A Simple Explanation for the Blind Spot to Your Unutilised Traits

27 June 2022
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I had an interesting conversation with a client who was not having it when I was saying these are your traits.

There was great strength in them. I was showing her strong, assertive traits and she could not feel them and could not connect to them. Eventually, I went to the kitchen and got an apple and said, you represent the apple. Your traits are that of an apple. You were raised by people, had family, siblings, and teachers, who were like bananas and oranges.
You then have the impression that you cannot eat the skin of the apple, because you cannot eat the skin of the banana or an orange. When you were about to eat the skin of the apple, then the orange and the banana said, “no, no, no - you don't eat the skin of a fruit.”
Those traits just get tucked away, but you will always be an apple and you will always be able to eat the skin of an apple. It doesn't matter how you are programmed by someone who has completely different traits.
Those that represent an orange and banana, where you cannot eat the skin, are my best way to describe what happens when you are influenced by other people and take on the perception that their traits are your traits. You just bottle up certain traits. You take the ones that you are allowed to have in common like you are all juicy and sweet, but the ones that define you, those are the ones that are tucked away.
For her whole life, she's been peeling off the skin of the apple and not eating it, but honestly, to be authentically who she is and who you are, you have to figure out your traits and know whether you are an apple, an orange or banana.

If you want to know your true traits and truly understand who you are, that's my passion, my purpose, and I'm here. Let's chat in a 30-minute FREE exploratory online call.

Happy Everything ...

Jodene Shaer - Personal Transformation Coach

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