A test of true efficiency in my @CitroenSA week of being a #CitroenC3Madame

13 August 2013

The perks of having an established blog and a few thousand Twitter followers it that brands begin to notice you and you get great stuff. Well, sometimes you get great stuff and other times you get a life changing experience. I haven't been able to say that until now.

When I was asked to be #CitroenC3Madame, my first reaction was the same as what I'm sure anyone's would have been: "Yay, I get to zoot around in a different car for a week." That genuinely was mine but then the invite arrived.

That was the word that stood out among all the rest. Labeled a #CitroenC3Madame who was coupled with a car that was branded as efficient, my week ahead was to be filled with what I think makes me efficient while I drove around in the new Citroen C3 and tested its efficiency too.

As I said, I've had the opportunity to be pampered by brands before, but I have to give a big standing ovation to the team at Machine Agency, especially Lauren and Ryan for ?making it the most personal experience I've had. As the car was left with me, so was a gift bag. I get lots of those too, so when I pulled out a very fancy box that could only have even fancier pens in it and a unique recipe book, I thought, "aah, that's because efficient ladies still have time to cook." Nope, that wasn't for every efficient lady out there. That was a unique gift for me, all spelled out in a personalised letter. You see, this team had done research and tapped into the one part of me that I love ... my ability to whip up a meal, despite the madness of an average busy day, and feed the ones I loved.

citroen c3 madame pampering

The uniqueness of the campaign only got better and it was a great pleasure to also book a pampering for myself and give one away on Twitter ... aah, all the elements of an efficient campaign.

But wait, this is about an efficient car, paired with an efficient lady and while driving around, having my first diesel experience and making a wishlist of my poor car is missing, I kept thinking about what my next Tweet would share with regards to my efficiency.

I drove my sassy little car around and all of a sudden I started to realise that my average day is filled with miles, Tweets, clients, calls, eating healthy ... and, and, and!! Meantime, while I played around this the amazingly efficient clutch that is easier to describe than name (so the car literally turns off when you stop, put the car in neutral and release the clutch. How's that for fuel efficiency!!) ... where was I?
Oh right ... so while chilling at a stop light with my country music blaring through the USB port in the car, I had a moment of unbelievable amazement ... I AM EFFICIENT!

You know that for me everything is a #projectme lesson or moment to do something different and this week was all about one massive realisation. I'm tough on myself. I think I'm less than the average Jo when it comes to some things and I totally underplay what I can achieve in a day. I can't begin to than the brains behind this self fulfilling campaign.

Once I had realised that and seeing that the fuel in this super efficient car wasn't dropping, I decided it was time to stretch my efficiency and the kilometers on the clock, so last week I took the leap and added yoga to my day.
Yes, me! That hater of exercise who just needed to realise that I had enough time in the day to give back to ME!!

Meet the sexy, sassy and super efficient C3

Meet the sexy, sassy and super efficient C3

While efficient tips about social media, my quick recipes & the extreme importance of oats in the morning all transpired into Tweets, I felt part of a truly well played out experience ... but yet, the fuel gauge hardly moved.

11 days passed. I bonded with a car, who I'm convinced fell in love with country music. I was totally sold on the efficiency of this sassy little C3 that has to be a lady ... no guy could be that sexy and efficient at the same time ;p

Mostly, I got to reflect on what the world seemed to see in me and I got to witness. I am one efficient lady. All this discovered with hours of driving ... and still a fuel gauge that hardly moved!!!


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