A tribute to Jodene on #D500 - project me day 500

15 May 2011

Hi. My name is Greg (Greggie in this blog) and this is the 500th post of my best friend?s daily blog. I have the honour of sharing this special moment with you.

I distinctly remember the day Jodene and I went to watch Julie and Julia; the day when everything changed and she got this notion to blog daily. 500 days along and the daily blogging continues with the purpose and dedication with which she started.

The path has not been an easy one and, while many would have found reason not to blog during the more challenging times, Jodene pushed through, even if it was to post a one-liner to her readers. There were times after she hurt her back and was bedridden that she was too drugged up on painkillers to focus, yet was determined that, if nothing else, her blog post needs to be written. It is during these difficult and vulnerable times that many people stop communicating, yet Jodene realised that if she stopped during these times then she would start to compromise the purpose of Project Me. There have been moments of heartbreak and frustration when it has taken her hours to generate the post, yet these hours have been what have helped her to heal what has been weighing on her mind. These are also the posts that draw the most amazing response, which just shows how much we all appreciate the truth.

On the flipside, there have been lighter moments along the journey. Jodene, bless her, is not good with numbers and seems to ?lose? days along the way. I, on the other hand, bless me, have a tendency to be anally observant and have, on occasion, had to Google what day of the blog we should be on, because something just hasn?t felt right. In some of these cases we never found those missing days.

Then there have been those days where, not having written her post yet, I have dropped her at home giggling after an evening fuelled by alcoholic beverage. These posts are distinctive to say the least.

I have watched my beautiful friend grow from considering her every word and worrying about what her readers would think of her, to a bold, natural and vulnerable writer. Jodene speaks her mind, first in person, and then on Project Me. She allows the world into her life and her readers see themselves reflected in her story. For we all share a story by purely being together in this time and space.

Jodene and I have a relationship that I treasure above most things. We are often passed off as a married couple yet we know that on the continuum of relating, even if the chemistry were somewhat different, we would still only be best friends. We really have very little in common: we don?t share a taste in music, TV programmes, books, food or men. The last point is a huge positive for Jodene and she is at least comfortable leaving her boyfriends alone in a room with me. 😉

Yet, more importantly I have someone who I know will not play into the drama I create in my head, will not judge me for speaking my truth, always listens even though sometimes she?s thinking I?m talking crap, laughs along when I laugh at my own humour, and will never tell me what to do. Jodene and I watch each other go down paths that we can see will be challenging and after telling the other what we see, allow them to choose that journey if they want. Because we believe we all take the journey we choose to.

It is an honour to stand by Jodene?s side as she travels her Project Me journey. As she grows, so does Project Me, and the world is a better place for it.

To my dearest friend: Day 500 is but a stepping-stone along your path of self-discovery; a path that is being travelled with courage, consciousness and a sense of humour. You are an inspiration, a joy to be around, a best friend like no other and a treasured business partner.

In the words of a very wise person: ?Keep taking that ?I?m-awesome-and-nothing-can-take-that-away pill??. We love you for it. 😉

12 comments on “A tribute to Jodene on #D500 - project me day 500”

  1. Yay... never forget said pill... 🙂

    Just a thought, just 500 more sleeps 😀


  2. Hi Jo and Greg.
    Just a short note from the land of the flatness, to let you know that I am thinking of you on this phenomenal achievement. Keep the inspiration and thanks for all your positve thoughts and sage advice. Missing you loads and looking forward to seing you again soon. Until such time I will look forward to more of your posts.
    Keep smiling.

    1. *Wipes tears from eyes* This message means so much to me my dearest friend! I thank you for all the love and support along the way and can't wait to hug you in person! Love you ... love you!!!

  3. Day 500 is here baby!! OMG Jo, what a day today is! It calls for cocktails and the hottest high heels you can find to go with a killer outfit 😉 . You blogged through some intense situations, I still don't know how you did it but I am so glad you did. Look what you've done girl! Look at how far you've reached out to people! It's beyond amazing. It's inspiring! Love you lots my long distance friend <3

    Oh and, Greggie, mustn't forget you ;), awesome post!
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    1. I'm blessed that we met so early along my blogging journey and that I got to share the highs, lows, fears and tears with you! It truly is a celebration and friends like you are the greatest celebration of all!!! You are cherished and I am beyond proud of you for all you have become while I have been a part of your journey! All my love my dearest friend!

  4. congrats my friend !!! you are an inspiration to us all : ) what a monumental day !!!

    1. Thank you so, so much ... it was not the same without you and I can't wait to spend hours talking to you and sharing my stories with you in person. Thank you for supporting me every step of the way ... I am blessed because you are in my life!

  5. Jodene,
    You are indeed an inspiration and I am glad that you braved the mighty seas of the internet and washed up on my shore. You are clearly blessed to have a friend like Greg but it is also clear that he feels as fortunate himself. I'm looking forward to your 1000th post celebration -- maybe I'll make that one in person.
    My recent post Sundays in My City 7

    1. Well that would make me the happiest person in the whole wide world! I am thrilled that you will be a part of the next 500 and beyond! Thank you for my message that was read out to my guests and made me so proud!

    1. It would not have been a celebration without you! Thanks for all the lovin' ... I can feel that it comes straight from the heart!

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