A little too much - project me day 301

29 October 2010

I feel as though my back is going to snap in half. If I turn too quickly there is a sharp pain either in the middle of my back on right at the base of my spine ... so I'm not exactly smiling.

I had to take an anti-inflammatory today and that messed with my emotions a bit because I don't like to feel as though I'm going back. Thanks to my mom and Greggie I get to hear a little reason explain to me that it's not going backwards.

Today was hairdresser day which came with it's own set of anxieties, but I made it through. I adore my hairdresser and he made sure I was a comfie as possible. I think I had fear written all over my face.

Had Missy Daisy's birthday tonight and I'm so grateful that its started at 6 and I could be home be 8. I'm even more grateful that Greggie has a busy weekend with singing at one Cup for CANSA tomorrow and talking at 93 on Jan Smuts on Sunday. So we got to sneak out early and I'm about to climb into bed and nurse a very tired back.

Maybe, just maybe, I did a little too much for one day but "project me" has taught me that it's ok to surrender to the body or to the truth or to life ... it's all the same thing really!

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