A tribute to my sponsors - project me day 499

14 May 2011

A part of me can't believe that I am writing my 499th post and other part of me can feel every moment of every word that has been typed. Sometimes I can't live without it and other times I can't believe I ever started it.

Today I had a mini primary school reunion. A part of me felt rushed and just wanted to get back to sorting out arrangements for tomorrow's big #D500 party. On the other hand, it was so good to get together and catch up after about 25 years. Of course, both moments are thanks to the same thing ... social networking.

Without Facebook, the 3 of us would not have connected and without Twitter I would not have the platform to have shared my blog with the world. Well, I would not even have a blog had it not become one of the post powerful forms of communication.

I've had a very?melancholy?few days and I keep bursting out crying with?excitement?and then?overwhelming amazement at the journey. In all the emotion I've reflected on how I got to tomorrow being so supported, online and off and I've realised this ... besides my mother and my best friend/business partner Greggie, every other person surrounding me is a part of my life thanks to social networking.


Then I thought about the turning point when I knew that the blog went from being a?commitment?for 365 day to an open journey with limitless possibility ... it was the day I looked at my blog and saw 'sponsors' in red writing and went ... "WOW ... I have sponsors"!
There is something in that. Something in someone believing in you so much that they put their brand behind you, spend time or money on you and encourage you to carry on way beyond 365, with a promise to be by your side.

I have those sponsors and I ask you to indulge me as I thank each one of them for their role in making 'project me' what it is today.

sell your creativity on byouThe gorgeousness of this blog is all thanks to Bruce Young and his combination of patience and web design genius.
Bruce, thank you for the countless hours?committed?to bringing 'project me' to life. I have requested the impossible and expected everything to happen at the click of a button. I have crashed my site and turned it upside down and each time, there you are ... my knight in shining web designed armour!

Hustler Girl, where do I begin to thank you for the support and dedication to my blog and our friendship?
Never once did I question the need for the sponsorship of your adult store. When it comes to being a single girl with an open mind about sex, it is refreshing to know that there is someone in the industry with the compassion, care and discreet respect for every client. It's the greatest joy and fun to be able to call on you during the single days and the attached ones (as fleeting as they have been of late!)

I think that the journey with weight never leaves a person whether they get to their goal or not. Obviously the whole point of 'project me' is to show that it's more about the purpose than the goal and that is a difficult route to take when dealing with a sponsorship that is driven by the scale or the tape measure.
I don't know how to explain my gratitude for this sponsorship or how to thank Niel for taking his time to understand the choice to not follow the route of the goal, but to live the purpose. Your support has been unfailing and after I injured my back and couldn't train for month while the weight crept back on, you kept cheering me on. Your product is truly all it promised to be and still it stick within my beliefs that you might have support, but you still have to do the work yourself. Thank you for believing in me ... always!

Tracey, when my mother told me that you had heard my story of having teenage skin in my (late) 30's and wanted to sponsor my blog, I was beyond thrilled. Every day that I wash my face, put on my day or night cream and look at myself in the mirror and smile at my clear skin ... I give thanks to you and the amazing product your represent.
I got told that I looked ten years younger than I am but it was when the person nearly fell over at my real age that I said: "It's thanks to my amazing sponsor, Regim A!"

This sponsorship began in an instant, with a touch of spice and a warmth of hospitality.
To 'my family' at Thava Indian Restaurant, I am blessed to have you share so many special moments where you feed my friends, family and myself. When I was sick in bed for months, you bought me food. When I have had celebrations, you have opened your hearts to my guests. You have rescued my sister during shock Joburg floods and you have fed my heart with an unfailing warmth.
As for the food ... well, I don't say you're the best in town for nothing!

The new kid on the block:

I hate having my picture taken. Okay, I hated having my picture taken and now I can handle having my picture taken. I am tired of hearing that there are rules to photography and that what I look like is what the world must see. It's not easy trying to explain what it's like being a bigger woman and wanting to feel sexy in front of the camera. Well, it wasn't easy until Pat Sloan entered the picture and told me how he specialises in photographing woman for boudoir shots. Pat, for the first time ever I have felt 'semi' comfortable with a camera in my face. The picture featured on my post tonight is that very confirmation ... wow, I love me in that shot!
I thank you for the comfort with which you make me feel and for making me brave making the camera my friend ... here's to my boudoir shoot (a few weeks down the line of course).

My #D500 Sponsors

Well am I not just the luckiest girl to have the awesome duo of mom and son sponsoring my big day! Bev and Matt, you have been unfailing in your support and your excitement for tomorrow. I am honoured to be inspired by your passion to shine.

Thank you for the support when the wheels fell of and for helping every step of the way. I can't wait for everyone to see the Kathy van Zeeland bags and to give one away courtesy of 6 on Thirteenth.
I have a sneaky suspicion that this is just the first step along and exciting journey of collaboration and celebrations.

I fell in love with the venue before I even walked in the door and with every step through it I just knew that I wanted to host #D500 at Cafe Culture.
Kerry, you have embraced this special day with such excitement and have the same vision as me for the endless possibility of networking and socialising as the greatest tool to explore endless possibility.
I see myself sharing your venue with so many people, be if for project me or any of the other products within Lifeology. I can't wait to taste the prego rolls you are raving about ... oh, and the potato wedges. I know they are going to be worth a few tweets.

Project Me would love to welcome more sponsors on board and now has advertising space, so please read more about it where it says 'sponsorship/advertising' in the tool bar.

11 comments on “A tribute to my sponsors - project me day 499”

  1. Well Done my friend never a doubt ypu would not make it xxxx Fabulicious on this journey keep going hun:*<3:)


    1. This message means so much to me Mils!!!!! From the depths of my heart, I thank you! I love you ...

  2. Did you ever post the pics from your boudoir shoot? i cant remember.
    I cant believe you got so many sponsors for your 500th post! Congrats again...
    Can't WAIT until tomorrow!

  3. What I mean is I remember you talked about the pictures but I dont remember seeing them...did you post them somewhere. I'm sure your fans want to see them!

    1. Long story but the initial sponsorship fell through even though I had the shoot. This is a new sponsor and a whole new lot of plans for pics. The next 500 days are devoted to putting my body first and the pics will be vital! Can you believe ... one more sleep!!!! I so can't wait to show your vlog live to my guests and share it with the world! You are the awesomeness!

  4. So proud to say I know you right now.. 500 posts and all those amazing sponsors. I love your new photo you are so beautiful. As a bigger woman myself trust me when I say we can rock the bedroom shots.. ahem I never sent you to my naughty blog did I... sooo I will add it's link down here instead of my main one.

    1. Thank you so much Angel! You have always been a joy to follow with such a positive outlook on life and I'm proud to be in your company of amazing bloggers. Um ... I would like to see those naughty shots and will send u my naughty shots (not for all viewers) after the shoot!

      Much love my blogging friend!

    1. Thank you so much my friend! I'm beyond proud of my journey and am so touched to share my blogging world with you! All my love!!

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