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21 May 2012
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The luxury Royal Palm Durban Hotel

We always like to host our #FollowSA out of town events so that we can spend the weekend in the gorgeous city and have extended time with some of our closest people we've connect with through Twitter. Wherever we go, it's amazing how we realise the connection we have formed with people that were once just a Tweet.

We spend our weekend making bonds stronger and getting to know the city that we intend to visit throughout the year. It truly is Lifeology's intention to be at as many #FollowSA events as possible and I can't say I'd have any issues traveling to Durban on a whim.
Growing up, I had a friend who owned a holiday home in Umdloti, so I have spend most of my life falling in love with Durbs. Time passed and eventually dear friends we made their or moved there (a certain @pixelslave10) ... but then I met the love of my life.

Pat truly has the soul of a Durban boy, but more than that, his children still live there and for all his hard work in supporting #FollowSA, as the resident?photographer, and for his love for me, I was thrilled that we could spend the weekend with his kids. I know his heart was torn at not being able to spend every waking moment with them, but from the moment we stepped into the hotel room at the Three Cities Royal Palm, we felt at home and it calmed all of the missing moments we wouldn't have.

I can't begin to thank Shamini Pather and everyone at the hotel for the most hospitable stay and for sharing our belief in the power of social media that I was afforded the time to spend in a city that grows closer into my heart as every day passes.

#FollowSA was born from the passion to unite fellow South Africans online so that we could gather offline and support each other as a community. I never expected it to grow as quickly as it has and didn't imagine brands and community alike to be so passionate to welcome us to their cities ... but they did.

I also didn't expect to meet such a special man and share his life with two amazing children ... but I am.

And when both worlds collide and I have a weekend where I couldn't be happier with my career moves AND I feel more like a family with each visit ... well there hasn't been a greater gift in a very long time.

On behalf of Greg and myself from Lifeology, we thank everyone at the Three Cities, Royal Palm for your sponsorship that made #Howzit031 possible and on behalf of Pat and myself, we thank you for a weekend where we shared some treasured moments as a growing family.


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