A social media giggle - project me day 667

3 November 2011
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I've decided to focus my attention on the social media success that I have become known for and start to leverage it as the way Lifeology is going to make money. Yesterday Greggie and I had a meeting with two businessmen, Mike Said and Erik Vermeulen who had some great advice for us. I love how there are certain people who are so willing to give of their time and experience and I'm blessed to have them in my life. On the other hand, they also scared the living daylights out of me and made me realise that my business model needs a whole lot of work to be sustainable.

And then something comes along to make me laugh ...

So I'm taking a breather from the seriousness of the day and all the planning and strategising that is going on in my head.

One comment on “A social media giggle - project me day 667”

  1. Um... what was that about Google+? 😛

    That pretty much sums up my feeling on that platform. Yeah I know we're all using it (well, subscribed at least) but can't even recall my last log in. As pretty much nothing is awkward to explain, I guess I'm a Facebook/Twitter kinda guy. 😉
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