A lot can happen over a lamb korma - project me day 394

29 January 2011
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We all have a place, a passion and our favourite things. Sometimes it all accumulates into one perfect moment and last night was one of those. My place is Thava Indian Restaurant, my passion is teaching and my favourite things are a combo of incredible company, very chilled wine and hysterical reasons to laugh in public.

I have been anticipating this evening for so many reasons. Long after the excitement over my Sexpo talks settled last year, myself and the team from the Sensual Boutiques in Cape Town have been anticipating a moment that I can fly down, see the gorgeous stores and do some talks for the girls out there.
Last night was dinner with the The Boss and Red (His wife).

Thava are my sponsors because of one simple thing ... they are the best Indian Restaurant that I have had the joy of eating at in my town. I grew up with my father dragging us from place to place and even though I don't eat anything that's a touch beyond mild, I have had my fair share of food to know outstanding food when I savour it. We all have a place we like to take our friends or business associates to impress and Thava is mine. This is my best part ... you stare at the array of choices for ages and finally settle on a dish and then the waiter comes along and takes control. He suggests a little of this and a dash of that and totally finishes off the meal for you. Red was just nodding and saying 'bring it on'. That's the way it should be done.

Fried ice cream! I indulge my way through sesame fried prawns as mains, savour my way through chicken korma and literally fall quiet while getting totally lost in fried ice cream. It's another one of those foodie things that my dad introduced me to along the way.

Half business and half getting to know an incredibly special couple that restores my faith in happily ever after only added to the perfect evening. Besides the silence of the ice cream indulgence, it was laughs, giggles, laughing too loud for a public place, talking too loud for a public place and giggling some more. I needed it! Lifeology needed it! ?It's been a long time coming and it was so easy to mix business and pleasure with exciting moments of my bright future flashing glimmers across the conversation.

Well that does blow the big wedding?surprise! I was going to colour my hair just before and do the big reveal at the wedding but there's no way I can go to Cape Town looking like this. So next week it's going dark with a reddish tinge and the week after it's a dream come true business opportunity with Sensual Boutique and the week after it's my little sis's wedding! Wow ...

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