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4 December 2012
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I have a bit of time before I have to head upstairs and get dressed for the final #FollowSA event for the year and I'm feeling all proud so I wanted to share instead of letting it ramble around alone in my head.

Tonight is our first collaboration event between Peace Starts and FollowSA where I got to do what I seem to be doing best. Between Greggie and I, we have truly established incredible brand relationships and have another fully sponsored event. I can't begin to thank Fire and Ice Melrose Arch, Lovoka & Final Fade for always seeing the value in being associated with #FollowSA and helping us take our community offline to network, socialise and makes SA a better place.

Then there's Cito and Collett Dawson from Peace Starts and their belief in our very special SA community. With our joined vision, tonight we launch #CollabSA encouraging South Africans to collaborate, collaborate, collaborate!

I'm feeling fab and am slowly learning that if I just watch what I'm eating and train when I can, I can do this! For the first time I'm wearing something body hugging to an event ... and can't wait to post pics!

The crowd is filled with incredible people that we've met along the way and I'm so proud of the loyal supporters both #FollowSA & #PeaceStarts has.
Then there's Pat as the official photographer tonight and hopefully some of the pics making the local media (will keep you posted.

All in all, if nothing falls over and I'm sure it won't ... I think we're in for an awesome night and a very important night in the life of my #projectme story!

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