passover tonight, called the Haggadah, we ask the question, "why is this night different from all other nights?" That's the questions I'm going to be focusing on tonight ... with a whole lot of positivity!
While, for me, both Easter and Passover talk a lot about loss and suffering ... I don't really have that in my vocab. Even though I sit with a whole lot of reason to relate to loss, a less that I truly have lived by is that although loss might not be a choice, suffering is. That's why I hope I get a seat where I can stare out into the moon, reminding me of all I am and can be, and the stars to remind me of my dad and how far he taught me I can reach.



2 comments on “A little of everything this long weekend - project me day 825”

  1. Hello you. I finally made time to check out your blog. Inspiring stuff! Take care and hope to see you again soon 🙂 Take care. x

    1. Thank you so much for your comment, Kass. I would still love to interview you for the blog and tell your project me story. Hope to see you soon.

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