A mountain of boxes and a bottle of wine - Project me day 456

1 April 2011
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Okay, so I need to explain myself and my one liner post at the 11th hour last night. Now wait, is there ever any need to explain the mentality of a person moving house?

Emotionally it went so much better than both my mom and myself anticipated. Were I not so hungover at the moment I would go into more detail about the boxes and the odd numbering system that somehow worked. Far too much bubble wrap was used and far, far too much of that brown box tape was strapped around everything. I did think Greggie was going to burst a blood vessel in his eye when it took him 10 minutes to unwrap something that ended up being a plastic shot glass.

My bed hasn't been sorted out yet, so I'm crashing with my mom as usual. Actually, my room is currently the store area but as soon as I sober up today I'm off to buy me a bed that my back likes. On that note ... I pass the fitness test. Everyone is moaning of aches and pains so I guess my sore back isn't so unusual for a change. I did much better than I thought and was worried I would be a?hinderance, but I ended up being quite helpful (in my opinion).

I'm sure you're all wonder about Albie (the parrot) and Saphirah (the kitten). We have decided that Albie comes from Jamaica because she's totally chilled out and making us laugh with her?perfectly?timed burst of laughter and Yiddish comments. Saphirah has her moments but she does get stressed out and cry as if we are about to abandon her. A few drops of rescue remedy in her water and she also looks as though she's come from Jamaica!

In the rush I keep forgetting to get the pill so now it's been like a week without it. Not that I've gotten any action since I went on it. I've decided that it's cursed! So now I'm thinking of staying off it and testing the universe and her wicked sense of humour 😉
I was thinking that I haven't mentioned boys in a while and you don't even know that I pushed Inked to set a date for dinner and never heard from him again. Sigh ... but that's 'project me', right? Do what I wanna do and the right one will stay.

Oh, about that bottle of wine. Well, Greggie had the job of sorting out my dad's stash of booze and he found some bottles that were on the brink of being overdue for consumption. One particular bottle, he shoved in his fridge and invited Twinkletoes over for dinner. Surprisingly, the bottle was just perfect and while Greggie and Twinkletoes slowly sipped on a bottle of Red that he arrived with, I tucked into the white. Yes, just me! Here's the girl who falls over after one glass and I consumed an entire bottle. Giggles and hysterical fits of laughter filled Greggie house until the neighbour called (that being my mom) to say she could hear all the commotion.

We might be only ankle high in boxes now and still living in a mess, but I get the feeling that this is going to be the best move I have made in a long time.

Now to sober up and unpack another box!

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